Enhance Your Arsenal With These Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Weapon Locations

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The Ringed City adds 18 new weapons to Dark Souls 3, and we’ve got all the locations listed for your easy perusal.

You’ll also find 3 exclusive shields, but the weapons are what we want the most. Most weapons are found in the environment, with the most rare available only if you complete very specific quests, or navigate the strange environments to uncover NPC invaders.

Naturally, there are new boss weapons you can acquire through Soul Transposition. Whatever the case, the location is described below. We’ve also included a gallery showing off the look and lore of the weapons we’ve found so far.

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The Ringed City – All Weapons Locations Guide

Get all the new weapons with the locations listed below. Weapons aren’t the only new items getting some love, we’ll also include all the shield locations too — anything you can equip and use in combat goes here.

Below, the weapons are listed in the (general) order of location, from start (Dreg Heap) to finish (The Ringed City).

Weapon Locations:

Splitleaf Greatsword

  • Location: Talk to the shell-backed hag right next to the Dreg Heap Bonfire to access her shop. This sword can be purchased for 11,000 souls.

Aquamarine Dagger

  • Location: Dreg Heap Bonfire – From the first bonfire, drop down and cross the bridge. Fight past the undead summoners and crawlers, then go up the stairs on the left. The Dagger is in the area above, where you’ll encounter a fat hollow.

Lothric War Banner

  • Location: Dreg Heap Bonfire – Use the crumbling ledge to fall though the glass window and enter the chapel with the pair of praying Harald Knights, just past the first butterfly pilgrim. Run past them and across the fallen tower, then across the ledges. There’s a single summoner here — drop down behind the summoner. It’s a very long drop. Land in the ash, and continue though the halls to reach a red message. Right next to the red message, you’ll find the banner on a corpse.

Murky Hand Scythe

  • Location: Dreg Heap Bonfire – Step onto the crumbling ledge to drop through the glass window. To the left of the exit door, use the debris to walk over the bookshelf “wall” and drop onto a path with this weapon.

Murky Longstaff

  • Location: Dreg Heap Bonfire – After avoiding the first appearance of the butterfly pilgrim, enter the chapel guarded by two Harald Knights. Defeat them, and enter the fountain square. Go right and up the hill and enter the interior guarded by summoners and crawling corpses. Clear the area to find the longstaff on a corpse inside.

Harald Curved Greatsword

  • Location: Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire – Go to the poison bog and run to the area with roots swiveling around a windmill. Follow the poison-filled cavern path to a hollow with a fat creature. There’s a corpse with this weapon here.

Ledo’s Great Hammer

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Drop down into the swamp and go left to find a ladder near three idle shell-hags. Climb the ladder up and stick to the right path, dropping down. If you’re in the right area, Silver Knight Ledo will invade. Defeat him to collect the hammer.

Preacher’s Right Arm

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Find the corpse hanging off the sunken structure straight ahead from the large stairs that lead down into the bog. Move past Judicator Argo (the giant) and search the area where hidden White Priests spawn.

Ringed Knight Spear

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Take the massive stairs (beneath the bonfire room) down from Shira’s chapel, and take a right before actually reaching the bog. Look on the corpse guarded by a Ringed Knight.

Ringed Knight Straight Sword

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Stick to the left side of the swamps to reach a hill with a peaceful White Priest locust standing near a statue. The corpse on the statue is holding this weapon.

Sacred Chime of Filianore

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Backtrack up the massive stairs from the swamp to reach a locked door. Talk to Shire to accept her quest to defeat Midir, and she’ll give you this item.

White Birch Bow

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Found in the far back-left corner of the bog. Defeat the praying enemies to find the bow.

Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

  • Location: Shared Grave Bonfire – Defeat the Ringed Knight wielding two swords at once, located directly outside the entrance to the Church of Filianore, near the Spears of the Church altar.

Crucifix of the Mad King

  • Location: Filianore’s Rest Bonfire – In the ashen wasteland where you encounter Slave Knight Gael, find the lower optional arena and battle Shira. Defeat her to acquire this strange staff.
    • Note: May require talking to Shira first. Start her quest at the top of the stairs, backtracking from the Ringed City Streets bonfire. Interact with the chapel door before fighting the dragon Midir.

Demon’s Scar

  • Location: Crafted from the [Soul of the Demon Prince]. Requires Soul Transposition.

Gael’s Greatsword

  • Location: Crafted from the [Soul of Slave Knight Gael]. Requires Soul Transposition.

Repeating Crossbow

  • Location: Crafted from the [Soul of Slave Knight Gael]. Requires Soul Transposition.

Frayed Blade

  • Location: Crafted from the [Soul of Darkeater Midir]. Requires Soul Transposition.

Shield Locations:

Giant Door Shield

  • Location: Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire – Sprint to the old wooden structure to the right of the first butterfly pilgrim. From the building, find the cliff path on the left that leads to a corpse.

Dragonhead Greatshield

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – After unlocking the shortcut door, go to the first bridge where the dragon first appears and attacks. Take the lower path to find the shield under the bridge.

Dragonhead Shield

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Found in the secret room after completing the “Show your Humanity” puzzle is complete. The inscription is found to the right, just through the shortcut door from the bonfire.
    • To solve the puzzle, use the Chameleon Spell or Young White Branches while standing in the swamp to transform into a Humanity spirit. Interact with the door to complete the puzzle.

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