Welcome to Cascade High! (A magic school RP- Open, Started!)(Week One: The Student Club Festival)

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Damien looked at Sam for a moment, then took out his wallet with the MEC badge and threw it on the kitchen table, indicating that he was off duty for the time being. His left fist clenched at the mention of the student rep. "Don't bother. I think she just wakes up and tapes the first square foot of fabric that she sees to her waist." The student Rep was the one responsible for the many cutbacks to the MEC. She had even gone so far as to run a smear campaign against Damien and the MEC and had publicly harangued all who even expressed interest in signing up for the MEC. She had even gone so far as to try and impugn Courtney's character when she tried to run against the student rep. But because no one would step forward, it was all hearsay and Damien couldn't stop her. Damien whistled quietly as he then heard what she had done next: she had removed Sam from His Table. This was completely unthinkable; it was like removing a leg from a chair or the bulb from a lamp. "Sorry, but I can't do a damn thing about her, especially when it's just me. I don't know much about politics, or even being PC, but I do know that everyone would merely think I was being pissy about her damn smear campaigns. Just show up to room 1-B on Wednesday. I'll try to smooth things out." Damien then nodded gratefully at Sam's silent offer and walked over to the couch and sat down, waiting to talk again until Sam had joined him. "So, what did you do over the summer? Anything interesting? Or did ya decide to stay here over the summer?"

James looked almost serious for a change as he sat straight-backed in his chair, clearly intoning the incantation. It was short as incantations go, so only about a page or so long but it was still taxing James reading it out with slipping up. When he finally finished he gave a sigh of relief and snapped the book shut.

"I really need to find one of those mystic pronunciation dictionaries so I can recite these better before I do myself an injury," he muttered, considering requesting one from Kelsey. One look at her face convinced him otherwise, she didn't look all to happy and it was probably something to do with him. "I'm like the last person any librarian wants to see aren't I?" He wondered in his head before pulling his chair out and rising to his feet with the book.

Surely he'd done enough to avoid any suspicion for the magic usage in the library now? It would be best to leave now before he was thrown out. James remembered to push his chair back and left the room with his book, heading towards what he hoped were the dorm rooms. That had at least been somewhat productive, with his new spell he'd be more than happy to introduce himself to whoever it was that had attacked him. James laughed aloud as he imagined how startled they'd be by the shock.

Sam smirked and nodded slightly at the question, referencing the glowing symbols on his shoes, which seemed to be slowly pulling themselves together "Useful. Could work for you, if hired. Too poor to afford the inks and such on no budget. And I like eating something better than the free stuff on campus." Sam was being honest, the inks were rather expensive for quality Runes, and he did frequent local noodle shops and neighborhood Bar and Grills, usually hauling around a backpack of books.

Sam tossed a 1" by 1" piece of paper over "A gift, I have little for a tazer mine. Don't worry, I didn't mean to invent it. I was trying to make a rune that would power my laptop, but I messed up the formulae by a few microadjustments on the central omnidirectional energy structure, which basically means, it turns into an unstable ball of localized electricity. Can make anybody touching it writhe around for a few seconds, and nearby people will experience pain, muscle spasms, and occasionally lose control of the closest extremities" And as soon as it started, Sam's rant ended even faster.

"Have a few more, and one air-based one. Must wait until tutoring kicks off for money to invent new things." Same motioned to the plastered walls, full of diagrams "Ex always did say I needed a hobby." Sam seemed out of place, talking to someone while not at The Table. Not uncomfortable, but the guy now looked less like the absentminded goodlooking nerd guy and more like the wise goodlooking lazy guy.

To anyone that knew him better, they'd be rather jarred.

Sofia waved goodbye to Damien as he left the library. "Ok, I'll make sure everyone knows and thanks again for all your help!" He was actually a lot nicer than Sofia had first thought. And he was good at what he did. Keeping the entire school under control by himself was incredible and shooting that guy from the window was definitely impressive. This place is probably gonna be better than my last school. Of course, things started out great there too... The thought saddened her, but she had already resolved to not repeat her mistakes. Having so many friends, it was no wonder things ended up the way they did. She had been too ambitious, tried to do too many things and know too many people at once.

But that was enough dwelling on the past for one day. Looking up, she spotted Kelsey at the desk. She had come here to ask her about the Library Committee after all, so she might as well go for it while she had the chance. She stood up, and walked over to the front desk. "Um excuse me. Kelsey right? I don't know if you remember but my names Sofia from homeroom? I uh, heard what you said about being the only one on the Library Committee and I thought if you could use some help, it sounded like something I'd like so..." Sofia said before trailing off, not quite sure how to say what she wanted to say.


But what would he do? He certainly wouldn't want to endanger any innocent students, as he wouldn't want that to happen to himself. Get into fight with the teachers? He vaguely remembers hearing something about losing his plate and the punishment for it, which would be banishment from the school. Though going that route, his parents may just get him a regular plate and nothing would be resolved.

After much thought, he decided to hold off the plan till he is more familiar with the school grounds and the teachers and students that inhabit it.

Kelsey couldn't stay mad for long, and soon her thoughts of forcing Damien to listen to her rules drifted away. She probably never would have enacted any of them anyway... Her work at the desk was basically finished, with only few things out of place now. She noticed James practically run out of the library after having another look at her. She thought she had been able to cover up her bitterness just then, but apparently not.

This first day was not going terribly well. With her ability to do work stunted until everyone had left, she settled for scribbling things onto a blank piece of paper.

"Um excuse me. Kelsey right?" She looked up from her scribblings, seeing Sofia standing in front of her somewhat nervously. "I don't know if you remember but my name's Sofia, from homeroom? I uh, heard what you said about being the only one on the Library Committee and I thought if you could use some help, it sounded like something I'd like so..."

"No, thank you... I'm fine."

It wasn't the answer she had expected, but if Kelsey didn't want her help then she must be doing alright on her own. "Oh, alright then. Just thought I'd ask. Sorry to bother you. See you later." Sofia said as she turned and headed for the exit. She had done enough studying and note taking for one day.

"But what should I do now? It's a little early to be heading back to the dorm..." She muttered to herself. That's when she remembered that she still had to go get her clothes treated. She definitely didn't want to go through again what she went through today, so she dug a 10 dollar bill out of her purse and headed to get her clothes treated as soon as she could.

Damien cursed as he looked at the intricate Runes inscribed on the small sheet of paper, in disbelief that such a thing could happen with an innocent sheet of paper. Damien looked at Sam, suitably jarred. Here, in thisrelaxed setting, Sam seemed different. It was like someone switching from glasses to contacts; you knew it was the same person, but what you know and what you see are at odds with one another. "I'll be glad to take the air-based mines, but I can't take the taser mines, not unless you tone them down. I have to break a lot of rules to catch some magic abusers, but I will not break my own. I'm not going to cause unnecessary pain to a person when I could just disorient him or freeze him on the spot." Damien stood up, getting an idea. He starting punching at the air, getting into his habit of shadowboxing. "Have you ever seen a boxing match? Sometimes, if you hit a guy right on the chin, it rattles his brain right inside the skull. The brain sends a general reboot to the system, causing the unlucky sap to be momentarily paralyzed 'cause the brain's running diagnostics. Do you think you could tone down the taser mine, make it like that so it doesn't cause pain? I'm already seen as a dictator and a monster, but I don't want to become either of those." Damien sighed. "Not that it even matters; the MEC doesn't even have a budget because we have so few members, and we have so few members because we have no budget, it's a vicious cycle, started by that bitch, Katie." Damien shook his head. "Well, I still have to man a booth at the club festival tommorow. At least it's one of the few days most people don't screw around, and that's always nice." Damien shook his head and looked at his watch. "Anyway, sorry t' bug ya Sam, but thanks for all the runes. Remind me to see you if I ever need help on Magic Theory. I've got to go check that all the freshman make it back into their dorms for the night and that none of them fell into the toilet or something."

Damien picked up his wallet on the way out, continuing down the hall and up the stairs to where his dorm had been relocated, right next to all the freshman of his class. "At least I've got Cory 'n Courtney stuck in the same boat as I am" As Damien opened the door to his dorm, he saw that the two were not only in his same dorm, but apparently decided to pay him a visit and were in his same room. Cory grinned a gave a little wave to Damien as the latter unloaded all his things on the table. "So, mind telling me why you guys are here in my room and not prepping for your next class?" Cory grinned. "Unlike yer lazy ass, we already planned most o' the year. And we're smart enough to roll with the punches if somethin' starts goin' wrong." Damien opened his mouth in protest. "Hey! I barely have time for that! You try catching every last one of the punks running around in this school and then plan a curriculum! I just took Mr. Rei's schedule for last year and started to follow it. At least that way he can cover for me when something does wrong. Anyway, I'll make dinner-" Cory cut him off. "Don't bother, I've already got somethin' in the oven." Damien sighed. "Oh thank God. I was afraid I was gonna die from all the Mac 'n Cheese." Last year, Damien and Cory became quick friends, and both quickly learned Damien could not cook if his soul was at stake. The man who excelled in magic also excelled in setting even Easy Mac on fire. Cory on the other hand, was a first class cook, and was usually the chef by default of the trio. He was also the only reason why Damien hadn't yet died due to multiple cases of severe food poisoning.

Courtney laughed. "Sorry Damien, but I don't feel like dying on the first day. Maybe near midterms, we'll let you cook for the students to get them off our backs. So, how are your students? I couldn't tell, because apparently someone warned them my temper is worse than his own. I wonder who that could be?" She asked sweetly. Damien hurriedly changed subjects. "I have no idea. Anyway, I think it's gonna be an interesting year. I got goof offs, wide-eyed wonders, shy types, apathetic types, and every other walk of life from here to California." Damien walked into his bedroom and changed into sleeping attire: just simple black pajama bottoms and an undershirt. Damien walked over and joined his friends, who were in similar attire for the night. "You should be able to tell soon enough, since all of them have to check in so I can find the lost ones." Damien hurdled over the couch and sat down. "So, who's winning?" Corey grinned at the current progress of the football game. "My home team. The Cowboys are crushin' the Dolphins." Damien smiled and had fun with his friends, occasionally checking the open door for his students, to make sure they all checked in for the night.

James eventually found himself heading in the right direction, he had made the mistake of trying to ask some absolutely hiliarious sophmores for directions and had ended up in the most baffling of places. At one point he even ran across a sign with an illusion on it, leading him outside the main building rather than to the dorms which had him believing the Cascade High brochure was lying and they'd all be sleeping in tents. Upon tracking down the dorms he ascended to the second floor and paused for a moment, sure he was forgetting something.

After attracting some odd looks for standing dead still in the hallway for several minutes he finally remembered that he was supposed to check in with Damien before going to his own room.

"Well let's see, I could enter Damien's dorm room and risk being questioned about that incident in the library because I probably shouldn't have started shouting or I could just leave a calling card..." James dug around in his pockets until he found a scrap of paper and a pen and quickly scrawled "James Callis was here" on it. As if he wasn't already being riddiculous enough, James then decided to take a small bottle of glue, coat the other side of the paper with glue, carefully reach inside the door when he hoped nobody was looking and stick the paper to the wall.

Struggling to avoid chuckling at his "genius" James tip toed past the open door and hurried to his own room to get settled in. It would probably be a confused mess within a few days.

Sofia sighed with relief as she walked towards her dorm after getting her clothes treated. It was one more thing she didn't have to worry about after all. Finding her dorm proved to be a bit tricky since she didn't trust any of the other students she passed enough to ask for directions, but she remembered Damien saying it was on the third floor which helped a lot.

Remembering that she had to check in with Damien again, she stopped by his room where the door was open. As she approached, she noticed a note stuck to the wall that read "James Callis was here". This confused Sofia slightly. "Is this how we're supposed to check in? I... kinda doubt that." She muttered as she tried to pull the note off the wall only to find it glued on. She gave up and could only shake her head as she knocked on the door to let Damien know she was there. "Hey Damien, it's Sofia Montesino again. Just checking in for the night. Oh, and there's a note from James out here as well." She said, and gave a wave to her teachers before heading off to her room.

It was simple, which was just fine by her. All she needed right now was a place to get some sleep after all. "What a day... I can unpack and do a little decorating tomorrow. I'm beat..." She said with a yawn as she changed into her night gown and crawled into bed for the night.

Sam was changing the runes, having put on some music. He sat changing the markings carefully. Realizing that perhaps messing with these in the dorm complex wasn't the best of ideas, so he packed up all his runes into his backpack, netbook, and put his spare Runing kit away into a locked box. Then he went out of his dorm, locked it and slapped on an alarm Rune to the lock, a simple and elegant rune that would create a screech if the lock were tampered with and then he began walking. Near the edge of campus, hidden in a thicket of trees was an old shack he'd found, unused but still intact, it was a sturdy little thing, about the size of a twocar garage. Rumors abound about it, that a student had died there. If so, it would put a slight taint on it, but he didn't believe those rumors. A murder would be unlikely, unless it was by another student, and if that were to ever happen, it would be more than just rumors, and people would believe in Damien more.

Unlocking the door with the key he'd managed to locate under a pot near the shed, he went inside and flipped the lights on, showing a primitive lab with a lining of pillows on one side, obviously a makeshift bed for when he worked too late and didn't want to stumble his way to the dorms. Runes adorned the walls, a small stack of parchments was in the corner, he plugged his netbook in brought up his notes and some music, and started modifying the ten electric mines he had, keeping the original eleventh. Even though he'd already recorded the algorithm, he was rather paranoid. Until about 1:00 AM he sat working, then slept in the corner, having already gotten a prepared change of clothes here at all times. This is something he'd wanted to have moved to his dorm, but he didn't know how moving it through magic worked yet, it was advanced stuff. And he'd need to check in with the appropriate officials on the way to giving Damien his new toys.

Will had found what eh was looking for in the library, and got stuck in with all speed. The books he had on the relationship between quantum physics and magic as a scientific phenomena explained vasts swathes of knowledge unavailable to mundane scientists. He could not even hope to wrap his head around the specifics, but event the loose shapes of the ideas set his mind racing.

When he next looked up, the light was fading from the windows and the library was empty. Will rubbed his eyes and gathered up his books; he hadn't even begun reading the books that were relevant to anything he could attempt. With a shrug of his shoulders, he gathered up the books, and began the trek downstairs.

On the way down, he muttered a few things to his plate int he attempt to cause the map to show his a route to the exit, but only succeeded in getting it to tell him where he had been. At the librarians desk, he managed to get a note to write itself as a record of the books he was taking, though the enchantment that ran the pen produced a rickety scrawl.

Heavy laden, he eventually made it to his room, and there settled down to a night of study. Those watching his windows would have seen crazy flashing lights well into the early morning...

Damien grinned as Sophia told him the news. "Eh, jokesters will be jokesters. Thanks fer the warning, Sophia. G'night." Damien looked at Cory, who was trying not to laugh. "Aw, shaddup. I told you I had a few tricksters in my class, didn't I? Yours isn't much better. Now go get the food." Cory finally let it out, laughing as he got up to serve dinner. "Or what? I could poison ya right now, y'know." Damien good natured-ly flipped Cory the bird. "Do it, and I'll still have time to punt you back to Hicksville, Texas, where you belong." The three continued to reminisce, looking forward to their last weekend of summer.
Damien awoke on the couch, groaning as his alarm clock went off. He rolled over, using his momentum to bring his fist crashing down on the snooze button. Unfortunately, Damien had forgotten that his dad had bought him a titanium body alarm clock for this very reason. It had quite a few dents in it, but it had survived far longer than plastic. Cory had gotten the floor, after losing the arm wrestle for the couch. The two of course, being gentlemen, hadn't even though of fighting over the bed. Afterall, Courtney had promised they wouldn't be gentlemen if they so much as considered anything. Massaging his fist, Damien groggily got up, dressed, and ate. Looking at the clock, Damien saw that it was 8:30 and his friends still hadn't even shown signs of stirring. "Hour- Thirty. That's plenty of time to get ready." So thought Damien as he stealthily-or at least, stealthily to him- snuck out of his room and began to jog through the school, occasionally stopping to jab at invisible opponents.

 His multiple circuits of the school brought him to the gym, where he put on gloves and began to unload all his troubles into the bag. This was his time. The early mornings were best because Damien was assured peace and quiet, with no hoodlums to dare interrupt his training. He had to prove why he was captain of the boxing team. "Thank God there are at least people in the boxing club." Damien said. He would't have to worry about manning that table for the club festival. Having exerted himself and having calmed himself down, Damien took out his plate and notebook. He sat cross-legged in the ring, reciting the new spell to his plate. Damien grinned as the hairs rose on the back of his neck, indicating a good copy.

 Damien once more gathered his things and glanced at the clock. "Twenty minutes left. I've got time." Damien jogged back upstairs and took a cold shower to was the sweat off before changing into his normal clothes. Finally everyone seemed to be waking up, anticipating the annual Club Festival. The Festival would go on for the entire weekend to recruit as many new students as possible. Damien nodded to some of his students as he passed them in the halls. "Mornin', guys. Head on down to the Courtyard. Non-magical is located on the back terrace, magical is located throughout the school, mostly in the gym. You can't miss them!" Damien was, of course, referring to the type of club activities, but our students would find that out soon enough. Damien headed down to the gym himself and saw that, despite her best efforts, the student rep was unable to move the MEC table from its prime location near the entrance to the gym. She was, however, able to make sure the MEC didn't even get a table. Damien grinned as he rubbed his hands together, anticipating the look on Katie's face. "Fantasia: Make." Damien dropped his card into the floor, creating a magnificent stand able to rival any other throughout the school. The school rep reached Damien's stall and saw him sitting there smugly, at which her jaw nearly dropped. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to think of ways to destroy Damien and his stand. "You weren't given a budget. Did any of this come out of the school's treasury?" Damien grinned nastily as he chewed a piece of gum in front of her. "Don't worry honey, this is all by my own expenditure and therefore within school rules." Unable to find a snappy comeback, Katie stomped off, chased by the sounds of Damien's laughter. Damien watched his ex stomp off in anger and decided to keep Fantasia. "Hell, the look on her face alone was payment enough for all those Magic Points!" Damien chuckled as all the other stands assembled themselves like lightning, amazed at the fullness of Cascade's student body. They had every sport, club, and activity under the sun, a d a few more as well.

Sam had managed to get back to his dorm and smiled at the box there, coming out thirty minutes later showered, in blue jeans, grey shirt, and his new overcoat with the everpresent worn necklace sitting squarely on his chest, he walked towards the library with his pack including his spare Rune kit and his laptop. Club festival was when everybody was distracted, no classes or obligations, just reading for the whole day. He had already looked up the regulations for moving spaces, and today he'd work on learning the spell to save him the exorbitant rate that would ensue should he try to have the school do it, the spell wasn't all that difficult, just complicated.

Then, it happened. Within five seconds Sam's face went from calm to stony, and his eyes became glaring terror-inducing beams. He quickly cast Clear Clean and appeared near Damien's table in time to see him show up.. HER.... and as Katie passed him they shared a glare, before she saw his eyes directly, and sped up remarkably. Walking over to Damien, his eyes were still livid, but they didn't look like they were angry at him, as he set down modified electric runes "Can power things, or make people's legs and arms numb, if very prickly." came the Sam-like sentence, short and to the point. The Table had become infested with a virus, the Cheerleading club was using it and had gone far beyond what he was willing to look at, much less think of in the Library, a place of higher intellectual functions over genitals.

James woke up early in the morning so he had time to look through some more pages of the book he had borrowed out. The average person would have dismissed them as useless gimmicks but James found them hiliarious. He read about spells to conjure up clouds of smoke or bursts of sparks, spells that would allow to wearer to pull illusory rabbits out of a hat or send illusory doves flying out of his sleeves. He even found spells relating to extension or expansion of objects but for someone who focused mainly on cheap tricks actually altering things seemed a bit daunting to James at the moment. By the time he finally put the book down there was already a steady stream of people heading towards the various stalls of the festival.

Realising he should probably hurry up, James quickly found a fedora which he threw on his head at a jaunty angle, put on a pair of dark sunglasses and his usual white buttoned formal shirt and black suit pants. He passed on the coat today because the weather was probably too warm for it to be comfortable. Now all that remained was a few items to appear even more riddiculous. James dug out every watch he owned and strapped all of them along his arms under the sleeves of his shirt,every single one of them set to the wrong time with some even going backwards. He even found his array of joke pens, ones that fired out streams of ink, gave out electric shocks or wrote in vanishing ink and hung them from his top shirt pocket.

With all this done, James left his room with a bounce in his step and was soon lost among the myriad stalls in the gym. He could tell already this was going to be a great day.

It was nearly 11 by the time Sofia managed to roll out of bed. Mornings were definitely not her thing, but she managed on school days. Weekends were her favorite because she could usually sleep as late as she wanted. Having gotten a decent amount of rest, she showered threw on a pair of jeans and a purple t-shirt and grabbed a pop tart before heading out for the day. It was the club festival apparently and Sofia wasn't sure if she was quite ready for something like that yet but she didn't want to miss out on it all the same.

She decided to start with the non-magical clubs first to sort of ease herself into it, but even there she was overwhelmed by the massive amount of people attending this school. As she browsed the many booths, it was no surprise that the one that caught her eye was the soccer team. She had had a good time playing soccer in middle school and made a lot of friends. Well, at least I thought they were my friends.... I guess I can give it a shot though. If I don't like it anymore I can always quit right? Sofia thought as she approached the booth and put her name down on the list of people who were interested. "I'm not 100% decided though... So don't be too surprised if I don't show up." She told the girl running the booth before moving on.

She headed to the gym where most of the magical club booths were. She probably wouldn't be joining any of them, but it was at least worth checking out. As she approached the gym, she immediately recognized the MEC table by the spell Damien had shown her the other dayand couldn't help but smile. Well, I don't think I'm MEC material but I might as well say hi. Sofia walked up to Damien at the table and gave a small wave. "Wow... That's the one you were talking about in the library, right? It's impressive... Bet that'll get you a lot of new recruits huh?"

Will awoke slowly, surrounded by papers. He had fallen asleep at his desk, which was not unusual, but less expected was the woman who was sitting on his bed, smiling at him curiously. This seemed slightly odd, but as he struggled towards wakefulness, she began to fade away, her expression dreamy.

Dreamily, thought Will, then tried his hardest to work out what was bugging him. As he fought for focus, she flickered alarmingly, and gave him a little wave.

Suddenly, an idea formed, and he backed away from thought, trying to clear his head and let his mind wander. The girl grew more substantial, and he realized that her exact appearance was almost impossible to grasp, let alone remember.

Then, as he tried to work out exactly what she looked like, she vanished, and he was awake.

It could have just been a weird dream, of course, except for the dents on the bed, on which Will had not slept.

Damien shook his head as Katie left the table. "Thhaaaattt's right bitch, you start running." Damien nodded gratefully as Sam appeared, giving him the newly reconfigured mines and gently placed them in his bag. Then Sophia appeared and caused Damien to remember the look on Katie's face, making his smile stretch from ear to ear. "I hope so. With any luck I'll be able to get some new recruits, and then Katie won't be able to dismiss my claims for a larger budget- or even a budget at all. Hell, she wouldn't even let me have a table here! In all honesty, I think the MP spent was more than worth it to see the look on her face!" Damien laughed, shaking his head gleefully. "The student rep's had it out for me ever since I dumped her. I think I was the first guy to do that to her, but you know what? I still don't regret it, even to this day." Damien shrugged before sliding over a clipboard and pen to the front of the stand. "So, either of you guys planning to sign up for the Magic Executive Committee? I could sure use a few hands, even if you don't feel like being on the response team. Hell, you get Magic Points just for filling out reports."

Sofia wasn't quite sure how to react to Damien asking her to join the MEC. It seemed like a tough job since you had to be at least more skilled than the students you were supposed to keep in line. Of course, the Magic Points would be a welcome bonus as well since Sofia didn't really see herself getting too many otherwise. "Um... Do you really think I'm good enough to join? I mean, I guess my Shadow Bind could be useful but I just started here after all!" Sofia finally said. "If you really need the help that badly, then I'm sure I'll have time. Just don't expect too much out of me, OK?"


His eyes opened slowly, rays of light illuminated the room from the window. He began to rub his eyes, too tired to think. He hated getting up in the morning; he loved to sleep in as long as possible. Sleep to him is one of his favorite activities of the day, second to playing Video Games of course. Up and out of bed, he went and put on fresh clothes, a similar outfit to what he had worn the previous day.

He decided it would be best to go get launch, he was hungry and wouldn't be able to function through the day starving.

Sam frowned "You dumped her? I did tooo... Just as a point, when were you with her?" Sam's tone sounded suspicious as he filled out the recruitment forum

This added up. Damien and he were in the same grade, as well as Katie, and during the smear campaign against him he'd been able to use simple reasoning to figure out the poor saps she was using, but not necassarily HAD used, and thinking back the smear campagin against Damien and his allies had gone on at a similar time. The only reason Sam came out okay was that nobody could find him or remember him half the time to actually smear him, and the ones that could came back emotionally damaged from laser guided sarcasm. And Sam also actually enjoyed the berth he suddenly gained. Perhaps so much, he now considered, that he lost his touch for a little while. Katie hated both Sam and Damien, had run parallel smear runs on them, in much the same fashion. Both were different from the politics she ran, more personal. Sam knew she had been... non-exclusive in order to keep her position through the politics war. It made a good deal of sense, then, under these conditions that she would have tried to smear them both for dumping her to cover up the possible shame of not being perfect in the imbecilic eyes of her pathetic drones

James easily became lost amongst the stalls of the gym, there were shouts and signs and flagrant use of magic all grabbing his attention. He eventually emerged somewhere the entrance and did a double take as he spotted the amazing MEC stall.

"I swear I didn't see that when I came in... Eh, magic." Spotting Damien behind the table made James remember sticking that note to the wall last night and he laughed loudly, attracting questioning looks from the people around him. Realising he was making a fool of himself, James quickly darted closer to the nearest stall and pretended to be immensely interested in the club it was advertising.

"Ah yes, this stuff looks absolutely thrilling! What does that thing do?" The stall was like some mad chemistry lab and the exasperated girl behind the counter had to stop him from touching anything important. James picked up one particular potion and shook it in front of his face.

"This looks cool! Is it safe to drink?"

"Not unless you enjoy sudden painful death, that stuff is like superglue the moment it's poured out of the bottle."

The reference to glue made James laugh uncontrollably, he found gluing objects to walls vastly amusing. James didn't realise there were so many forms of magic that didn't require spells so he quickly signed up and moved away from the table, taking a free sample as he did so. Without even asking what it did he drained the vial in one gulp and put it back down.

For a moment it seemed like nothing happened then James suddenly experienced what felt like a nasty combo of acid reflux and heart burn and smoke poured out of his ears and nose before he started coughing out brightly coloured sparks. Rather than be disturbed by this, James just laughed again. If the events of the previous day hadn't made it obvious how magical this school was, standing here in the middle of gym coughing up sparks was all the proof necessary.

Sam was in his internal dialogue mode when some freshmaan coughing sparks, rolling his eyes Sam tossed a nullification rune over as a wad of paper "I usually keep those around to control any inventions that get out of hand, but if he can't figure out how to use it then he should keep away from experiment and theory-based magicks" Sam turned back to Damien, awaiting an answer to his question

The spark coughing fit wore off, as did James' merriment as a wad of paper struck him in the head.

"What's this then eh?" James bent over and looked at the paper on the floor before shaking his head and kicking the paper out of his way. "A school of magic and this is the best attack my enemy has?" James' eyes narrowed and he walked up to the MEC stall where he was fairly sure the paper had come from.

"So I suppose one of you is the assailant that attacked me in the library yesterday? The spell you sent at me then was much more impressive than this latest attempt. I mean, try to be more consistent, yesterday it was a finely crafted illusion and today a wad of paper? I could do better." James scoffed and looked like he was going to continue the rant when he realised who he was talking too.

"Er, not that I would be involved in any sort of magical attack, that isn't me at all." It probably wasn't wise to march up the MEC stall and start raging about magical attacks.

Sam was already irritated, and the poor freshman happened to make himself a target now

"Actually, THAT was a nullification Rune. It can cancel out or vastly weaken spells and energies. So, you could have used it to stop that little misadventure, although now you WILL be known as flint throat for the rest of your time here, most likely, but honestly that's too much of a compliment. That implies you're intellectually capable of such a thing, no chemical reactions should be left to the big boys, but don't worry, you can stay. Instead of doing chemical reactions, everybody will simply test them on you, thus restoring the balance of nature. Or perhaps you'll not succeed there because you probably walked into a lava pit of your own conjuration, I suppose that's the most complicated thing you might accomplish, and basics like that are what fuel the rest. On a side note, you're obviously new. Avoid Katherine Doneer, Better known as Katie, she's less intelligent than a rock, gets around more than a rabbit on aphrodisiacs, and she's half as cute when you actually have to talk to her. Here, join MEC. You don't have to chase people, you get points just for filling out paperwork" Sam seemed to become much nicer after his initial sarcastic response

"Also, about what I said earlier, don't drink any more chemicals like that, because now people will be trying to fool you into drinking things."


"And sorry, I thought you were one of Katherine's irritating worthless concubine minions."

"...concubine minions"

"Sounds like my cue!" announced Will, appearing at Sam's elbow, "I do hope you're listing the MEC perks..."

James just stared at him in shock for several seconds, his mouth opened and closed several times before he could finally for any sort of response to that.

"Er, yes, a nullification rune you say? My apologies I assumed it was an attack, some insidious villain launced one against me yesterday in the library, whoever they were was a genius, the illusion they created was perfect." James quickly ran over to where he had kicked the rune and brought it back to Sam.

"Here's your rune back, I don't think I would have needed though, that potion was only a free sample. You should try some, it's really good for clearing out your sinuses, I'll have to ask about it some time." James wondered for a moment if that might not have been a free sample and he just nearly poisoned himself. No, surely someone from the stall would have stopped him, wouldn't they?

"Oh and I've never so much as heard of this Katherine character let alone become one of her minions, you probably don't need to worry about that happening anywhere in the near future, she probably isn't interested in incompetent freshman such as myself." James turned to look questioningly at Damien.

"Could I really join up? I'd really like to but I understand if I'm not the kind of the person the MEC needs."

Damien shook his head as Will appeared at the most (in)opportune moment. "Will, if that was one of the perks, I would have to beat off the applicants with a stick. The only benifits you get from the MEC are Magic Points. You also get a nice feeling after helping someone." Damien chuckled to himself. Damien nodded and slid the sign-up sheet to James. "Feel free to sign up, but realize you'll be on pencil pushing or some other currently theoretical arm of the MEC. I can't and won't put you on the attack team until I'm sure you're strong enough to manage it. You'll technically be a volunteer, but I'll make sure you still get MP. Oh, and by the way, that was a Slaker potion. They're used for fireworks displays, not sinus cleaning. Please, ask Cory. Before you wind up drinking the Juliet potion or something lethal."

Damien smiled at Sophia kindly. "Every hand helps. Hell, every hand means your beloved teacher goes to bed a little bit earlier. Get enough people and I might be able to fall asleep before midnight!" Damien shook his head, laughing at himself. The MEC was not meant to be run by a single person. Nothing but Damien's sheer stamina and willpower made it even possible. His attention then turned to Sam's question. "When did I go out with Katie... I think it was about the third quarter of last year, just around the time I made it to Branch Chief. Why?"

"Oh fireworks?" James seemed to go a bit green at the thought that had the potion been stronger he might have been splattered across the room. "In that case I'll watch out in future, lest I do a bit more than clear out my sinuses." James quickly pulled every one of his pens and tried to remember which one was the only normal pen he possessed. He eventually gave up the idea and just used the pen in the stall to write his name on the form.

"Thanks, I need something to do with my time other than drinking toxic substances. Oh and I didn't want to disturb you last night so I just left a note, I trust it was easy to find?" James noticed both Will and Sofia had turned up at the table.

"What's this? Is our whole class signing up now? That would be cool."

Sam nodded "Makes sense. We went out with the same girl, at the same time, dumped her within the same week, and then proceeded to come under her fire. I guess we have something in common. Also, you should probably prevent me from being alone with her, I think I'd stick explosive runes on her assets and then let her bleed out from the result... in public. She's using my Table as a cheerleading stand. And they aren't even using it, she took it solely because she knew it's where I've set up perfect magic studying conditions. I wish my ex had never told me about her. Then again, it was bad times. I'd be surprised if my ex is still alive... Anyway, ignoring that... Katie just wanted to be with me in the hopes I'd do her schoolwork, what was she using you for?" Sam set down his filled out forms for field work, and desk work, and emergency work for MEC All the home address and information. Next of Kin was completely blank, and any family or personal information besides that was N/A

Sofia tried not to eavesdrop as she was filling out the forms but Damien and the other guy weren't making any secrets about their disdain for their ex. I guess I can see how they wouldn't be too fond of someone like that but aren't they being a little too harsh? I don't think anyone deserves to be talked about that.... It was hitting a little too close to home for her liking but she knew better than to say anything about it. Instead she just quietly filled out her paperwork.

"Well, if it'll help you get to bed at a reasonable hour, I guess I can help out with whatever you need." Sofia said with a small smile. She didn't know exactly what she'd be doing yet, but from what Damien had said she'd probably be doing desk work. It sounded like a pretty good deal to her. "Alright, here you go. Just tell me what you need done and I'll do my best." She said as she handed him the finished forms.


There are pamphlets and school newspapers and even board signs about how terrible Damien is, blaming him for things her people did using the loosest of logics, and Sam is just mentioned as a rapist/violent delinquent who forced her to be with him and then dumped her after a month or so of abuse, meanwhile Katie sits over another location with a charity table (which anyone paying attention would notice the lack of certified seals on any of the boxes-they were fake) talking about how she didn't want to put those signs up,and humiliate Damien and Sam, but that her supporters insisted she be protected


Sam was eating a cinnamon roll from the baking club table that was next to Damien's Damien has really good sense of location... I wonder if he could give me a research budget if he gets enough members...

Damien's left eye twitched slightly as his left fist clenched. He stared bullets into Katie, while planning to do much more than just stare them. "Hmm... How far away is she, one hundred yards? Yeah, I could hit her." Damien's wallet fell out of his pocket while he planned trajectories, the badge hitting the ground with a loud clink, startling Damien back into sense. "Damn. Nevermind, I can't hit her. I can't stoop to that level 'n prove her right." Damien then answered Sam's question with a shrug. "Hell, before I dumped Katie I was one of the most popular kids in the school 'cause of boxing. I can still draw a sizable crowd during a match, but now..." Damien shook his head. "Go to the cheerleading table and see for yourself, I suppose." Damien turned back to matters in front of him and took the registration forms from Sophia. "Thanks for your help. Don't worry, I'll give you guys the option about how you want to work for the most part. Oh, and don't forget to come to the charity match later today! Five dollars entry to see the boxing team captain and wrestling team captain in the ring together. All proceeds go toward student run clubs."

James finally got through filling out the details on his form, it was hard to read or write anything when he refused to remove his dark sunglasses despite being inside.

"Done, and I'm pretty sure it's at least legible this time!" James passed his form over to Damien. "Thanks again for letting me join up, most people don't want me near anything important," James laughed loudly at the memory of things going terribly wrong when he was left in charge of them.

"I'll be taking my leave, so many things I still have to see in here." James tipped his hat to the people at the stand and strolled back over to the place he got the potion from, probably asking whether there were any nasty side effects from drinking Slaker.

Kelsey was reluctant to leave the dorm today. Today of all days was when people would be looking at clubs and deciding which to join, and it had started, oh, about an hour and half ago.

She could just imagine the library stall right now; bare and alone amongst the other non-magic clubs. Anyone who went to check would find it unmanned and utterly blank. But who would check it? Almost no-one goes to check out the non-magic stalls in a school based around magic, and if they do they don't really expect much. Of course you'd get the ones that would always attract people, like cheer-leading, ugh... And the fan club that showed up each year, for some student who ends up being worshipped throughout the whole year for God knows whatever reason.

Plus she was expected to make an effort to appear more magical and interesting, so there was the big hat and cloak to deal with too... No. Just no. She groaned loudly and hid under the blanket, hoping to be able to stay there for longer. She didn't want to wear those, especially not today. It was bad enough having to go out and tell people to come to the library to ruin her peace and quiet as if she was supposed to be pleased when they interrupted her. But the hat and cloak? In blistering sunshine? They must have been insane.

Of course, this was all wordless thoughts she would never give any real thought to. She was too afraid of possible repercussions and consequences to vocalise these, so she simply laid in the confines of her blanket, nervously fighting the urge to get out of bed and hoping that she wouldn't get in any trouble.

After another half hour of her silent rebellion came to a close; her worry about getting in trouble now far outweighed her disdain at being forced to have a stall. She rolled her blanket away and got out of bed, cursing herself for her own insubordination and inability to follow through and indecision. She ended up wearing the stupid, raggedy hat and cloak over her regular clothing too. Wearing them meant she could get away with looking less presentable than usual, at the very least. She tried in vain to straighten the hat's brim in the mirror, picked up her bag and then set off for the stalls.

Why could she not just go to the library...?

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