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Batgirl Director Shares Set Image with Michael Keaton in Full Batman Costume

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We will never get to see exactly what Batgirl would have been thanks to Warner Media Discovery’s new CEO going on a cancellation rampage in order to make the DC film franchise into something entirely new, but we can at least see one image of Michael Keaton once again in the Batman costume. Adil El Arbi, who co-directed the film with Bilall Fallah, shared a behind-the-scenes image of Michael Keaton as Batman standing with El Arbi and Batgirl herself, Leslie Grace.

Batgirl Michael Keaton Batman photo image shared by co-director director Adil El Arbi for canceled DC Films movie

There are no further details on the shot or what exactly is going on in it, but El Arbi did thank the fans and other filmmakers who offered support after Batgirl was shockingly canceled despite already $90 million going into it and its being nearly finished. It’s all part of HBO Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s evil plan to get the DC film universe back on track by basically cutting out the Snyderverse and establishing a new 10-year plan for whatever the hell they’re going to be calling this newly rebooted DC cinematic universe.

In terms of the picture itself, it doesn’t really reveal all that much. Keaton’s costume definitely looks a bit different than before, with some new grayish parts and a less rubbery feel. The man definitely looks like he’ll be able to turn his head without pivoting his entire body at least. This, of course, won’t be our only chance to see Keaton dress up as Batman again, so don’t be too concerned that it isn’t that great a look at him. The actor will be reprising his role in the upcoming The Flash, which is still scheduled for release following positive early feedback and despite Ezra Miller’s ongoing criminality. It may finally be the true end of the Snyderverse, but at least we got… ummm… OH… the Martha meme. Glad we go that.

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