WAOA Arena

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OoC: Um... I don't have a picture right now, but Eva's not really human looking. The humanoid shape sure, but she's kinda pale, fairly lean, has her ears pointed back and her eyes are amber.

"I do not know. I have only been in one contest so far, and I lost. I have been hoping to try again, but every time Diana would go "I am the great mage, I shall do it!" Then she goes out there and loses." Eva rolled her eyes. "Egotistical witch... This is the first time I've come outside our room in ages."

Carmen stretched herself out and let out a small sigh of contentment as the pokemon did its thing. "Not exactly as hot as Hell is... but it's a welcome change... Here, take this as thanks."

The succubus slashed the air with her dagger and sent a small tornado speeding toward the Vileplume. Getting hit by the torrent would feel like taking numerous slashes from a sword.

OoC @Gear: I remember what she looks like. Still more human-looking then an Altmer is.

She's been in a match before? Yet I've never seen her. She has been here longer then I then. Sephiroth thought as he crossed his arms, making the leather of his sleeves screech slightly. "You wish for another chance to fight, do you? I would oblige you, then."

The slashes seemed not to bother Smokey, as it simply turned to her and let out a blast of solar beam, pre charged thanks to the sunny day. Not to say there was no damage from the tornado. The normally blue body of the vileplume was now crisscrossed with dark green chlorophyll, as it fired its massive beam attack straight for Carmen.

OoC: @Nail: True.

Eva put down the sake and tied her bandanna around her head. "I accpet your challenge, sir." She stood, rolling her shoulders.

Carmen looked at the slashes and nodded to herself before positioning her dagger to point straight at the solarbeam flying toward her. "6th Circle: Heresy!"

A purple magic circle opened up in front of the dagger and the solarbeam was devoured by it. After the attack, her dagger's jewel could easily be noticed having a bright yellow glow before she casually shot the beam far off into the air behind her. Afterward, she sent another slash tornado toward the Vileplume.

With a sharp turn, Sephiroth began walking towards the entrance of the arena. "If we're to face eachother, I would know your name." he remarked as he walked.

OoC @Gear: Since the arena is already in use, how will this go? Will a wall just rise up, seperating it?

Eva followed Sphiroth to the lockers. "My name is Eva. Yours?" As Eva puthe armour and weaponry on, the floor slid apart, reveailng a staircase descending int a second arena.

Gold smiled. "Smokey. Dodge." the Vileplume's flower shook for an instant, before it swiftly darted out of the way of the tornado. Gold followed suit, dodging in another direction. Begin the Petal Dance, while I move to take her down from the side. with that, he began rushing from the side, ducking between rocks in a probably wasted attempt at stealth. Smokey, meanwhile, began dancing as it moved, scattering petals in its wake, which began drifting around the arena.

Carmen looked at Gold running from rock to rock and the Vileplume scattering petals everywhere. Obviously they're trying to set up for some sort of attack... no matter how idiotic this set up looks. I could play the fool or try to take them by surprise... Hmmm... best to be careful, I suppose.

The succubus casually crouched down before making a mighty flap of her wings sending her high above the Vileplume and Gold, his hiding now futile due to her overhead view. A green magic circle opened up under her, looking like a platform as she simply crossed her arms and waited. "...I thought that playing with flowers was only acceptable for female humans."

With his back still turned towards Eva, Sephiroth curled up the corners of his mouth into a minor smirk. As he began walking down the stairs, he answered with, "Survive, and you'll find out." As he entered the default arena, Sephiroth glanced around it. If I'm not mistaken, this place will change depending on the participant's wish. I'll let her choose... That might reveal a bit about her fighting style. Turning to face the entrance of the arena, Sephiroth held out his left hand, and with a mild flash of light-green light, manifested and grasped the Masamune, then lowering this to his side.

Geared up, Eva drew her kanetsunes and headed into the arena. It manifested as a large peninsula, dimly lit by pale moonlight and torches. Several small structures resembling typical feudal Japanese houses and palaces were scattered across it, and to the easteren side there was a large mountain whle all other sides led to nothing but a seemingly endless fall.

Bryce chuckled as he pulled his Revolver. "So what, female vileplumes can't either?" once the field had been loosely sprinkled with petals, Smokey stopped in her tracks. she began a more complex dance, and all the petals she had laid darted up, becoming lobbed daggers sharing the shape of petals as they swung out to slice at Carmen, avoiding the green platform as best they could, though a few impacted on it. Those that avoided it became a twister attempting to slice apart Carmen, whistling and whirling.

Carmen looked at the petals rising toward her and sighed a bit. The green circle glowed for a moment before bathing Carmen in it's glow. She simply pulled in her wings as a few petal nicked them before opening them with a flourish. Massive bursts of green wind blasted and sliced a majority of the petals though a few more nicked Carmen in various areas.

"You can't really blame me for not being able to differentiate that... thing's gender." She replied flatly before extending her hand toward the Vileplume, though she took note of Gold getting his gun. "7th Circle: Violence!" A red circle opened up in front of her before sending the massive red beam toward Bryce. As it got close to the ground, it curved sharply to fly directly at Smokey.

Sephiroth looked around the new enviroment, uttering a single snicker at the sight. This brings back memories. Looking back to Eva, Sephiroth assumed his combat stance, turning his right side towards his opponent, holding the blade over his left shoulder, with the tip pointing downwards. After taking a single breath through his nose, Sephiroth began slowly moving towards Eva, his eyes fixed on her. In the low light conditions of the area, his eyes glowed a faint pale-green.

OoC @FPS: Furi is back, so could we finish things in the other thread?

Eva drew her crossbow and backed off slowly, firing bolts at Sephiroth.

Gold pulled up a shield to take the beam, but as it altered Gold warned Smokey, who quickly altered her dance to jump out of the shot's way, releasing more petals. She also fired a shot of solar beam at Carmen's position, a quick snapshot that wasn't as focused as the last shot.

Still approaching, Sephiroth's gaze shifted towards Eva's hands, carefully watching her operate the crossbow. The moment he saw her trigger finger make even the slightest movement, he would sidestep, thus evading the bolt fired. She's staying at a distance? Unexpected. When Sephiroth was twenty steps away from Eva, he suddenly made a dash towards her, swinging the Masamune in a wide diagonal arc, from right to left.

Carmen smoothly darted out of the way of the beam with her wings. Noting a torrent of petals flying at her, she grunted before firing off another shot of Violence, this time the beam moved around devouring the petals flying toward her. The beam dissipated as Carmen continued to fly around and move a bit closer to the ground, visibly yawning.

Eva was wondering how Sephiroth was dodging her bolts so quickly when he lunged. Eva sidestpped, escaping bisection by a hair. She quickly drew a kanetsune and attempted to stab him while he was close.

The Masamune being far too long to block Eva's strike at the range she was at, Sephiroth instead sharply turned towards her by twisting his upper body and blocked Eva's attack by slamming his right forearm against hers. Pushing upwards against Eva's arm to move the kanetsune away, Sephiroth then attempted to grab her arm just above the elbow. If succesful, he would twist the elbow upwards.

Bryce fired 2 shots at Carmen, as Smokey lobbed another blob of petals at Carmen. The two began to move closer as Carmen approached, unsure of how to fight Carmen as she was.

Sephiroth Grabbed Eva's arm, twisting it, but Eva managed to use her free hand to grab her other dagger and try to stab him in the gut.

Carmen quickly brought her dagger up to create her barrier as Gold shot at her. The two shots were nulled by it, but the barrier seemed to have vanished afterward. Seeing another set of petals, she growled to herself before encasing herself in wind and blowing through the petal twister like a spear. Speeding toward Smokey, the succubus made a quick slash at its side as she sped past and made her way back up into the air. She made sure to take extra note of Gold as she finished.

Seeing Eva reach for a second dagger, Sephiroth released his grip and twisted around, to Eva's back. There, he took a step back and made a slash towards her hamstrings.

Gold quickly called out "Sludge bomb her, now!" he tossed out a barrier for Carmen to slam into instead of hitting Smokey, and Smokey herself bent her head forward slightly. A wave of purple sludge spewed from her mouth, aimed right at Carmen.

Eva fell as she was hamstrung, crying out. Unable to stand, she pushed off the ground with both hands to get away from Sehpiroth and threw one of her daggers, aiming for his chest.

Smashing unknowingly into the barrier, Carmen winced as she staggered back. In her dazed state, she blindly flapped her wings and managed to flutter out of the range of the sludge. After her wild staggered flight, she fell down behind a rock nearby, clutching her head and moaning a bit.

While he hadn't anticipated Eva's throwing her dagger, quick reflexes meant he could still react to it. Bending to the side, the dagger missed its mark, and hit Sephiroth's right pouldron, bounding off it. With Eva now the ground, Sephiroth lunged the Masamune at the shoulder of the arm in which Eva held her remaining dagger, aiming to pin her down.

"Launch pad." Gold called out, and jumped onto Smokey's head. She launched him into the air, before firing a solar beam through the rock Carmen hid behind, cutting if off just as Gold would have entered the beam. Gold took aim at where Carmen hid, and fired four shots, dropping the pistol once it was empty and plucking out a knife of his own.

Eva twisted, dodging the Masume, then pushed herself off the ground as best she could with just her arms, lunging towards Sephiroth with a knife in hand and aiming for the sernum.

Managing to somewhat regain her bearings, Carmen yelped a small bit as the rock blasted apart before flying away from it. She got hit twice with two of Gold's shots before casting Heresy again, absorbing the other two shots. As Gold flew toward her, she calmly fired the two shots back and held her dagger forward, just in case. She bled black blood from her side and left shoulder where Gold had hit her.

As Eva rolled out of the way, the tip of the Masamune imbedded itself into the ground, despite it being stone. Seeing Eva lunging at him out of the corner of his eyes, he sidestepped her lunge, letting go of the handle of his sword. As he did this, Sephiroth attempted to deliver a bash on Eva's back with his right elbow.

Bryce winced as two bullets punched into his chest, one bouncing off the pacemaker that had replaced most of his heart. Regardless, he charged forward, swinging his own blade to knock Carmen's aside. he then swung out with his free hand, grabbing Carmen by the throat and squeezing. "I don't know what you are, monster or human, but I want you to know that these fights are never personal. It needs to be said."

Eva lost momentum when the attack missed, landing on the floor. She turned herself over just in time to bring up her arm and block Sephiroth's elbow blow. She then went for the Masamune, eager to take the blade and use it's range to her advantage.

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