Hunt down all the collectibles in Chapter 3 of RiME with the penultimate part of the locations guide, covering all the emblems, lullaby shells, toys, outfits, White Shades, and keyholes.

There are collectibles hidden in the darkness, and the first set of optional items you can grab are found in the underwater tunnels that kick off the third chapter. Eventually, you’ll need to construct a walking sentinel to help you progress, and you’ll be able to use it’s light amplifying powers to access a room you couldn’t reach before. The hardest collectible in the game is in this chapter, and getting it requires entering a very specific set of doors in the starting room.

Learn all about all the collectibles and their locations with the text guide and gallery below.

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There are 44 collectibles in total in RiME. Here, you’ll find locations for Lullaby Shells, Strange Statues, Outfit unlocks, White Shades, Keyholes, Toys, and Emblems.

Emblem #11: The starting room can be pretty confusing — the doors all lead to an identical room, that then lead into a secret, hidden room. Beware — if you go through three doors, you’ll progress. Go through the bottom-center door with the tree, then enter the bottom-center door opposite the tree, then run directly across and climb to the top level using the stairs. Enter the top-right door to find this tricky emblem.

Keyhole #4: In the fountain hallway, run down the hall and turn around to progress. Don’t turn around again! Run all the way to the wall. The keyhole is in the corner, on the left.

Emblem #12: In the statue chamber, dive into the water and swim through the tunnel. Emerge from the water, and you’ll enter another cave leading to another, larger underwater tunnel. Follow the water bubbles until they turn left — instead of turning left, look in the back-right corner for a crack. Swim inside to find this emblem.

Lullaby Shell #5: After driving off the shades with light for the first time, you’ll have to dive into another underwater tunnel. You’ll reach a massive room with a huge submerged tower — immediately as you enter, dive down toward a crack in the tower and swim inside. On the left, there’s an air bubble with ledges that lead up to the shell collectible.

Strange Statue #3: Once you emerge in the strange room surrounded by shades with a tree in the center, exit through the only door and enter the fountain chamber. Bump into the single statue to the left of the fountain.

Keyhole #5: From the strange statue, look left. There’s a keyhole collectible covered in soul pots. Break them to get this easy keyhole.

Strange Statue #4: The penultimate strange statue is on the watery path that leads out of the underground cavern where you’ll first encounter shades that chase the boy. On the way out, when you finally hit sunlight, look left at the end of the path, near the waterfall steps.

Keyhole #6: Exit the shadowy cave to reach a brighter area with lots of running water. To the right of the large walker mural, look for white chalk-marked ledges you can climb to get onto the viaduct feeding the waterfalls below. Cross the duct to reach a keyhole.

Toy #7: Sentinel – This is found right after you use the keyhole device to transfer the robot core to the movable block. After that’s done, move right and shimmy onto the tiny ledge near a blue flame. Drop down to a lower ledge to discover a path right that leads over a sealed gold door.

Emblem #13: After bringing your sentinel buddy to life, you’ll exit the construction room and reach a short bridge. Jump onto the bridge, then jump down into the canal below. There’s an open doorway that leads into a room with an emblem collectible.

Strange Statue #5: The last statue can be collected after you’ve broken through the brambles. Drop down into the room ahead, then take the stairs on the left. Follow the path up to the last statue.

White Shade #3: Returning to the large puzzle room with the turning gold device in the center, you’ll need to use the walker to reach the third floor and jump onto the swiveling pillar. From the pillar, jump down toward the door you couldn’t reach anywhere else, then shout to open the door.

Emblem #14: After using the light orb on the pedestal in the swiveling pillar chamber, you’ll enter an outdoor garden. Dive into the water pool on the left and swim through the door to find a hidden collectible room.

Emblem #15: On the return trip to the dark shade cavern passage, you’ll need to use a light orb to vaporize the shades with help from your sentinel. When the shades are wiped out, enter the room on the raised walkway.

Outfit #5: In the underground catacomb puzzle, you’ll need to climb a long shaft to reach a movable block. After getting the block, simply return to the shaft and climb up a second time — you’ll find an outfit collectible instead.

Lullaby Shell #6: The last lullaby shell is in the room where you’ll revive all the sentinels at once. When you do, go and activate the emblem (with the block) so the center pillar moves right. Stand on top, then jump to an optional ledge that leads to a passage with this very secret collectible.

That’s everything in Chapter 3. Check the links above the article proper for even more RiME guides.

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