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The End Is Nigh is jam-packed with things to collect — most of them floating tumors. Learn where to get all the Tumors, Mega Tumors, and Cartridges with our complete locations guide for Area 1. The End.

Tumors aren’t the only collectible — but they’re kind of, sort of, basically the only collectible that matters. You can also find Mega Tumors in secret areas, keys, and game Cartridges. Keys are always located at the end of key doors, but you won’t be able to start unlocking them until you’ve reach the final area in the game.

Mega Tumors just give you more regular Tumors, five all at once, and Cartridges let you return to your wonderful TV and play video games. There’s a reason to play these games. Earning Cheevos will get you more Tumors! More Tumors are important. Why? Well, because certain NPCs want certain amounts of Tumors. Just get them all and we’ll talk about the reasons later.

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All Collectibles Locations | Pt. 1: The End

NOTE: To unlock doors with a key symbol, collect the key in Zone 5: The Machine.. Another key is always located at the end of the key door paths.

Tumors are the main collectible in The End Is Nigh — there is one Tumor per level. Secret areas contain Mega Tumors, which reward you with a bundle of 5 regular Tumors.

There are 20 Tumors, 7 Mega Tumors, and 1 Cartridge in every area — for a total of 55 Tumors if you collect them all.

To “save” a Tumor, you need to leave the screen without dying. If you die and don’t reach a new level, you’ll reset and have to collect it again.

Teleport back to The End 1 and interact with your TV to play Cartridges you’ve found. Complete Cheevos for the Cartridge mini-games to unlock bonus Tumors.

Cartridge Location:

Cartridge #1: The End 15 – Reach the upper level exit. Just activate the center crumbling building, then jump left and run across the roof to reach the upper exit. In the “???” Secret Area, wait for all the buildings to crumble, then jump back across to the first building to grab the cartridge.

Mega Tumor Locations:

Secret #1: The End 3- Jump from the ledge and hold down to butt-stomp through the cracked floor next to the skeleton NPC. Drop down the hole to find the Mega Tumor.

Secret #2: The End 6 – Enter the hidden path in the lower-left corner of the level. Touch the crumbling dirt tiles in the upper-right corner until the passage leads to a Mega Tumor.

Secret #3: The End 8 – Go to The End 9 and jump to the Tumor location (floating blocks). From this high spot, you can reach handholds on the center building and climb up to a secret area. The clouds lead up to the Mega Tumor.

Secret #4: The End 12 – Get to the Tumor location in The End 12 and use the fourth crumbling building to reach the ledge at the very top of the screen. The Mega Tumor is at the end of the long path.

Secret #5: The End 13 – Drop into the hole in The End 13 at the bottom of the screen to fall into a pool with the fifth Mega Tumor.

Secret #6: The End 14 – Unlock the key door in The End 14. The sixth Mega Tumor is at the end of a long and tricky path filled with crawling enemies that kill you in one hit. There’s also another key at the end of this path.

Secret #7: The End 13 – Enter The End 13 from the right side (The End 14) and jump onto the center crumbling area. Hop onto the roof and jump up to grab a ledge at the top of the screen that leads to the last secret Mega Tumor.

Tumor Locations:

The End 1: To reach the first Tumor, you’ll need to complete The End, then teleport back to The End using the map. You’ll appear above your TV, and can grab the floating tumor.

The End 2: The first tutorial level is easy. Just jump to grab the Tumor when it floats low.

The End 3: Again, just jump to grab the floating Tumor.

The End 4: Floats inside the middle building, in the spiked corner. Drop from above or jump from below, then the Tumor floats right, and you’ll be able to grab it without touching the spikes.

The End 5: On the right side of the screen, long-jump from the ledge left to the center ledges, then climb up to grab the Tumor.

The End 6: Before long-jumping right from the ledges in the center, drop down to the lower ledge, and do a short-jump and turn mid-jump after grabbing the Tumor.

The End 7: Stand on the center building that crumbles until you collect the Tumor. If you stand on the left side, you’ll collect it automatically as the building falls down.

The End 8: This one is the first sort-of tricky Tumor. Continue into The End 9, hop up the falling building until you reach the second set of ledges. Reach the ledge about the two hand-hold spots, then long-jump left to reach the floating platforms in The End 8.

The End 9: The Tumor is visible in a sealed room on the right side of the level. Continue into The End 10 and hop until the platform beneath the crumbling floor tiles. Then hop left to find a secret path into The End 9’s Tumor room.

The End 10: Easy, just jump off the taller of the two crumbling tile platforms.

The End 11: The Tumor falls around the left side of the screen if you linger on the crumbling tiles long enough. Complete the stage, then go back and start from the right side. Jump on one tile at a time and wait for the Tumor to start falling, then quickly move left to grab it. Re-enter The End 10 to save the Tumor and reset the level.

The End 12: On the last crumbling building, quickly jump onto the ledge and up the handholds to reach the Tumor floating in the upper-right corner. Make sure you go over the top of the third crumbling building so you don’t set up the last crumbling building too early.

The End 13: Move slightly left and back as you fall at the start of the level. Just jump into the spikes if you miss to reset.

The End 14: There’s a secret spot on the right. When you reach the handholds, don’t jump left through the spikes just yet. Walls will fall down above. Jump in and more will start to fall. The passage that appears will eventually lead to a Tumor.

The End 15: Before jumping into the large crumbling building, a tiny block will fall from the left edge. Ride that single tiny square down to the bottom and jump off onto the crumbling building in the center. If you’re quick, you can grab the floating Tumor and reach the exit.

The End 16: Inside the crumbling cavern, simply jump directly underneath the Tumor to get it. The only trick is getting to it fast enough so the spikes to kill you.

The End 17: From The End 15, reach the upper level exit. Just activate the center crumbling building, then jump left and run across the roof to reach the upper exit. Complete the “???” Secret Area and exit through the right side, then drop down to The End 17. From the tiny one-square ledge, wait for the floating Tumor to reach you.

The End 18: This one can be tricky. Long-jump from a handhold on the building to begin crumbling, jump to the upper-left crumbling tile and hop to the Tumor. If you time it right, you’ll be able to jump back to the crumbling tiles and wait until the building is low enough, then jump across on and the building roof to the exit.

The End 19: From the first crumbling building, grab the right ledge of the two-square crumbling tile and long-jump right to get the Tumor.

The End 20: Instead of running through the crumbling cave, just set it off and run left. Wait for the spikes to fall, and set off the right-most top row of spikes too. As they fall, jump on them to reach a secret path on the top of the screen that leads to the Tumor and a secret exit.

That’s every Tumor, Mega Tumor, and Cartridge locations in The End. Next up, it’s the Arid Flats.

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