Legion Arms are one of the unique elements of Lies of P, so find out all about what each of them offers in this guide.

All Trinity Door Locations in Lies of P

While Lies of P is all about Pinocchio slaughtering hundreds of his own kind in an effort to realize his dream of being a human boy, it also allows him to explore a very different fantasy: Being Batman. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch but don’t lie and tell me you didn’t think of the Batman Arkham games when Lies of P first asked you to solve a riddle for some treasure. Throughout the city of Krat, players will be able to locate secret stashes called Trinity Rooms that can only be accessed by playing along with the King of Riddles himself. Which begs the question: Where are the Trinity Door locations in Lies of P?

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What you need to know about Trinity Doors is that while they may feel very important, it’s completely possible to complete Lies of P without opening a single one. But where’s the fun in that? You’ll be able to pick up some fantastic rewards for cracking them open and generally, they won’t require you to look too far off the beaten track. Just a note that this guide will be focused exclusively on where to find all five Trinity Doors, not on how to unlock them. To briefly summarize that part, you’ll need to answer the various ringing phones you’ll encounter and play along with Arlecchino, the self-described “King of Riddles.” Answering his questions correctly will net you a Trinity Key which, obviously, can be used to open the doors.

Where to Find Trinity Doors in Lies of P?

While Krat may be a gigantic location, Lies of P is fortunately quite a linear game. Generally speaking, Trinity Doors won’t require you to go missioning around in an area that feels out-of-bounds. At worst, they’ll be tucked away in a side corridor.

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Trinity Door #1:

To track down this Trinity Room, warp to Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer. From here, head up the right side, following the concrete stairs upwards until you reach the tunnel where some cheeky puppet is pushing gigantic balls of fire down the slope. Using the alcoves to avoid the Indiana Jones-style trap, continue through this tunnel while hugging the right wall until you come to an opening that looks like someone just pushed a hole in the wall; it’ll be the second exit on the right.

Duck through here and turn left when you exit this room, following the railing to make a right turn. Enter the corridor in front of you and keep running straight until you see a massive red pipe on the ceiling that bends to the right around the corner. Follow it and then immediately turn left to follow the side corridor. On the left, in the middle of the wall, you’ll find the Trinity Door you seek. The safe inside contains Quartz and an outfit named Blue Blood’s Tailcoat.

Trinity Door #2:

Warp to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer and follow the normal path through the location, running up the stairs on the left and heading into the collapsed floor path. You’ll eventually come to a ladder, so climb down and run across the massive room to the ladder on the opposite end. Climb up, running along the plants on your left to reach yet another ladder. At the top of this one, immediately turn around and run along the single beam connecting to an illuminated room on the other side of the rotating wheel. Leap across the gap to land on the platform and continue following planks until you reach a beam that will require you to time your movement lest one of the edges of the nearby wheel pushes you off balance.

Once you’ve cleared this, immediately turn right and follow the path to ANOTHER ladder. Drop down and you’ll be at the entrance of a stone archway. Proceed through it until you turn left and end up at the bottom of a slop where large electric balls haphazardly speed past. Wait for the right moment and run up the ramp, ducking into the alcove on the right to find, who would have guessed, a ladder. Climb it and look into the tunnel, once again being wary of the rolling balls. Wait until one has passed and then sprint in, ducking into a nook on the left where you’ll come face-to-face with the Trinity Door. The items housed inside include Black Cat’s Amulet and Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel. Good haul!

Trinity Door #3:

This one is much easier to locate than the above-mentioned two. Warp to the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer and run through the main doors. If you’ve completed this section of the game, the small doors at the end of the first flight of stairs should already be open, so sprint through them to avoid attacks from the small puppet on the left. Once you’re in the room with the beam and flaming, swinging chandelier, just drop into the hole and immediately turn around when you hit the floor to see the Trinity Door. Crack the safe it guards open to find Quartz and Belford Superior Radiation Converter.

Trinity Door #4:

Also a relatively straightforward find, begin this search by warping to the Krat Central Station Lobby Stargazer and running up the stairs to your right. Once you’re on the first landing ie. before the second small flight of stairs, hook a left and head through the open doors. Follow the staircase you find down and the Trinity Door will be waiting at the bottom. Inside you’ll be able to loot Carrier’s Amulet +1 (one of the best Amulets in the game, if you ask me) and Workshop Master’s Workwear.

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Trinity Door #5:

The final Trinity Door you’ll need to find, this one can only be unlocked if you’ve solved the previous four riddles and earned the Chosen One’s Trinity Key. Just a regular Trinity Key isn’t going to cut it this time. If Arlecchino has awarded you your prize, then warp to the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer. Gear up for a long trip, this will take a minute. From the Stargazer, immediately turn around and climb the ladder behind you. Turn right and follow the stone stairs upwards until you reach what looks like a rooftop guarded by a single gunman that you should probably kill. Otherwise, he’ll just keep shooting Pinocchio as you climb up the ladder on the left.

At the top, head to the right and follow the stairs up until you get to a room that allows you to head left or right. Take the right path and move down the staircase you find until you get to a chamber. You’ll see some roped-together planks connecting your corridor to the platform on the other end of the room, so carefully make your way across the makeshift bridge and clamber down the ladder you’ll find on the left. Once you’ve touched down, follow the route behind the ladder until you reach another ladder (more like Ladders of P, ammiright?) which you’ll want to climb down. Then, all you need to do to find the final Trinity Door is run forward through the pillars and towards an archway illuminated by a single fiery lamp.

Whip out The Chosen One’s Trinity Key and crack open the doors to find the destroyed remains of Arlecchino himself. Have a chat and answer his final question by responding honestly or deceitfully; your decision won’t affect your reward. As a thanks for your efforts, the King of Riddles will gift you Quartz and the Alchemist’s Cape. Bit of a letdown if you ask me but if you’re the type to play Fashions of P, then the cape looks pretty good.

With The Chosen One’s Trinity Door finally unlocked, you’ve uncovered every Trinity Door in the game and bagged some useful items in the process.

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