Escape to the Movies: A Christmas Carol

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Wow, this is probably the first time Your review and Ebert's review don't match. Check his site, he gave the movie 4 stars. Now I'm really torn over seeing this or not. Maybe I better wait to hear from other people about it before I decide.

Whoah, whoah, hold on a second there Bob. Patrick Stewart? Patrick Stewart played Scrooge? Where can I see that?

Whoah, whoah, hold on a second there Bob. Patrick Stewart? Patrick Stewart played Scrooge? Where can I see that?

It was a made-for-TV movie released in 1999, made by TNT Pictures. This is all I can find of it, other than the info you're looking for.


I never wanted to go see this movie... Thanks for reaffirming my opinions on it!

Dammit, I really wanted you to review The Box.

Ugh. 3d effects... The technology just isn't there yet, and the cinematography suffers because nobody tries...

As for this...?

I'm dissapointed how bad Robert Zemeckis's films have gotten. Especially since he started this whole 3d thing.

Granted, if he keeps it up, he may learn what the main flaws are...
But in the meantime, he keeps making weird messes up stuff...
Like this, and, uh Beowulf.

Meanwhile, this is the same director responsible for Forrest Gump, and Back To the Future.

How easily things can go bad.

Well Moviebob hates it, so it must be good. I would say I'll go and see it, but I'm not interested.

Well Moviebob hates it, so it must be good.

Not funny.

But then again, he watches movies all the times, so he doesn't have the same mindset of the average movie-goer.

Muppets will always be the best Xmas classic.
Oh and Scrooged is pretty funny, in a crap kinda way xD

but yeah, this film was doomed to fail, its a story you can't really change much...and everyone knows it by now.

The issue with Robert Zemeckis is that he seems to want all of his 3-D movies to be roller coaster theme park rides (though I admit to enjoying Beowulf, but that was written by Neil Gaiman and pulled a rather interesting twist in the latter half I enjoyed while everyone else hated it). Polar Express is a movie my niece asks for every Christmas, but God damn if it isn't boring as Hell. It's just a bunch of kids that have another roller coaster every ten minutes, as if the fact that it's in hyper-realistic-uncanny-valley-3D will somehow give you butterflies in your stomach.

One glance at the trailer for Scrooge and hearing Robert Zemeckis made me nod my head and say "yeah, that's going to be the same exact thing". It sounds like it as well.

It's sort of like George Lucas, where you go to check out the guy's original "masterpieces" that were so much better, but you can also see the seeds of what would go wrong. In fact, special effects are pretty much the killing point in any of these directors, as the limited technology kept them from being as large a bunch of special effects whores as they truly wished to be.

Still, Robert Zemeckis just doesn't carry the same weight he used to...though I still say Beowulf was a pretty good film.

Well I heard Christmas carol thought oh that's a good story been done more than the plot of Romeo and Juliet has been used but still good. However once I found out there were no Muppets involved I could not see it for that was the best version ever made. Sure it's not serious but to hate the Muppets is to hate life itself.

But now I wonder does bob love the Muppet version I actually expected more mention of it doing the kids version of the movie spot on.

I think a lot of this could have been avoided by simply deciding on what type of people You'd want to see the movie. As it is, it feels torn between sucking up to both my old litterature teachers and the instant gratification consumers.

As I've said for the past decade or so, it's the most horrible time of the year.

Time for more overdone holiday movie cliches.

The effects look really cool and might have worked if it was a different story. Personally, I didn't even like the story the first time I read about it in a book, so I'm certainly not going to see this one.

Ironically, the Muppet version was more faithful than most adaptations I can think of, and it was still pretty damn good. In fact, I think it's my favorite version.

Not really surprised by this, there have only been two great Christmas films ever made (The Nightmare Before Christmas and Gremlins), everything else fitting in between passable and dire.

I'll raise you a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

That was kind of a downer

You forgot to add that the Muppets also did it. xD

But seriously.
I was not interested in this to begin with, in fact when I saw that Bob was reviewing this, I thought to myself "Wait? A Christmas Carol?... Seriously?"

Now that I've had some form of a confirmation that it's just more of the same with pointless gimmicks tacked on (Although I don't take everything MovieBob says into account, because... Personal opinion still counts for something) I think I'm even less bothered about it, so a movie I didn't even know about or have any real prior interest in has now managed to skulk further away from my "potential entertainment" radar.

Well done, Disney.

thats some angry movie bob

I've seen and performed in numerous Christmas Carols and my favorite has to be Mickey's Christmas Carol starring Uncle Scrooge Mcduck, even though they got the purpose of the ending wrong, IMO. In the Disney version Scrooge gets "scared straight" by evil Christmas Future saying he's going to go to hell. I think what Dickens was going for is that the idea of dying ALONE and unloved is what drove him over the edge to change his ways, in addition to the things the other spirits made him realize about how he used to be and how his actions affect other people.

But still my favorite! How do you not tear up when you see Mickey walking away from Tiny Tim's grave?

I saw the movie for my girlfriends request and i liked it a lot. Graphics and desing are awesome also the face caption and the acting are very good i didnt know you could get that realistic with animation. I havent seen the previous movies that might be why i liked this one but i think being animated like this gave the movie a chance to show the effects that the story wanted to show us. I agree with the part that it really isnt a kiddies movie specially because sometimes it actually get kainda scary and freaky. If watch it and think the overused the 3D efects i agree with you but they really look good. I liked this movie a lot.

But... I liked Tom Bombadil! Exactly why wasn't he included in those movies?

But anyway. I think I'll enjoy watching this movie in any case. I like the way acting and animation is merged together. JIm Carrey is also one of my favorite comedians since childhood. Two great things in one, I'd say!

But we'll of course see.

What if I say I still want to see it regardless, simply because I want to?

Has there ever been a 3-D movie that hasn't resorted to this sort of cheap virtual roller coaster tactic to justify the glasses?

Good review as always Bob.

Wow, I'm glad that so many of us who've never gone to see the movie agree that it sucks based entirely on the opinion of one individual whose job it is to entertain with sharp criticism on a comedy show! Phew, for a second, there, I was afraid I'd have to go see this movie and form my own opinion, but thankfully we all can now go on about our daily lives of being told what to think instead of being forced to form our own opinions based on our own perceptions!

So, what part of the movie that you guys didn't see do you think sucks the most? I think I have to say it's got to be the 80+ minutes of film footage that aren't included in any of the trailers. I can just magically divine from the way that Scrooge runs in action-packed scenes in the trailer that the rest must logically be terrible. Man, especially those parts with Tiny Tim dying that I didn't see, and the emotional moments where Scrooge is forced to relive the loss of his love that I didn't see, and those parts where Scrooge is forced to see how others will react to his death that I didn't see. Man, those SUCKED, am I right, fellow people who didn't see this movie?

I especially hated that part with how Scrooge's comments about how the poor and homeless children should be sent to the jails and workhouses bite back when it is artfully and powerfully shown how poverty results in people ending up in jails and workhouses because they are forced to be delinquents in order to survive. I'm SO glad I didn't have to see that exceptionally well-delivered message!

Oh, you know what else I hated about this movie I didn't see? I hated all the beautiful fly-throughs of exquisitely-rendered Victorian London that allow you to appreciate the architecture and the stark contrast between the rich and the poor through artistic contrasts in architecture and lavishly detailed lifestyles. Ha-ha, it's sure a good thing I didn't have to go to the movie to see if it was going to suck or not, thus saving myself a paltry ten dollars that I could instead spend on a couple bags of Doritos to assist in the expansion of my waistline!

Hey, another thing that really blows about this movie I know nothing about is the way they talk all funny. I mean, it's like they're talking right out of the book, or something! Seriously, who talks that way? It should be all, "yo, yo, yo, Scrooge! Why you hatin' on Christmas, dog?" and then they can be all like, "I be hatin' 'cause I be an old geezer, son! You gots to show me da true meanin' of Christmas!" "You gonna totally be haunted, dawg!" "Awwww, daaamn!" That's totally how it should be! Man, wouldn't that rock?

And, I totally know what you guys mean about an American being unable to have an artistic interpretation of a British novel. I mean, it's like, white people totally can't dance, right? And black people totally can't do white things, right? And Chinese people totally can't do American things, right? It's so totally like that! The fact that one's education has a far greater impact on how one develops their opinions, and, thus, their interpretations as compared to geographical location of birth doesn't matter at all! Besides, it's not like a modern British person doesn't have far more understanding of a British novel written a hundred and fifty years ago than an American whose life is equally as far-removed from the novel's setting! I mean, it's like Victorian stuff is in the blood, you know what I mean? Those British people, since their great-great grandparents maybe lived in the Victorian era, totally somehow pass on a deeper understanding of Victorian novels to their children through their genes, right? That's been scientifically proven... right? I mean, it's not like the Western World is practically unified in its European-American culture or anything, right?

You know what movie I DO want to see? I totally want to see that Avatar movie. Oh, as a stupid American who can't form his own opinion, I do so love to be reminded of how the evil White Man took over the perfect Native Americans, taking their land and forcing them to live on reservations, while we eeeevil White Folk only know how to completely suck the life out of a planet and don't have the faintest sense of economic appreciation, unlike those Native Americans who are totally perfect. It's not like they're human, and thus prone to the same failings, or anything. It's not like American conquest was inevitable, right? It's not like the Native Americans were forced to be so careful with their environment based solely on how their lifestyles wouldn't have allowed them to survive had they become more wasteful. It's totally because, as a race, they are superior to White people. Especially Americans, even though the British, Spanish, and French also had a large hand in driving them back with their colonies. Yeah, I can't wait to have those points again shoved down my throat in yet another guilt-trip good-native evil-conqueror piece. That's totally never been done before, right?

Now, excuse me while I go snort Yahtzee's semen up my nose to replace my lack of brains that I could form my own opinion with.

olo rock on soul brothas!

P.S. Oh! And I was thinking of starting up a club for all the people who agree that the motion capture medium sucks. That way, we can all sit around and agree with one another not to continue to follow its ongoing improvements and refinements while laughing at everyone else who's having a good time at the movies! Won't that be totally fun?

That was a great review. I like the reference to NPR and morning zoo hahah

didnt think the movie was that bad, i enjoyed it. Pretty darn creepy...tbh i wasnt expecting much, still dont see why you cant enjoy it, it was fun to watch.

I love how Bob breaks it down. Keep rocking the wicked reviews MB.

I didn't mind it too much myself. I agree that some of the action sequences didn't serve the plot and where probably only thrown in for the sake of making use of the 3D. I didn't have any problem making out the story apart from one scene at the end of the Christmas present portion of the story. Overall it did stay faithful to the story. The CG character acting was pretty good. Jim Carrey was decent.

I saw Christmas Carol because nothing else besides New Moon was in theaters and I must admit, I really disliked it. I personally find Christmas music awkward when it's used in action sequences and I thought all of the action sequences were stupid. Stupid scenes with awkward music left me squirming in my seat with my friends. I thought it was just really creepy personally.

Also I'm not really a Jim Carrey fan, which was a big problem here. I don't like it when he does those high and low voices.

Youy ain't kiddin. Who screws up a christmas carol anyway? I say stick to the disney version. Scrooge Mcduck is better.

I tend to agree with Moviebob, but this time I believe he is completely and utterly wrong, on every single point. The action sequences helped communicate WHY Scrooge should be so scared. They made him uncomfortable. They weren't there to "wow the audience," they were there to give a reason for his terrified reactions. And for once, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was more than a sheet that pointed at a grave stone. It communicated powerfully, and then it proceeded to work him into a frenzy by asserting that it was there to punish him, to take him away. It was communicated as a grim reaper sort of character, and I loved every second of it. As for the issue of the supposedly confusing language, maybe it's just because I started reading at the age of 5 and haven't spent a day without a book since then, but I loved the dialog. I loved the fact that they were actually using the English language, rather than the utterly simplified and destroyed vernacular that is so common within the United States. Yes, maybe the "kids today" won't get it, but screw that. I don't actually care about the "kids today." Being one of them, I can tell you whole-heartedly that we suck, and catering to our sarcastic, pimpled selves is the quickest way to disappoint yourself.

I disagree that "Sabbatarianism" is an irrelevancy in today's society. There are still plenty of "blue laws" on the books across the nation preventing certain places from opening on Sunday or preventing certain items (usually alcohol) from being sold on Sunday. It's a government sanctioning of the Christian religion's view as Sunday being the Sabbath that, IMO, is an unconstitutional violation of the 1st Amendment.

And it goes beyond blue laws and government endorsement of a particular religion. Many places ARE still closed on Sunday but not on Saturdays. Take a law office for ONE example. If you have to work all day Monday through Saturday and are off only on Sunday when most law offices are closed, how can you go in to meet with your lawyer? A successful person may be able to take time off one day during the week or on Saturday, but what about the guy who gets paid by the hour and NEEDS to work those hours to pay his bills?

Granted, that is something many people don't give much consideration to these days because the detrimental effects are usually mitigated by the cell phones and the internet, but it certainly isn't an issue that "died" a century ago.

I feel for you Movie Bob having to sit through this.. I knew this movie was doomed to fail the moment i heard word of it.. Hence why i didnt go see it.. You know actually i dont think i have ever seen a movie in 3d at least in the theatres.. I have seen stuff at theme parks and such but never just ordinary daily movie going.. I guess i never fell for that stupid trap.. Or maybe i was stupid to not try it..

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