PopCap Makes Zombie Aircraft Just to Crash It


Can zombies fly? PopCap Dublin wants to find out.

The Red Bull Flugtag (German for “flying day”) is an interesting event in which contestants build makeshift aircraft for the sole purpose of pushing them off a 30-foot pier to see how far they can fly before crashing into the water. (Spoiler: most of them don’t fly very far).

The Dublin office of casual games giant PopCap wants to get in on the ocean-crashing fun, and is therefore building a Plants vs. Zombies-themed aircraft. There is one thing that PopCap can’t do on its own, though – the Zombie aircraft needs a theme song, and PopCap wants its fans to help pick it.

At time of writing, the poll shows ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” in a commanding lead. Personally, I’d have voted for Thriller myself, because obviously that’s the best zombie-related song of all time, but Highway to Hell works well enough.

There’s no information on what sort of craft PopCap Dublin is building, but one might suggest that the team goes with tying a bunch of Balloon Zombies to the thing. It’s a pretty safe bet that none of the competition will have available Cacti or Cattails.

(PVZ Facebook Page)

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