First Trailer for Paddington in Peru Reveals the Best Movie Series Ever Is Back

There are, possibly, people who have still not watched the wonders that are Paddington and Paddington 2 (despite the fervent recommendation of Nic Cage) and are thus not as excited as they should be for the first trailer for Paddington in Peru, which just dropped today.

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For those who have not seen the first two Paddington films, this trailer may just look like another kid’s movie you can skip over. After all, this movie takes a talking bear on an adventure through the Amazon with his friendly family and a host of wacky characters. It couldn’t possibly look more cliche. But that was what the trailers for the first two films looked like, too, and what we got out of them were two of the most heartfelt, wonderfully directed, soul-comforting films ever made. While the third does look a bit more action-driven and moves us out of the cozy London home where Paddington lives, it also adds Olivia Colman, and that makes any movie better.

Returning for the movie are Hugh Bonneville and Emily Mortimer, and they’re joined now by Colman and Antonio Banderas. Ben Whishaw is back as the now iconic voice of Paddington, while Imelda Staunton returns as his Aunt Lucy, who appears to have gone missing in Peru.

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Bot returning is director Paul King, who directed the first two films along with writing them and should receive much of the credit in elevating them into the wonderful movies they are. While King did return to co-write Paddington in Peru, it is Dougal Wilson who has been tapped to guide the marmalade-loving bear in this third outing. Hopefully, he can capture the same magic that King did.

Paddington in Peru will be released in theaters on November 8, 2024, in the UK and on January 17, 2025, in the US.

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