Will Marko Zaror finally break big with U.S. audiences?

Marko Zaror, the Chilean kickboxer turned stuntman/actor who doubled for The Rock in The Rundown, has carved out a devoted fandom among hardcore action fans with jaw-dropping turns in Kiltro, Undisputed 3, Mandrill and Mirageman; but recognition in mainstream Hollywood has thus far eluded him, with a henchman role in Machete Kills being his biggest to date. But that trend might be turning around, as Dark Sky Films has announced plans to bring his latest feature Redeemer to U.S. theaters this Summer.

Directed by longtime collaborator Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, Redeemer casts Zaror as a former hitman who has found religion and sworn an oath to God to hunt down and destroy his former criminal associates. This is familiar territory for the taekwondo practitioner once-nicknamed “Latin Dragon,” whose Chilean films typically involved morally-upright do-gooders using martial-arts to fight local corruption.

The film currently has no specific date of release outside of Summer 2015. It already played some U.S. film festivals including Fantastic Fest, and generated buzz online with this extended fight scene clip earlier this year.

Source: The Wrap


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