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Explore the underground The End Is Nigh hellscape of Golgotha and grab every hidden Tumor, Mega Tumor and Cart with our 100% collectibles locations guide.

Golgotha is the last area when taking the bottom path from the Split, and it is one spooky place. As if the lava wasn’t bad enough, you’ll also have to avoid chained monster and flying biters to grab every tumor and unlock more optional, true-ending areas.

At the end of this path, you’ll find another part of your friend. The last piece, the heart, is available in the Machine, the final area with Tumors and all.

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All Collectibles Locations | Pt. 8: Golgotha

NOTE: To unlock doors with a key symbol, collect the key in Zone 5: The Machine.. Another key is always located at the end of the key door paths.

Tumors are the main collectible in The End Is Nigh — there is one Tumor per level. Secret areas contain Mega Tumors, which reward you with a bundle of 5 regular Tumors.

There are 20 Tumors, 7 Mega Tumors, and 1 Cartridge in every area — for a total of 55 Tumors if you collect them all.

To “save” a Tumor, you need to leave the screen without dying. If you die and don’t reach a new level, you’ll reset and have to collect it again.

Teleport back to The End 1 and interact with your TV to play Cartridges you’ve found. Complete Cheevos for the Cartridge mini-games to unlock bonus Tumors.

Cartridge Location:

Cartridge #8: Golgotha 18 – Pretty tricky. Use the thwomp and bait it to help launch you up into the upper-left corner of the screen.

Mega Tumor Locations:

Secret #1: Golgotha 4 – Start from the right (exit) and go back to the left (entrance) — several blocks will fall, creating a path to the ceiling secret passage on the left side.

Secret #2: Golgotha 5 – Right before the exit in the upper-right corner of the screen, there’s a pointless handhold ledge. Hang from it to trigger another handhold ledge to the left. Use it to jump through the ceiling and exit.

Secret #3: Golgotha 8 – When you stand on the edge near the start of the screen, a block will fall. Jump on it to reach a handhold ledge, which causes a secret path to appear. Use the spring to exit through the ceiling.

Secret #4: Golgotha 9 – See the handhold ledge in the upper-right corner of the level? Ride the top of the up/down tall platform, and ledge-jump right to reach the out of the way handhold. Hop to the next handhold, and a series of ledges will appear that lead to the ceiling exit.

Secret #5: Golgotha 11 – Bait the two monsters to the right side of the screen, then climb into the alcove where the second monster spawns. Use the ledge to buttstomp through the floor below.

Secret #6: Golgotha 14 – Hang from the lower-right handhold on the screen to make two new handholds appear on the second pillar in the upper-right corner. Climb back up and use the new handholds to exit through the top.

Secret #7: Golgotha 15 – Use the thwomp block to the lower-right to get to the key door.

Tumor Locations:

Golgotha 1: The first tumor will only appear when you drop through the floor of the Hollows 15. If you teleport to Golgotha, the tumor won’t appear.

Golgotha 2: Right next to the hook holding the second chained monster in place. Start from the exit and wait for the creature to bite, then hop down and hang from the ledge to collect it.

Golgotha 3: Tricky! When you land on the second island, a single block will drop. Quickly rush to the first island and get on the falling block to reach the tumor.

Golgotha 4: In the upper center of the screen. Reach the exit and then backtrack left to grab it easily between the lava rising and falling.

Golgotha 5: A tricky one. Start from the exit (right side) and drop into the area below the rising / falling lava to get the tumor on the right edge of the screen. A pillar will drop, forcing you to go all the way down and around the spiked block. If you’re fast, it is possible to make it out alive.

Golgotha 6: Hang on the left-corner of the second floating island. Wait for a few seconds, and the tumor will fall. Ledge-jump and its your’s.

Golgotha 7: In the alcove to the right of the chained monster. Trick it to attack from above, then rush underneath.

Golgotha 8: Jump off the beginning (left) corner and back to trigger a falling block. Ride the block down when the lava level lowers to grab the tumor floating in the bottom-left corner.

Golgotha 9: Upper left corner, right next to where the new enemy spawns. Use the top of the pillars to reach it.

Golgotha 10: Flies between the two highest blocks. Just drop down to grab it — you’ll just have to climb back up while avoiding the tracking monster.

Golgotha 11: Smash through the weak floor directly below the starting point. Bait the monster and butt stomp through the floor to get this tumor.

Golgotha 12: Floats in the center of the stage. Just hang from the left directly below the tumor to avoid the spikes and safely snatch the tumor.

Golgotha 13: Another easy one. This one spawns when you reach the top handhold ledge. It drops from the top of the screen. Ledge-jump to grab it, putting you back at the start.

Golgotha 14: Directly behind the first chained monster. Be very fast and jump beneath / jump above to get at the tumor before the chained monster reverts to its original position.

Golgotha 15: The advanced thwomp block in this level doesn’t just move up / down, it also moves left / right. Bait it right, then hang on the left ledge and ledge-jump when it goes up to get the high tumor.

Golgotha 16: Very, very tricky. At the first thwomp block, bait it to go up, then right, then back down. When it lands in the lava, you have to immediately jump onto the surface to collect the tumor. If you’re too slow, it will instantly fly up.

Golgotha 17: Bait the thwomp block down, then bait it to move right. Ride it all the way over — it’ll smash through the weak wall on the right side containing the thwomp. Just bait it left and you’ll be able to get the tumor.

Golgotha 18: Finally, an easy one. Complete the level, then backtrack from the exit (right side) and use the ledge to jump up and get the tumor.

Golgotha 19: Found in the upper-left corner. Start from the exit (top-right) and you’ll have no problem reaching it in time.

Golgotha 20: Look in the lava between the two islands near the entrance to the passage. You’ll need to hang from the ledge (you won’t die in lava) to grab the under-lava tumor, and you’ll have to do it fast to complete the lava before the lava rises up.

There’s only one area left to cover in The End Is Nigh. Next time, we’re tackling The Machine.

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