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Steam Autumn Sale Guide: All the Best Deals on Games You Need

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Brace yourselves! The Steam Autumn Sale is upon us, currently running through Dec. 3, packed to the gills with all manner of delightful games! Which ones should you buy? Our reviews and retrospectives are here to help, but for the TL;DR, check out below!

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Too Good to Pass Up

Resident Evil 2 ($19.99 – 60% off) – The Resident Evil 2 remake demands little introduction. Considered by many to be one of the best games of this generation, let alone of this year, the budget bin pricing makes this a steal. It’s time to finally crack the case on the zombies plaguing Racoon City’s Police Department. For a little more, you can even snag the Deluxe Edition with numerous bonus pieces of content, including costumes and special weapons. Either way, good luck making friends with Mr. X!

Devil May Cry V + 100,000 Red Orbs ($19.79 – 67% off) – Dante’s back! Nero too! Capcom’s been reaping success all over the place, but they’re feeling generous enough to discount Devil May Cry V just as cheap as Resident Evil 2. You can experience the Devil May Cry series’s revival with all post-launch updates for a fraction of the cost. Plus, on PC, there’s even a WIP campaign co-op mod!

Tomb Raider (1996) ($0.97 – 87% off) – In 2015, this 19-year-old game was one of the best games I played all year. The puzzles are clever. The traps are deadly (but noticeable if you’re paying attention). The atmosphere is tense. The plot is bonkers in the best way possible. The graphics… do the best they can for 1996, but it’s actually quite amazing how well such an early entry in the 3D platforming action genre holds up due to solid design. It is no doubt the best Tomb Raider game I’ve played.

Dark Souls: Remastered ($3.99 – 90% off if you own the original) – If you own Dark Souls but haven’t upgraded to the remastered version, now is the time (assuming you don’t already have DSFix installed) with the Steam Autumn Sale. For everyone else, it’s $23.99 (40% off).


Mortal Kombat 11 ($29.99 – 50% off)Mortal Kombat 11 is the definitive NetherRealm fighting game experience. It’s a game so large it contains a whole Metroidvania experience as a way to unlock bonus content. Featuring easily the best told story in the series, multiple offline and online modes of play, gameplay polished to a mirror sheen, and one of the biggest rosters since Armageddon, it’s an astonishing achievement. If you like your action one-on-one, Mortal Kombat 11 is the way to go.

ECHO ($12.49 – 50% off)ECHO promises a game that learns from you, and it actually delivers. Every encounter is defined by your actions. Use a gun, and your enemies can. Eat fruit or play an instrument? They’ll do that too. In this game of monkey see, monkey do, you sneak your way through an ancient ark in hopes of restoring a loved one. Every aspect is excellently crafted with the polish of AAA production values in a tight, indie-sized package. A memorable experience from beginning to end.

Vanquish ($4.99 – 75% off)Vanquish is famous for its absurd story, relentless action, and effortlessly smooth shooting. Where games like Gears of War and Halo would have you taking a slower approach, Vanquish rewards you for blitzing through fast as you can. The port runs spectacularly, looks amazing, and will have you rocket-sliding into every encounter. If you’re in the mood for relentless action there’s few that can beat Vanquish.

Kill to Collect ($2.49 – 75% off)Kill to Collect distills every ’80s cyberpunk brawl down to its pure essence. You and up to four friends can duke it out against the mutants, cyborgs, and gangsters of Geoshelter Alpha, the last city on earth. Rather than a twin-stick shooter, Kill to Collect is a relentless rogue-like brawler, throwing dozens of unique enemy types and gadgets at you as it pushes you to the limit. With randomly generated dungeons, local and online co-op, and a vibrant aesthetic, it’s a cyberpunk Golden Axe for the ages.


Necro Mutex ($4.49 – 70% off)Doom VFR wasn’t DOOM enough for you? Can’t stand the wait for Doom Eternal? Then Necro Mutex is the game for you! Whether playing it as a standard shooter or in VR, you can unleash hell against an onslaught of demented enemies. Bullets spray across the screen as you plunge through over thousands of levels ranging from power fantasies to nail-biting fights for survival.

Spirits of Xanadu ($1.24 – 75% off) – Imagine if Stanley Kubrick decided to make an indie game of how he envisioned his time playing System Shock. That is Spirits of Xanadu. It’s a brief first-person immersive sim that achieves an immense amount of memorable moments in just two hours. If you yearn for classic sci-fi, multiple endings, mercurial secrets, and an ominous mystery, then Spirits of Xanadu is your dream game.

Wolfenstein: The Two Pack ($8.99 – 70% off)Wolfenstein’s resurrection caught many be surprise, and now you can finally experience what started the next generation of Nazi-killing FPSs. With The New Order and Old Blood, this Wolfenstein pair is a match made in shooter heaven. Whether you like it old school or new, there are hundreds of Nazis needing to be slayed, blasted, and shot to hell any way you’d like. The PC ports do benefit from a little tinkering to maximize performance, but nothing beats that price point.

Hunt: Showdown ($23.99 – 40% off) – Our esteemed Senior Editor Nick and Professional Media Dissector Jack have been having a ball with Hunt: Showdown on stream, and now you can too. Crytek’s burgeoning competitive-and-cooperative FPS survival title is something else, pitting you and a friend in a fight for your lives as you hunt the most dangerous game, both human and inhuman alike. Die, and lose all your progress with a given character. Live, and the riches of the hunt are yours.


Gears 5 ($29.99 – 50% off)Gears 5 isn’t just another cog in the machine. Offering some of the most refined gameplay in the entire Gears series, it received a proper port to Steam with all the bells and whistles. Fans of multiplayer have four unique modes (Campaign, Versus, Horde, and Escape – plus a level editor for Escape Mode), and with local and online support for co-op to boot, it’s massive value. Everyone can find something to love here, thanks to deeper storytelling, an aggressively revamped pace to combat, and precision control inputs. With free content updates rolling out, there’s never been a better time to give Gears a try.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep ($20.99 – 40% off)Destiny 2 has leapt across digital storefronts to Steam, and already is offering a significant discount to fans new and old. With Forsaken and its seasonal pass also down to $14.99 USD, you can have the entire current Destiny 2 collection for less the game at launch, with hours of upon hours of loot and heroism for you and two friends to enjoy. It’s time to become Legend!

Moon Hunters ($2.99 – 80% off)Moon Hunters gives you five days to figure out where the moon goddess went so you can have the strength to fight the sun cult who threaten to wipe you out. Each day, you fight through one area, collecting money to buy upgrades, helping people and creatures in need, and deciding what to do each night at camp. Your decisions in those five days builds what will become the legend of your character, whether you win or lose. Abilities and progression transfers over to your future playthroughs, and there’s always new events and decisions to make during those five days. It’s a spectacular couch co-op experience.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Zombie Chronicles Edition ($29.99 – 50% off)Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a rarity in the Call of Duty series in that it has the most cooperative content out of the entire line-up. You’ve got a Ghost in the Shell-style conspiracy at the heart of its 4-player cooperative campaign, as well as a Nightmares remix of those campaign levels with a new story and enemy types. After that, to slay some undead hordes, you’ve got your choice of traditional zombies (including free Steam Workshop maps, ranging everywhere from Star Wars to remakes of classic maps) and the top-down Dead Ops Arcade. Competitive multiplayer even supports bots, and there’s local split-screen for two in campaign, zombies, and multiplayer. Throw in a slew of official classic map remakes with the Zombie Chronicles edition, and you’re in for a mountain of cooperative content.

Spoopy Horror

DOOM 3: BFG Edition ($5.99 – 70% off) – While the debate carries on over whether Doom 3 or its expansion Resurrection of Evil was the superior game, you can decide for yourself at an incredible price. That’s on top of also receiving the first two Doom games and the bonus The Lost Mission campaign to round out the experience. If you’re in the mood for some quality mid-2000’s horror-FPS spooping, BFG Edition’s got you covered.

Daymare: 1998 ($20.99 – 30% off) – Speaking of Resident Evil 2 remakes, before Capcom’s official remake, there was a much anticipated fan remake. After an amicable shift to an original IP, the team at Invader studios has harnessed all their experience to create Daymare 1998. Fight to survive as three different protagonists caught up in the zombie horror. If you’ve already picked up the official remake but just can’t wait for Capcom to resurrect Resident Evil 3, Daymare is a perfect alternative made by some of Resident Evil’s biggest fans. Plus, there’s a free demo.

Zombie Army Trilogy ($8.99 – 80% off)Zombie Army Trilogy is one of those games that works so well despite such a goofy premise. Sure, it’s a zombie game in the Sniper Elite universe – a world all about stealth and precise headshots – and yet, it all clicks. The arcadey sensibilities, the wave defense sections that make your various gadgets useful, and so many over the top boss fights. Survival mode adds further replayability in case you ever tire of the three campaigns. With the next entry on the horizon, now’s the time to hone your aim for the battle to come.

The Evil Within Collection ($9.99 – 60% off) and The Evil Within 2 ($14.99 – 75% off)The Evil Within had a rough start this generation, but both the first game and its sequel have wormed their way inside the cold, dead hearts of horror fans. Each is a distinct blend, with the first game’s mind-bending campaign and experimental DLC packs contrasting with the sequel’s open-world and strikingly surreal visuals. Better yet, they’re best on PC – especially with mouse aiming – and will push even veteran horror fans to the limit. Definitely worth a look, and if you’re not sure, each game has a free demo granting access to the first three hours.


Frostpunk ($13.49 – 55% off)Frostpunk is a management sim that grabs you and refuses to let go. How will your society survive the post-apocalyptic winter? What will you do? You’ll be faced with as many moral dilemmas as you will city planning decisions in Frostpunk’s refreshing blend of survival mechanics and city management. With several scenarios and freeplay, it’s a great way to stay out of the cold while your digital citizens freeze solid.

Troubleshooter ($11.99 – 40% off) – An XCOM-style turn-based strategy RPG with gorgeous anime visuals and a Jazzy soundscape evocative of Persona 5 and Cowboy Bebop? While I’m hesitant to recommend most titles in Early Access, player looking for something truly different from the norm will be delighted. The title’s grown a strong fanbase, and with regular support, Troubleshooter might just be the unconventional blend to refresh your taste buds.

Tooth and Tail ($6.59 – 67% off) – What if Watership Down and Age of Empires had a baby? That’s what Tooth and Tail asks, presenting a story-heavy, accessible RTS game packed to the gills with charm and brutal animal warfare. With four campaigns and a healthy helping of multiplayer skirmishes, you’ll lead the charge to victory against an onslaught of foes. Decimate your enemies! It’s survival of the fittest at its best.

Endless Legend ($7.49 – 75% off) – Wouldn’t it be great if Civilization were a fantasy game? That’s what Endless Legend proposed years ago, and it’s still going strong. With expansions rolling out regularly, you can negotiate, research, sell, or conquer your way to success with factions so diverse I couldn’t list them all here if I tried. Want to be a collective of grim reapers? That’s an option. Technoviking dwarves? That too! Wrapping it all together with a bow is some of the best musical compositions and visuals in the genre. It truly feels like you could reach out and touch the world of Endless Legend, and as its name promises, you’ll spend boundless hours with it.

Puzzle / Adventure

Thief of Thieves: Season One ($4.99 – 75% off) – Telltale Games may seem like a distant memory, but their heir apparent is clearly Rival Games Ltd. Created in partnership with Skybound, Thief of Thieves is about a cat burglar ascending to the big leagues while protecting her kid. In addition to a branching narrative, more traditional adventure game puzzles and isometric stealth sections deepen the experience. Dialogue choices are made to matter, all while delivered wonderfully by a great cast of actors. It’s an evolution of the Telltale formula that’s absolutely worth playing, especially at such a low price.

Hypnospace Outlaw ($15.99 – 20% off) – The ’90s internet lives on in Hypnospace Outlaw. In an alternate-past, someone finds a way to craft an internet experience for those who sleep, and you’ve signed on to help moderate the game. If only there weren’t some worrying conspiracy lurking underneath it all. Equal parts slice of life simulator and churning mystery, Hypnospace has opened up to modders, with the latest update adding mod support. The past-future is today.

Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut Edition ($7.49 – 870% off) – Few games have had as much love put into them as Dreamfall Chapters. Whether it’s your first experience with the Dreamfall universe, or you’ve been following the story since The Longest Journey, Dreamfall Chapters can’t be missed. Not only does it boast story across two worlds – one fantastical, the other cyberpunk – rich in lore and with branching choices, but The Final Cut Edition is a free update that addresses any blemishes in the original release. If you’ve held off till now, it’s time to take the plunge into Red Thread Games’ epic finale to their famous series.

The Journey Down Trilogy ($12.69 – 74% off)The Journey Down is a love letter to Afro-Caribbean culture and LucasArts adventure games. If you miss the days of Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle, then you’re in luck! The Journey Down trilogy has taken years to come together, but finally, you can experience the entire point and click adventure in one go.


GRIS ($8.49 – 50% off) – Few games are as visually stunning as GRIS. As much a mood piece as it is a puzzle-platformer, one can’t help but agree with the words of Steam Curator Designer Plays – “GRIS is a hauntingly beautiful and deeply moving experience about overcoming darkness and trauma. An art and sound tour-de-force”. With its deeply personal yet remarkably relatable narrative, lushly flowing animation, and elegant gameplay, GRIS is a masterpiece worth experiencing.

The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game ($3.49 – 30% off) – Do you love detective games? How about absurdist, genuinely upbeat humor? Need a game that won’t swallow up months of time to see the end? Then The Haunted Island is for you. The IGF Nominee and Winner of “Most Fantastic” Fantastic Arcade award, the Frog Detective series is equal parts comedy and genuine mystery. It’s easily the humblest game on our list, yet incredibly memorable with its lo-fi charms and amusing writing. At such a low price, it’s the perfect impulse buy to play over the weekend.

Lost Wind ($1.99 – 80% off)Lost Winds has been on quite the journey since its original release as a WiiWare launch title. To say the game’s appearance on Steam was unexpected is an understatement, yet its unique blend of wind bending and platforming works amazingly on PC. With both it and its sequel on sale for less than a cup of coffee each, those looking for an adorable platforming Metroidvania-like are in for a holiday treat.

To the Moon ($3.39 – 66% off)To the Moon is one of two games that has made me cry. While the gameplay mostly consists of you walking around and talking to people, the story is imaginative, touching, and at times soul crushing. I cannot recommend this game enough for people who want a good story.


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen ($8.99 – 70% off) – I am literally buying this game for my friends so I’ll have more people to gush about it with. You can climb hydras, griffins, and other creatures to damage different parts of their bodies. You can throw goblins off a cliff instead of fighting them to win the fight. You can make your character a ripped Bea Arthur. You can side with different NPCs to see the narrative and affect characters in differing ways. It’s one of the most enjoyable RPGs I’ve ever played in terms of funtimes per second.

Divinity: Original Sin ($13.99 – 65% off) and Divinity: Original Sin 2 ($24.74 – 45% off) – While Original Sin 2 streamlines many of the mechanics and does a better job providing guidance on where to go, both are enjoyable RPGs that let you solve problems your way, no matter how ridiculous that way may be. If you can only get one, I recommend Original Sin 2, (You don’t need to play the first one to get into the story.) but both are worth a playthrough.

Disco Elysium ($31.99 – 20% off) – In case you couldn’t tell from our review, we really, really liked Disco Elysium, and now you can get it for half the cost of big budget titles. It’s one of the best games of the year, and immensely replayable. Your skill checks talk to you. Your partner is one of the most fully realized NPCs in the history of RPGs. Honestly, unless you’re allergic to reading lengthy text conversations, there’s no reason to not play Disco Elysium.

Vampyr ($16.99 – 66% off) – That said, if you’re a bit tight on cash and want something incredibly deep in several regards as well. You want consequences? You’ve got em! Thrilling combat against unholy monstrosities? Vampyr has creatures that are best pals with Cthulhu. The fate of London is in your hands, and with several quality of life improvements since launch, including multiple difficulty settings, there hasn’t been a better time to experience Dontnod’s latest masterpiece.

The Mixed Bag

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified ($3.99 – 80% off) – If you ask Elijah (or even if you don’t — he sometimes just starts ranting about it), The Bureau is one of the all-time greatest hidden gems. Add in all the bonus DLCs for less than a few dollars as well, and you get the entire experience for a steal. Find out what all the fuss was about!

Lost Planet 3 ($4.99 – 80% off) – During this winter, you might want a nice, slow-burn game, and Lost Planet 3 is a great choice. The PC port has the optional download for high resolution movies, boasts a liquid smooth framerate, and you can snag the bonus DLC that includes additional upgrades for your rig in the campaign. Plus, it’s cheap enough that if you wanted, you and a few friends could all grab copies and goof around in the multiplayer.

GreedFall ($39.99 – 20% off) – While Jesse was lukewarm on Spiders’ latest RPG, those still curious to hack and slash across a colonial fantasy world can dive in at GreedFall’s lowest price yet. Spiders’ RPGs are always divisive, yet their boldness to try new ideas has furnished them with a cult following. If you’d rather try some of their earlier works, they’re even cheaper.

Lust for Darkness ($2.99 – 80% off)Lust for Darkness has mixed reviews for very good reasons. It’s not always clear what you need to do. There’s a lot of missed opportunities that should be impossible to miss. The ending is bad. If the trailer, art style, and subject matter doesn’t intrigue you, you’re probably not going to like it. But if you’re okay with delving into the subject matter it very obviously has lots of and you want a creepy experience that’s more unnerving than scary, there’s an interesting story and some legitimate spooky moments.

Hidden Gems

Binary Domain ($2.99 – 80% off)Binary Domain remains one of the best Terminator games not officially licensed as a Terminator game. Brutal third-person combat pits you and your squad against hordes of destructible mechanical goliaths. There is a boss fight with a mecha chandelier, and another with a giant robot motorcycle you blast away at from the windows of an ice cream truck-sized van. While the voice command system leaves much to be desired, shutting it off gives you enough inputs to still build a strong unity with your team that has genuine payoff in the game’s finale.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West ($4.99 – 75% off) – While Hellblade rocketed Ninja Theory into the public eye, they have several astonishing games to their name. Enslaved is one of their least heard about yet most stunningly realized games, translating the classic story Journey to the West into a post-post-apocalyptic world overgrown with vines and wild robot animals. In many ways, it evokes the aesthetics of Horizon Zero Dawn, but with a brawler’s sensibilities. The PC version bundles in all the bonus content from the console versions, and is worth a look if you want a strong single player action-adventure that sticks with you long after playing.

Decay: The Mare ($0.99 – 80% off) – It’s strange recommending what is basically a point-and-click puzzle solver as a truly spooky horror game, but I must. Decay: The Mare has clever puzzles and a bone-chilling atmosphere. The simple interface makes it great for gamers of all skill levels, and the creepiness makes it an instantly recommended horror game that not enough people have played.

Omensight: Definitive Edition ($9.99 – 50% off)Omensight is the latest time-traveling action RPG by Spearhead Games. Where Stories: The Path of Destinies was a Groundhog Day comedy of errors, Omensight presents a mythological murder mystery only you can solve. Inhabit the bodies of the suspects, and relive their lives to find the clues to prevent the apocalypse. Such a compelling premise is bolstered by a stark cel-shaded art direction and delightful voice acting. Great for short play sessions, Omensight can’t be overlooked.


Kitfox Games Bundle ($15.69 – 69% off) – Maybe Moon Hunters grabbed your interest, but hey, why not the full Kitfox Games line-up? Every Kitfox game to date is bundled together for an insanely low price, ranging in themes from scavenging a shattered earth to managing a town of Cthulhu cultists. As quirky as they are relentlessly endearing, this bundle is worth your attention.

Supergiant Collection ($21.77 – 74% off)Bastion. Transistor. Pyre. Supergiant’s games are as famous for their soundtracks as they are for gripping stories. With this collection, you get the tunes and some of the best indie games to date, all lavishly animated in Supergiant’s distinctive minimalist visuals.

Half-Life Complete ($6.28 – 81% off) – While it goes without saying that Half-Life is a must-buy, the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx for VR has finally brought hope for a proper continuation of Valve’s storied series. Whether journeying through the original Black Mesa trilogy and the Half-Life 2 saga for the first time or on a return visit, there’s no reason not to pick up one of gaming’s most famous franchises for so cheap.

The Cozy Couch Co-Op Bundle ($16.91 – 78% off) Along with the previously recommended Moon Hunters, I can personally recommend three out of four other games in this bundle. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is as tense as it is fun, demanding communication and learning your partners’ verbal quirks to aid them as they struggle to explain things under pressure. Overcooked somehow takes the idea of multitasking and turns it into a viable game mechanic, and the 1-3 star rating system means you can take it more casually or strategize to get the highest score. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is just adorable. BattleBlock Theater is also in my personal library – though I have yet to play it – but I’ve heard good things.

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Guide written by Elijah Beahm and Jesse Galena.

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