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The Only Big Nintendo Game Left for 2023 Gets a New Look

The last major Nintendo Switch game with a release date, Pikmin 4 released a story trailer revealing character customization.

Pikmin 4 might have taken far too long to finally make its way to the public eye, but Nintendo is making sure to bring some new features to help make the wait worth it. One of those new features, character customization, was revealed today in the Pikmin 4 “Rise to the Occasion” trailer. Although it doesn’t look like the most ambitious character creator toolset in the world, it’s still a first for the series that adds some flavor that fans may not have been expecting. From the short clip provided, it seems players will have the option to create space adventurers tall, short, long, and stocky, with each type of hero sporting different hair colors and styles, too.

Besides showcasing character customization, this latest Pikmin 4 trailer also gives players a bit more background for the galactic journey they’ll soon embark on. After Captain Olimar crash-lands on a mysterious planet, the group of noble pilots known as the Rescue Corp sets out to save him. However, in typical Pikmin space cadet fashion, this troop of rescue adventurers also crashes on the same planet. It’s up to you, the newest Rescue Corp member, to save the team. You can watch it unfold in the Pikmin 4 Rise to the Occasion trailer below.

Nintendo formally announced Pikmin 4 in September 2022, promising a third-person Nintendo Switch adventure that fans had waited nearly a decade for. The gameplay that followed this past February revealed a sprawling adventure with new enemies, new Pikmin, and new friends, like the already adorable puppy-like companion, Oatchi. Pikmin 4 will crash-land on Switch come July 21, 2023.

After that, there is little major Nintendo first-party content left that has been officially announced, besides Metroid Prime 4, which has no release date, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC. Remasters of several GameCube games have been rumored though, including for F-Zero GX, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

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