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This Dark Souls Typing Game Will Murder You Over Typos

Can you overcome basic grammar rules?

If you can’t wait for the upcoming Elden Ring DLC next week or are still bummed out because the latest Bloodborne announcement leaks were fake again (who would’ve thought?!), now might be the time to try FromSoft Word, a Dark Souls-inspired version of Microsoft Word.

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In this innocent browser game created by Woe Industries, you play by writing in a Word document, like usual. You can even export whatever you’ve just written to a regular .txt document. However, something funny happens whenever you make the smallest of typos.

Yeah, you’re dead. Cool. You can just return to the document later, right? Nah, it’s lost forever. Truly the Dark Souls of typing games. You shouldn’t have skipped all those grammar classes. That game over screen is all on you. FromSoft Word differs from other games in the genre (if we can even classify “typing games” as a genre) such as TypeRacer, which only notifies you when you make a typo.

At least in FromSoft Word, you’re free to go back and correct any mistakes if you notice them in time. As long as you don’t press space, you’ll stay alive. There’s no time limit either, so you can take as long as you want to keep writing your perfect document. Each correct word equals a point, so do your best to break your own records. And what do you get for scoring well? Surviving and bragging rights, of course!

The sheer impact that Souls games had in the industry is undeniable, and it looks like no games is free from being Soulidified at one point or another. No one would have believe me if I told them that we would have a crab Soulslike game a few years ago, and now we have a Word Soulslike. It seems like the whole world has fallen in love with these difficult games, and the huge anticipation for Shadow of the Erdtree is our biggest proof of that.

FromSoft Word is available now.

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