FFIX might be getting a remake

Epic Games Store Upcoming Slate Rumored to Include FFIX Remake, Other Games

Epic Games, maker of Fortnite, is a pretty big deal. What is even more significant, however, are the rumored games in a potential leak from the Epic Game Store, including a remake of Final Fantasy IX (FFIX).

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The news broke late last night from ResetEra via Wario64:

A tool called EpicDB, which has a web server that is currently down, let users search Epic Games Store listings. However, the program allowed people to see unannounced titles in addition to ones that already exist. By looking through the listings, various code names may give some insight into what publishers have in store for the gaming masses in the near future.

One, with the code name “Momo,” might hint at the long-rumored remake of Final Fantasy IX. This is because there are associated DLC listings called “Tetra Master Starter Pack” and “Thief’s Knives,” which are references to the game’s card game and weapon, respectively. There is also a listing for “Turok” from publisher/developer Saber Interactive, which may mean a new title in the series is forthcoming. It would go well with the recently re-released trilogy, after all.

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There are code names that may point to less exciting prospects, too. “Skobeloff” could mean a PC port of Final Fantasy XVI is on the way, while “Utah” and “RhodeIsland” might point to a PC port of The Last of Us Part II.

For my money, I believe a remake of FFIX is definitely coming to the Epic Games Store at some point. This is the second time it has leaked. While I doubt it will be as grandiose in scale as the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy, it would be nice to see a better-looking version of the RPG with quality of life improvements.

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