Beware the Covenant on the Ides of March.

It’s been about three months since the release of the Noble Map Pack for the excellent Halo: Reach. This means that we’re about due for another one – and right on schedule, here comes “Defiant.”

The three new maps, Condemned, Unearthed and Highlands, are actually not created by Bungie itself but rather by Halo second-stringers Certain Affinity, the team responsible for the final map pack in Halo 2, as well as bonus maps for Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops. So really, it isn’t like the developers don’t have experience with this sort of thing.

At least one of the maps – Unearthed – seems to be compatible with the popular “Firefight” survival mode. This should please Reach owners, since the previous Noble pack didn’t have any new Firefight maps.

Defiant will be released on March 15th for 800 MS Points, or $10. Warm up your Plasma Pistol trigger finger, everyone.

(Major Nelson)

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