TAC-50 shot in XDefiant.
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XDefiant Makes It Open Season on Bunny Hop Exploiters with Latest Update

It’s a common scenario. You’re sprinting through a map, gunning for an objective or the next head to click. And then a random Cleaner pops around the corner, bunny hopping like his life depends on it, spraying a P90 like bullets are free. The fight’s over before you know it, and you’re staring at a respawn screen. And while you might be sure you peppered your murderer with at least a handful of shells, he hops away with zero damage taken, ready to take his next victim.

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This is an all-too-common scenario that’s plagued Season 0 of XDefiant, and the developers at Ubisoft have promised that this will be patched out in the latest July 12 update.

It turns out that these bunny hoppers weren’t just gunning gods. They’ve been abusing an exploit that triggers when you spam jump and crouch.

The patch notes for the July update state, “Added aiming penalties for players who go to town on the jump/crouch buttons, aka the nuanced tactic of jump spamming, aka the maddening exploit of jump spamming. Opinions vary.”

What these aiming penalties will look like is still up in the air. And while you’re still free to crouch and jump, you’ll be able to avoid the aim-debuff so long as you’re not spamming it.

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But that’s not the only thing that’s come down the pipeline. Players may have noticed that snipers are almost freakishly good in XDefiant. I’m a diehard assault rifle lover, and even I’ve got a few levels in TAC 50. And that’s because XDefiant’s flinch on sniper rifles is obscenely low, almost unnoticeable, when you’re hit by enemy fire. That means that in a gunfight, a sniper with decent aim will almost always come out on top.

Fortunately, the patch notes have that addressed, too, as snipers will now be feeling those hits, both in health and in aim. So, snipers, say goodbye to that inflated KDRs. And please leave my head alone.

XDefiant is available now.

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