Do Everything In RiME With Our 100% Completion Walkthrough | All Achievements / Trophies Guide


Earn 100% completion or Platinum in RiME with the complete rundown of every achievement and trophy in this mysterious, puzzle-centric indie adventure game.

RiME is full of interesting areas to explore and collectibles to grab. They’re practically around every corner, with plenty of strange sights and sounds to stumble across as you solver your way through each distinctive chapter. Unlike other achievement / trophy guides, we’re all about 100% completion here, and we’ve organized the guide to cover, chronologically, every unlockable from start to finish.

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100% Completion Guide

To make things simpler, we’re breaking down the unlockable achievements / trophies by chapter so you can collect them all in order.

Chapter 1 Achievements / Trophies

Outfit #1: Automatically unlocked at the start of the game.

Lullaby Shell #1: The first shell is on the high cliff above the beach you start on. From the beach, go right (instead of left) and through the caves, then climb the rocky ledges up until you can spot a jutting rock to the left. Each Lullaby Shell is on a glowing pedestal, so they’re not too hard to find.

Jars In The Sand

Always be on the lookout for tall pots with a glowing blue stripe in the center. To earn the “Jars In The Sand” achievement / trophy, you’ll need to break 50 of these. Shout whenever you approach a jar — there are way more than 50 in the game, so start early and break as many as you can.

Reckless Cannonball

On the high ledge where you’ll collect the first Lullaby Shell, jump off and into the water while holding [Circle / B]. You’ll tuck in your legs and perform a cannonball. That can be earned in lots of places, but this is the earliest spot with plenty of height.

Emblem #1: From the glowing statue on the right, enter the narrow canyon path to find this emblem below. Like the shell, it is also on a pedestal, on the rocks overlooking the path to the statue valley puzzle.

Toy #1: The Fox – This toy is in a dim cave behind the glowing statue guarded by the boar. Enter the out-of-the-way ledge and jump across the gap, then climb up and look left. This is on the path to the white tower with one of the four statues.

Happy Family

In the area with the family of boars, collect the fruit from the bushes and lead the boars into a big group so they’re all together again. The smaller boars won’t attack, so you can safely lead them to one another.

That Went Too Far

Grab a fruit from the trees and toss it off a tall cliff, or stand on the ruins bridge and throw. That should give you the distance you need to earn this achievement / trophy.

Toy #2: The Seagull – From the four statues in the valley, go up the hill path behind the stream and to the left. This leads to an optional island of cliffs. Jump across to reach the ruin, then use the ramp-like fallen stones to climb up and around the pillars to get to the toy on the pedestal.

Emblem #2: After solving the fox statue puzzle and opening the first door, you’ll reach a canyon path with a stream. Instead of following the stone path, look right for a family of boars. Jump down and they’ll run away — follow them to find this emblem pedestal.

Emblem #3: Once you drop down and meet the fox in a cutscene, go up the hill to the door with three spirit locks. Go left from the locked door to find a walkway leading to an area with this emblem pedestal.

Toy #3: The Boar – Open the door with three spirit locks then look right. There’s a cave path blocked by spiky brambles. The kid can’t get through, but boars can. Grab a fruit nearby and lead a large boar toward the brambles, then throw the fruit into the brambles bush. The boar will bust through, creating a path to this hidden toy collectible.

Emblem #4: From the keyhole device (where you’ll line up the door pieces) go left to find a simple path that leads to an emblem pedestal.

Outfit #2: Back at the keyhole device, go right to find a hidden cave path lit with blue flame. There’s a dirt path leading to the cave, which is obscured with bushes. Follow the steps down, find the right path and use the rock ramp (marked with a tree) to jump to the island. Climb up and into the ruin to find this costume.

Lighten Up

Through the door with the three spirit locks, go down the passage to the right. Here, you’ll find your first blue flames. Shout near the flames to make them bigger — like the pots, you’ll need to get 50 throughout the game to earn this achievement / trophy.

There are way more than 50 torchlights in the game, so don’t worry. If you keep shouting at every one you see, you can easily earn this achievement by Chapter 2.

The Ancient Treasure

To unlock this secret trophy / achievement, go down to the beach from the keyhole device puzzle, near the path to the collectible outfit island. From the rock ramp, look right to spot a waterfall on the beach.

Behind that waterfall, there is a tiny blue ancient treasure. Pick it up and take it back to the cavern path — but continue left instead of going back up. In the sea cave, there’s a disabled robot. Give the glowing orb to the machine (shout / drop while standing near it) to unlock this achievement / trophy.

Lullaby Shell #2: After solving the second keyhole puzzle, follow the balcony up and toward the next room. You’ll find a box near what looks like a sealed door. Go back to the balcony to find some hard-to-spot handholds. Drop down and shimmy across, then shout to open the soul door. Drag the box through the new doorway and use it to reach the high ledge. Climb the vines and cross the bridge to find this secret shell.

Careful Steps

When climbing the tall tower toward the amplifier orb, make sure you don’t step on any of the tiny eggs in the bird nests. Not too difficult, just keep it in mind when you’re jumping across and navigating the area.

Funeral Flowers

After solving the amplifier tower puzzle in the large open area outside the massive tower, a tree will grow in the center and water will fill up, allowing you to collect the key.

Go to the key (surrounded by trees) and swim down into the water to find an entrance into a hidden optional area. The achievement / trophy will unlock when you enter here.

Keyhole #1: In the same area as the Lullaby Shell, follow the stone steps up to an area with your first keyhole.

Outfit #3: Before entering the massive tower, stop at the glowing door and go right. Drop down onto the area below, and go to the back to find a hidden passage leading away from the tower. In the secret room, you’ll find the third outfit.

Emblem #5: Inside the tower, you’ll enter a ring-shaped room with soul pots blocking passages. Move left around the ring until you find a fallen statue. Use the ramp to reach the high ledge, and follow it around, back toward the entrance and toward a few peaks. Jump across and enter the door. There’s an emblem in the extremely dark room.

Dark And Quiet

In the dark maze at the end of the chapter, you’ll need to complete it without making a sound. Turn up the brightness on your monitor / TV to max to make this much easier. If you shout or jump, you’ll be unable to unlock this achievement / trophy. It’s much easier if you’ve completed it at least once before.

If you fail or want to try again, just reload your previous checkpoint. You’ll need it to earn the next achievement / trophy.

The Path of Light

Shout and activate all the statues in the dark maze area. They’re much easier to spot with the brightness turned up. Reload your checkpoint after unlocking the “Dark And Quiet” achievement / trophy.

White Shade #1: The first white shade is in the dark chamber near the end of the chapter. In the massive room where the floor lights up, move left along the exterior rim until you spot stairs outside the normal path. You’ll need to jump to the stairs, climb up, then hop across the darkness to reach the first (of four) shades.

Don’t Say No

Unlocked for completing Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 Achievements / Trophies

Strange Statue #1: From the very start of the chapter, turn around and find the single salt statue. Nudge it to make it crumble to collect it.

Blend-in With The Surroundings

To unlock this achievement / trophy, you’ll first need to unlock the black paint costume from Chapter 4. That’s the sixth outfit unlockable. Just scroll down to find the location.

Put on the costume at the very start of Chapter 2 and run straight ahead through the dark corridor from the pyramid to unlock.

Emblem #6: Exiting the temple and reaching the first puzzle, continue into the opposite open doorway. It leads to a narrow door that into a small chamber with an emblem.

Strange Statue #2: Ditching the bridge, the kid will have to hide under the ruins to avoid the bird’s swooping attacks. On the right, look for a small ruin (before reaching the windmill) with a half-circle shaped roof. The statue is located behind the structure.

Toy #4: Pinwheel – After summoning the storm at the windmill, drop down and look to the right on the ledge overlooking the shore. There’s a tall white tower connected to the cliff by a long bridge. Enter the tower to collect this toy.

Lullaby Shell #3: Return to the second Strange Statue location — the half-circle roof ruin. Far behind it, there’s another underground entrance that leads into the a chamber with this collectible. Find it right and behind the windmill tower entrance.

Toy #5: Eagle – Continuing on, go to the large ruin entrance where the shadows are congregating. Going underground, you’ll enter a large chamber with fish statues and a flame in the center of a bridge. Shout to light all the flames, then look down and right from the center. There’s an optional path down below that leads to this toy.

Keyhole #2: After summoning the second storm in the windmill, use the block to climb onto the high wall. There’s a deep dive below — and a rocky cliff surrounding the hole. Jump onto the rocky section to find stairs leading down on the right. The stairs take you to a keyhole collectible.

Emblem #7: Return to the temple ruin you originally used to reach the beach area and the second windmill. The beach door is now surrounded by shades. Go left of that door to find a side door on the sunny section of the beach. Inside, the path leads to a room filled with spirit pots. Smash them all with shouts to reveal this emblem.

Lullaby Shell #4: Back out on the beach, find the area with the ruined boats. The tall sails will help you find your way. Opposite the boats, there’s a ruin built into the cliff walls, to the left of the canyon. At the ramp, use the various white chalk mark ledges to reach the room with a lullaby shell.

Keyhole #3: In the underground ruin that leads to the third windmill area, look to the left of the sunken ship. There’s a sneaky keyhole on a tiny ledge hidden in the back of the cave.

White Shade #2: Complete the third windmill and backtrack to the entrance of the third windmill area — where you first had to hide from the bird under the wooden shacks. Near the cliff’s ledge, there’s an overturned ruined ship hull with the white shade underneath.

Outfit #4: With the storms covering the third area of the chapter, return to the starting area of the third zone, and move toward the bridge that connects to the canyons with stone structures cut into the walls. To the right of the bridge, there’s a ledge you can climb down. At the bottom, enter the hidden room and get on the key-shaped platform. Stand on the corner, and shout to turn the platform and reach the outfit pedestal.

Emblem #8: Return to the top of the “island” in the area with the ruins cut into the cliff walls. Run toward the pair of bird statues (across the bridge) and turn left, going down the stairs. This is the main path — use the fox to lead you to the tunnel with the fallen pillars. Beneath the pillars, there’s a pile of spirit jars. Smash through to find this emblem.

Emblem #9: To the left of the tunnel that leads to the previous emblem, backtrack to the entrance and look for the opening above a gap, between two sets of unconnected stairs. Climb through the window to reach the emblem.

Emblem #10: Following the fox near the trench toward the white structure, look to the left for a ledge you can climb down. Follow the white chalk to reach the emblem pedestal through the open window.

Wrong Direction

At the very end of the chapter, after lightning strikes the bird’s nest and you roll the orb back across the bridge, the bird will jump awake and attack. Instead of running away, turn around and run toward the bird monster.


Unlocked for completing Chapter 2.

Chapter 3 Achievements / Trophies

Emblem #11: The starting room can be pretty confusing — the doors all lead to an identical room, that then lead into a secret, hidden room. Beware — if you go through three doors, you’ll progress. Go through the bottom-center door with the tree, then enter the bottom-center door opposite the tree, then run directly across and climb to the top level using the stairs. Enter the top-right door to find this tricky emblem.


In the fountain hallway, you’ll soon realize it never stops. Run down this hallway for two minutes and thirty seconds to earn the “Patience” achievement / trophy. When you turn around, the area will change, so don’t turn around.

Hold Your Breath

After leaving the infinite hallway, you’ll reach a statue room and dive into the water. There are three underwater passages you’ll need to cross — and you’ll have to use only one air bubble on the way. Get the collectibles first, then reload your save. Only get an air bubble during the second underwater passage.

Without A Trace

On the way through the underwater passages, you’ll reach an area with multiple ash statues of people. Don’t touch any of them as you pass through.

Keyhole #4: In the fountain hallway, run down the hall and turn around to progress. Don’t turn around again! Run all the way to the wall. The keyhole is in the corner, on the left.

Emblem #12: In the statue chamber, dive into the water and swim through the tunnel. Emerge from the water, and you’ll enter another cave leading to another, larger underwater tunnel. Follow the water bubbles until they turn left — instead of turning left, look in the back-right corner for a crack. Swim inside to find this emblem.

Lullaby Shell #5: After driving off the shades with light for the first time, you’ll have to dive into another underwater tunnel. You’ll reach a massive room with a huge submerged tower — immediately as you enter, dive down toward a crack in the tower and swim inside. On the left, there’s an air bubble with ledges that lead up to the shell collectible.

What Lies In The Deep

When you emerge in the large room with the many, many black shades on the balconies above, look for a waterfall feeding into the pool. Dive into the water where the falls are, and swim down until you find a secret shark location.

Strange Statue #3: Once you emerge in the strange room surrounded by shades with a tree in the center, exit through the only door and enter the fountain chamber. Bump into the single statue to the left of the fountain.

Keyhole #5: From the strange statue, look left. There’s a keyhole collectible covered in soul pots. Break them to get this easy keyhole.

Strange Statue #4: The penultimate strange statue is on the watery path that leads out of the underground cavern where you’ll first encounter shades that chase the boy. On the way out, when you finally hit sunlight, look left at the end of the path, near the waterfall steps.

Keyhole #6: Exit the shadowy cave to reach a brighter area with lots of running water. To the right of the large walker mural, look for white chalk-marked ledges you can climb to get onto the viaduct feeding the waterfalls below. Cross the duct to reach a keyhole.

Toy #7: Sentinel – This is found right after you use the keyhole device to transfer the robot core to the movable block. After that’s done, move right and shimmy onto the tiny ledge near a blue flame. Drop down to a lower ledge to discover a path right that leads over a sealed gold door.

Emblem #13: After bringing your sentinel buddy to life, you’ll exit the construction room and reach a short bridge. Jump onto the bridge, then jump down into the canal below. There’s an open doorway that leads into a room with an emblem collectible.

Strange Statue #5 (Bite The Dust Achievement / Trophy): The last statue can be collected after you’ve broken through the brambles. Drop down into the room ahead, then take the stairs on the left. Follow the path up to the last statue.

White Shade #3: Returning to the large puzzle room with the turning gold device in the center, you’ll need to use the walker to reach the third floor and jump onto the swiveling pillar. From the pillar, jump down toward the door you couldn’t reach anywhere else, then shout to open the door.

Emblem #14: After using the light orb on the pedestal in the swiveling pillar chamber, you’ll enter an outdoor garden. Dive into the water pool on the left and swim through the door to find a hidden collectible room.

Emblem #15: On the return trip to the dark shade cavern passage, you’ll need to use a light orb to vaporize the shades with help from your sentinel. When the shades are wiped out, enter the room on the raised walkway.

Outfit #5: In the underground catacomb puzzle, you’ll need to climb a long shaft to reach a movable block. After getting the block, simply return to the shaft and climb up a second time — you’ll find an outfit collectible instead.

Lullaby Shell #6 (Lost Lullaby Achievement / Trophy): The last lullaby shell is in the room where you’ll revive all the sentinels at once. When you do, go and activate the emblem (with the block) so the center pillar moves right. Stand on top, then jump to an optional ledge that leads to a passage with this very secret collectible.

Ask For A Miracle

Unlocked when you complete Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 Achievements / Trophies


After dismounting the walking sentinel, quickly run right and up the path. It’s a snaking way up to the door. Get there before the sentinel does, and you’ll earn this achievement. You don’t need to run or climb in any special way — just get a head start and you’ll make it there first.

Emblem #16: Right at the start, look left of the giant mural. There’s a white chalk-marked ledge that leads to the first collectible.

Emblem #17: After the short cutscene with the shades, follow the fox and look right in the area with the sentinels emerging from the passage. There’s an optional path that leads far (and up) to a secret emblem location above the statue chamber.

Keyhole #8: Later, passing through the gold door where a sentinel merges to open the path forward, another sentinel will kick down a pillar to use as a ramp. Follow the fox to the outer walls and go down the steps. Further down, there’s a path around the corner on the right.

From the Sky to the Abyss

Look down at the shore after the sentinel kicks down the wall when the kid is crossing the exterior of the island. Climb up the fallen wall and look for sentinels — try shouting if looking at them isn’t enough.

Emblem #18 (It’s A Process Achievement / Trophy): Through the second gold door, run to the back corner and turn left to spot this easy (and final) emblem. This is right before the third sentinel door.

Toy #7 (Toyful Child Achievement / Trophy): Ship – In the area where you need to collect four statues, circle around to the far end, opposite from the entrance and follow the ledge path that (eventually) leads to a soul statue. On the pillar with three rectangles, the path actually splits — jump up one step higher and move toward the ledge with the broken archway. A toy collectible is hidden here.

Keyhole #8 (The Truth Achievement / Trophy): The last keyhole can only be accessed after the kid has become a shadow. When you’re all in black, go right and climb the stairs, following the path to the first statue — instead of going right, go left at the top of the stairs. The door here is now open. Go inside, then go around the corner on your left to spot the last keyhole.

Outfit #6 (Full Wardrobe Achievement / Trophy): To get the last outfit, you’ll need to return to the first glowing soul statues and shout at it again. Doing so will turn it back into stone. The first statue is the one on the bridge above the entrance, closest to the crying child statue. After shouting, return to the statue’s previous location to find your outfit.

White Shade #4: After turning into a shade, move toward the central building, but don’t go inside yet. Shove through the crowd of shades on the left — its tricky, but there is a tiny space you can squeeze through on the left. Once you get by them, keep moving to find a room with the final white shade.

Chapter 5 Achievements / Trophies

To Let Go

Unlocked when you complete Chapter 5.

Sweet Memory

This achievement / trophy will only unlock if you’re found all four White Shades and then complete Chapter 5.

That’s all the achievements / trophies you can unlock in order. Enjoy your platinum trophy or bask in that 100% achievement score.

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