Hello Escapist Community!

We have been invited by Outspark.com to come and have some fun in Project Powder, a snowboarding, trick thrashing MMO. The Escapist Staff has been playing it for the last week and we are all addicted! Outspark has been kind enough to offer all of The Escapist members an in-game Escapist hoodie and some practice time before the Beta Reader Tournament that will be live from May 8th through the 11th. Also, we’ve already set up our CREW, so send me an invite and we’ll get you racing with the other Escapist members.

Directions for Download

Project Powder is PC only, so you will have to download the game prior to playing, but don’t worry, it’s free!

You can start by registering here: https://register.outspark.com/projectpowder?src=F&kyd=ProPow:april09:escapist

Once you’ve registered, download the game, run the updates and you are ready to race!

Joining The Escapist Crew

If you have ever played an MMO, guilds are everywhere. In Project Powder, guilds have been replaced with CREWS and we have one up and running! To join, follow these quick steps:

Step 1
Enter the Game


Step 2
Go to the top of the screen and click on the magnifying glass


Step 3
Once in the “crew” screen, click on the “search/join” tab, then click on the “Hobby” tab. Once in this screen, use the arrows in the bottom right hand corner to search for Escapist. Once you’ve found it, click on it and then click the big “Join Selected Crew” at the bottom of the page. I’ll be checking throughout the day and will accept you into the CREW!


Getting your Escapist hoodie

In order to get your in-game Escapist hoodie, click this link: http://www.outspark.com/redeem?src=F&kyd=ProPow:april09:escapist

And then, enter this code and hit submit.
Coupon Code: 5f77d6f5-9914-4573-a7a5-ca9a75707ac9

It may take a couple days to get your hoodie but the Project Powder staff will get it to you before the tournament on the 8th. As a note, this hoodie is only available until May 4th, so set up your account and submit that coupon code.


The official tournament run by Outspark starts on May 8th, so practice up and get ready to compete for in-game prizes.

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