Bring a famous person back from the dead, spend a day with them

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Probably Joan d'Arc or one of the roman empresses who stood out. If only to see what kind of people they really were and to see what their reactions to what happened to their respective nations after they died. Assuming they I could understand 'em anyway. The culture shock might hit them pretty hard though.

marie gouze (aka Olympe de Gouges)
Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim- just to see what he thinks about the taliban, womens position in islam and about all idiots, who think bombing innocents is a nice idea.
jesus would be cool too

gotta be da vinci

da Vinci, no doubt in my mind. It would be so amazing to see him behold all of our wonder... and mistakes.

Norman Borlaug. He's a famous scientist who created a fast growing, thick form of wheat, and is believed to have saved roughly 1 billion lives (mainly in Mexico and India) from starvation. Say what you want about GMOs, but the man managed to save many lives, and he's considered the father of the Green Revolution. He's one of my personal heroes, and it's honestly a shame I never got to meet the man.

I'd love to meet plenty of deceased comedians, like George Carlin, but honestly if I had to choose, Borlaug would be my first pick. The guy was amazing and it'd be great to finally meet him.

i had three ideas a good, a neutral and an evil idea. choose wisely. (it doesn't matter what you choose, at the end of the day. someone is leaving in a body bag)

My problem is not identifying someone who would be interesting and great to meet, but rather how not to waste their time. I doubt anyone on a list of mine would stick around with me for long.

Nikola Tesla
Galileo Galilei
Leonardo da Vinci
Benkei (maybe not...bit of a culture shock)
George Carlin
Albert Einstein
Isaac Newton
Christopher Hitchens (if pressed, probably him, if nothing else because he'd be used to the modern world and not be freaked out, and besides, he can tell us at last if there's an afterlife or not)
Charles Darwin
Adam and/or Eve (just to see if they turn up, except no-one would believe I could summon the dead if nothing happened so it wouldn't prove much to anyone else)

I'll probably think of someone else later and regret not putting them here, but oh well. These would be mostly just to give them a day to do whatever they want, rather than waste their time talking or playing videogames.

Today marks my 1-year anniversary of joining the Escapist and this is my 365th post. Yes, I am a wizard. Bask in my glory.

I'm afraid it's the 5th in Australia, and has been all day. So your magic has no effect on me.


Time zones. My one true weakness.

I'm so happy no one has said Kurt Cobain yet, because good riddance.

OT: Christopher Hitchens. The world is a lesser place without him, and I want him back.
If not him, then Chuck Schuldiner.

Jesus Christ. We'll finally know the truth once and for all!

If he doesn't exist, or I can't choose him I choose J.R.R. Tolkien!

Jack the Ripper, just to see who the hell he actually was.

Bruce Lee and we will go to a Chinese resturant for lunch or dinner and just chat during our time there. Also no I won't asked him to train me or give me some pointers in his martial arts as I an unfit to be trained (physically).

Hanging out with John Candy and watching movies all day would just be the best day ever. I would also have to ask some questions about Spaceballs that only he could answer.

I often look at something, and think what the person who invented it would think about it X years layer.

I wanna hear Chopin play piano.

That's the one I've always thought of.

I know it's the kind of internet hyperbole that gets tossed around all the time, but that would absolutely complete my life.

DOUBLE EDIT: If it were more than a day, I'd genuinely consider John Candy because I want a film of 'A Confederacy of Dunces'.

Winston Churchill because he would probably be the most interesting person to talk to who lived in the 20th century.

Michael Clarke Duncan, because he was an awesome actor and he just seems like he would be great with hugs and to get to hang out with such an awesome guy for a day, it'd be an honor.

George Carlin. He's on a short list of famous people who were alive at some point in my life who aren't anymore, that I truly regret never meeting.

Hunter S. Thompson's on that list, too, but I'm going with Carlin because he seems less likely to menace me with a cattle prod should we meet in person.

Cliff Burton so that together we could go track down Metallica and slap them until they made good music again.

Failing that James Joyce, J G Ballard or Philip K Dick would be interesting people to talk to.

Happiness Assassin:
Mr. Rogers.

Yeah. The world needs more good in it.

There are other people who I would like to talk to. Maybe some of America's founding fathers.
Or Noah, from the bible. I wanna know how that Ark thing went down.

Martin Luther King!

It's his month right now! We would get so much ass.

Christopher Hitchens or Gary Gygax. That's probably the most difficult question I've ever asked of myself.

Jesus Christ. We'll finally know the truth once and for all!

If he doesn't exist, or I can't choose him I choose J.R.R. Tolkien!

My choices are the same.

Tolkien. Show him Peter Jackson's movies; see what he thinks.

Or show Jesus The Passion; see what he thinks.

Depends on your definition of "famous." If it could be anyone of modest popularity whom I've never met, I'd go with Jimmy "the Rev" Sullivan, drummer from Avenged Sevenfold. He is by far the most influencial person I've never met on my life as a whole, he was arguably one of this generation's top drum talents, and he was always making people laugh and enjoy themselves wherever he went. Not even a debate, for me. Although if we define this as "everyone knows this guy/girl famous," then Nikola Tesla is definitely someone who'd make things interesting.

Jesus Christ. We'll finally know the truth once and for all!

If he doesn't exist, or I can't choose him I choose J.R.R. Tolkien!

Not to be "that guy," but Roman historic records that survived the fall of the empire actually do record a crucifixion of a Jewish man from Nazareth known as Jesus. He was a real man, the question of faith lies in whether he was more. Same goes for Muhammad and Budha. All real men.

Steve Irwin.

He was my hero, and one of my childhood dreams was to go to his zoo and meet him. If I could bring him back I'd want to spend a day with him at Australia Zoo, meeting all the animals and watching him feed the crocs.

Man, I really miss him. :(

Another good choice is Carl Sagan. I'd love to listen to him talk about the wonder and beauty of the universe in person. He'd be my second choice though.

J.R.R Tolkien. I would want to show him the extend editions of The Lord of the Rings, as well as The Hobbit, and the cartoons that were made of his books. He said he really enjoyed the idea of his books being turned into movies, so I would love to see what he thinks of them. See if what we came up with is in line with what he imagined. I've always thought about doing that.

Freddie Mercury or George Carlin

Genghis Khan so he could name me his successor then we would ride off into the sunset and decapitate the population of cities in asia. Or the John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough, then I could show him how awesome his descendant was while taking a boat down the Rhine. Or Dimebag Darrell so I could reform Pantera and get them to play a one-off show for me at wembley.

Marilyn Monroe.
I just want to see her in person. I want to determine for myself if she was as dumb or troubled as they make her out to be.

I'd go to a hospital and find someone whose loved one has just died, and give THEM a free day with someone they love.

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