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Why Baylan Skoll Isn’t a Sith in Star Wars: Ahsoka

Ray Stevenson’s brooding, enigmatic Force-wielder Baylan Skoll has quickly cemented himself as Ahsoka‘s most intriguing character. Not only does the guy boast serious combat ability, but he also harbors motivations he hasn’t explicitly revealed yet. Having Grand Admiral Thrawn back is amazing, but we know what his deal is. We have next to no clue what Baylan is really up to, and the writers seem committed to keeping his plan a closely guarded secret. One thing we can rule out, though, is the possibility that Baylan is a Sith. Dave Filoni and his creative team have made it clear they want Baylan to fall somewhere between light and dark, with a slight preference for the dark. Here’s exactly why Baylan Skoll isn’t a Sith in Star Wars: Ahsoka.

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Who Is Baylan Skoll Really?

We don’t know much about Skoll other than the fact that he was a Jedi General and thus knows a great deal about Ahsoka Tano. He trained Shin Hati and has a great deal of combat experience, which he’s used as a mercenary. But what is he ultimately after? That’s a question that Ahsoka still hasn’t answered, at least not yet.

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Why Baylan Skoll Isn’t A Sith

From the get-go, Baylan Skoll himself has made it pretty clear that he isn’t a Sith, even with the orange color of his lightsaber rather than that group’s typical red. He split off from the Jedi during Order 66, presumably to find his own way and train his apprentice, Shin Hati, to “be something more” than a Jedi. The guy kills without hesitation, connives when it suits him, and demonstrates ruthlessness that frequently crosses over into cruelty. He also lives by a code. He has values, morals, standards for negotiating and interacting with both friends and foes. This code is warped, twisted by ambition, but it’s there.

In Ahsoka‘s second episode, “Toil and Trouble,” Skoll says that having to kill Ahsoka is “a shame,” because there aren’t many Jedi left. In Episode 6, titled “Far, Far Away,” Baylan admits that he misses “the idea” of the Jedi Order, but not “the weakness” of it. Only the second half of that sentence echoes Sith sentiment. The first part very much suggests Baylan left the Jedi Order not because he despised it, but because he felt he had no other choice. Ideologically, Baylan thus isn’t aligned with the Sith, who are focused mainly on destroying the Jedi and dominating the galaxy.

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