The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny

Rugal didn't even need to think about Devon's offer before he accepted it.
"Certainly. You do seem to have a way with words. Just Remember, our goal is to get as many weapons off them as possible." He reminded Devon as he spotted Just the boat he'd need docked nearby.
"Mmmm...Wealthy Owner who is not around, Pretentious design. It's perfect. Come on." He motioned for the others as he went about stealing it.

Jenny meanwhile listened closely to Melethia's instructions and questions about the ship.
"Well...I'm pretty sure they use standard diesel engines, like the ones in cars, only MUCH bigger. It should be in the hull somewhere." She explained, pointing to the base of the ship in the bay.
"Still, I think the motors for the ship are also located near the rudder so we might be able to hit two birds with one stone in that respect."

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Devon nodded. "Okay, now what would one of your associates look like? I know it sounds crazy, but I'd like to makke this work right. So, what clothing? What shoes? What kind of watch? What hairstyle?" The light grilling for info as they all got on the boat showed that he was serious about getting this right, although it didn't seem to matter. Where would he get the outfit, for starters? It seemed a bit late to ask that, but then again, Teri could poof the stuff in if it was needed... But if that was the plan, why hadn't he called the cleric over?

Melethia chuckled impishly as she got on the boat. "Hmm, we can make them be dead in the water in one swift move if that's the case. All we'll ned to do is isolate the way those engines propel the ship and we'll be golden."

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Rugal thought about this for a moment as he lightly shoved the door to the underside of the boat with enough to break the lock.
"Huh...This is a really nice boat..." He mused as he made his way over to the maintenance hatch for the engine.
"Mmmm...Business suit is a start, but more something that I'd wear rather than something a CEO would. A notable feature like a scar or something like that. If you have facial hair, make sure it's well groomed and stylized. It's less about what you wear and how you wear it." He explained as he attempted to hotwire the boat.

"Opps! Sorry, I meant to say the Propellers are next to the rudder! sorry!" Jenny corrected herself when she realized she made a mistake.
"Well...Either way, They won't be able to escape."

Almost got spunked Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

Shawn punched the wheel as he saw the Assassin jumped onto the truck he just avoided. "Damn ..." He sneered. Looking to his side he saw Ton Ton, "Hold on tight, this is gonna be sudden and fast." Shawn said as he punched the accelerator and made a full U-turn, avoiding several pedestrians and cars, soon the road turned into a stadium full of honks and beeps.

It was unfortunate for most of the party since behind the duo in the car was a squad of Police Cars. "I'm guessing someone called the Police after my little fight." Shawn sighed as he placed the pedal to the metal and began to chase after the truck. Shortly, Shawn and Ton Ton were right behind the truck whilst having their own possie of cops behind them.

Not wanting to shoot the wrong person Shawn yelled over the loud wind, "David jump into the car! We got you!". Shawn said as the car pulled near him. Looking at Ton Ton Shawn wondered if he could help the situation. "You know how to drive?" Shawn asked him mostly worried.

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Devon thought it out and nodded. "Hmm, I think I understand... Let's get that look just right." After finishing his statement, Devon gained a few inches and was now wearing a suit that wouldn't be out of place at one of Rugal's more dubious transactions. The new facial appearance he was sporting helped this as well, and it was clear from how he was holding himself that he was a man of power.

"I've still got a bit more to finish the job, but I believe the appearance fits the image we're going for. I'm caught between going as-is or putting that second layer of deception on, though. Cadolbolg, would you aid me in this?" He idly adjusted the cuffs of his sleeves, trying to get the act down.

Devon casts Alter Self to change his appearance!

Seeing that Teri was panicking less, Sadei tentatively responded to her earlier statement. "Yeah, just keep it in reserve. We really don't want to encourage her way too much, you know."

Ella eyed him up and grinned. "I'll stick by the ship with a weapon of my own in case they get trigger happy." Grabbing one of the guns from earlier, she looked more like eye candy than someone than a person that knew how to use the weapon right. It would catch the Da Nang boys off guard, certainly.

Finally, Melethia nodded at the statement. "That works too. In any case, we're gonna have to get moving real quick here to do our part. Ready?"


Almost got spunked Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

"You know how to drive?"

Ton Ton would have blinked, if Tonberries could blink, and waved a small hand over himself, "If I were your size, that could easily be arranged. However, in case you have not noticed yet, sir, I am not nearly sized enough for piloting this vehicle, much less in a high speed chase! However... I am good at jumping! And I'm tiny! I bet I could hop into that car and get his ankles, and you wouldn't have to worry about shooting a friendly!"

With that, Ton Ton began to climb out the window, desperately clinging to the side mirror as he made his way to the front of the car, thinking to himself, "Why did I think this was a good idea?"

And as the little Tonberry made his leap of faith to grab the tailgate of the truck, a stream of "OHGODWHYDIDITHINKTHISWASAGOODIDEAIDON'TWANTTODIEOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD!"escaped the Tonberry's 'mouth' before he barely grabbed the edge of the truck, shaking like a leaf as he held onto the truck for dear life. After a moment to try to gulp, the Tonberry said to himself, "Just pretend this is like riding on Cadolbolg's back. Just pretend this is like riding on Cadolbolg's back. Mistress, please be grant me strength...."

With a shaky sob, the Tonberry began climbing up the truck to David and Deadshot's battle, desperately looking up instead of looking to the speedy ground below him.

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Teri and Garm, who were still a bit shaken up from the crazy car ride Ella had put them through. However, unlike the example Rugal created from screaming at the driver, Teri found herself much quieter and more on edge, sitting on a cushy couch as everyone got their plans under way, Garm doing his usual "giant wolf head in lap" routine to help calm himself and his Pup. As she pet the wolf to help ease her nerves, she answered back to her staff, "Agreed. It's bad enough she tried to take over my brain once. We don't need her doing it again."
And like before, all the Cleric and her staff buddy only heard an annoyed noise from the Shadow; which still seemed to be placated by the recent round of violence. Whether or not that was a good thing, was anyone's guess. As everyone else milled about and began their plans, the Cleric took out her cross necklace and began a small prayer in an attempt to calm her nerves, as well as act as a meditation of sorts. If any of her water magic would be needed here, being a nervous wreck would do no good.

As for Cadolbolg (who was also sending everything to his airborne parents), the turtle dragon baby seemed delighted at the idea of helping his friend in his plan. Landing on Devon's shoulder the dragon-turtle gave a happy grin, and asked, "I'm always up to helping out, Friend Devon! What do I need to do?"

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Rugal meanwhile smirked with satisfaction as he heard the hum of the engine kick in.
"And we are in business!...Huh...That was fast..." He mused when he saw the "New" Devon, taking a moment to make a few changes to his suit, mostly just fiddling with the buttons to make it seem more worn.
"There, that should do. Just follow my lead and you should be fine." He said before making his way up to the wheel.
"Setting off, everyone" Brace yourselves." He warned as undid the rope holding it to the dock and began to set out for the Da Nang Ship.
"Melethia, Jenny, if you are going to set those bombs, I'd do it now."

In a world of bad ideas and pain Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

Despite his wound, Deadshot was the one to climb up first with David as a close second, the 2 men struggling to stay upright on the moving truck as Shawn and the police tried to keep up.
The driver of the Semi panicked at the sight of the police and pushed his truck as fast as it could go.
Due to the close quarters, David and Deadshot opted for a fist fight as the speeding truck made shooting extremely hard, the pair of them exchanging blows with the Sniper getting the upper hand, seeing how he didn't have a bullet wound in his shoulder.

"Shit, Ton Ton." He cursed as he hit Deadshot with a large hook, knocking him down long enough for him reach his hand down.
"Come on! Take it!" He urged, not wanting to deal with Caim if he became roadkill.

Doesn't want to appear on COPS. Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

Looking in-front of the car and Ton Ton jumping onto the truck, Shawn swore out loud, "Jesus ... why would he do that shit!" Shawn sighed. The Police Cars were right behind him, Shawn now adjusted his objective to eliminate them. Seeing the brick in the passenger side, Shawn grabbed it whilst wondering why the hell someone has a brick in their car. Next thing Shawn did was place it on the accelerator.

"Good, good ..." He said slowly to himself as he got up out of his seat carefully, so he would not adjust the steering at all. Remembering his flash bangs from earlier, he pulled a couple out and chucked them behind the car, hopefully blinding the police. "Well, all I can do is pray that they don't crash." Shawn shrugged as he pulled out his pistol again and covered David whom was saving Ton Ton.

Shawn was only thinking that he could pull out one of his bigger weapons and kill Deadshot in one shot.
Then he could classify him as "Deadshot". Shortly after thinking that, he wanted to wipe his own mind due to the lame pun.

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Melethia grabbed Jenny. "Try to keep up!" Thanks to the equipment the two had on, they could breathe well enoough under the water. Of course, Mel had waterproofed the charges and taken them out of the bags, but they'd have to keep a close eye on them. It'd be a little bit before they got to the staging area, but the ruse up top should give them enough time to get the deed done.

Of course, this left the others on the ship as the "new" devon readied one last spell. "Follow your lead? Why do that when we're business partners?" Even though Rugal knew that was a flat-out lie, this was only because he directly knew he didn't know Rugal from before. Anyone else that didn't know Devon, however, would have been convinced by the conviction of his words.

To finish it off, Devon casts Glibness to ensure his upcoming ruse is entirely believable.

"SO, Bard, how do you intend to get us on board easily?" SLindis seened unamused, but at the same time intrigued by the man's actions.

"Ella will stay on board, but the others are business associates. Slindis and Teri, you're part of the bodyguards. Garm will have to be my rare Black WOlf from the Ukraine, and Cadolbolg... well, there's a bit that's special with you. Melethia and Jenny's attack will be from some disgrintled gangs unhappy with the Da Nang Boys." He knew he was gambling a lot, but considering this was effectively being planned on the spot, it was a lot better than what it could be.

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Letting out an amused smirk, Rugal steered their vessel, the "USS Saint's Row", towards the Na Nang ship.
"If all goes well, this should be a walk in the park..." He said as he waved down one of the guards on the ship.
"ATTENTION! YOU THERE! HELP US DOCK!" He shouted, clearly getting the guard's attention and ire.
"{Who the fuck are you?!}"
"ENGLISH, YOU LITTLE YELLOW PRICK! YOU LIVE IN AMERICA, ACT LIKE IT!" He shouted back, acting up his part by throwing around some casual racism as they neared the ladder for boarding.
"Melethia. Jenny. You're up!" He said before the two of them dived (Well, Melethia dived and dragged Jenny with her) as several armed guards pointed their weapons down at them.
"{This is a private boat. Leave before I kill you!}"
"Really?...Darn, and here I was about to do business with your boss. Boy, he is sure going to be mad..." He Buffed well enough to make them uneasy and contact their captain.
"Second they get back, Bullshit away." He ordered Devon as a english speaking goon showed up with a radio in hand a few minutes later.

"I call Snakehead. He no make business with american dog. Why you here?"

"Wait, wha-AHHHHHH!" Jenny managed to get out before Melethia pulled her under the water, causing her to panic and swim for the surface, the elf managing to get her to calm down before their cover was blown.
It took a while, but she managed to get used to breathing underwater without drowning.
The pair of them soon reached the Rudder of the ship, it was MANY times bigger then any rudder Melethia might have seen back during her pirate days.

Another late post Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

The Drive-By Flash Bangs did a number on the following police, causing them to spin out and crash into a large pileup behind Shawn who was now starting to realize the countless situations he could have gotten out of if he bothered to use these things before.
As David attempted to reach the dangling Tonberry, Deadshot was trying to get back upright as the Truck driver tore though the busy streets, causing several accidents as he ran through red lights.
Son of a bitch is going to kill us all....
I hate my plans.
He thought as he looked back and saw David trying to save his friend.
Making the most of this, he then did the dumbest thing he could: Climb down from the trailer and start climbing his way to the Cab so he could carjack the Semi, cursing his poorly thought out plan as he did.

With great thigh power, comes great consequence. Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

Driving whilst keeping a look out for Deadshot, he spotted the villain heading towards the cab of the truck.
Smiling at his stupidity and openness, Shawn opted for a different route. Driving faster along the road, he started to overtake the truck. Waving as he pulled up in front of the position Deadshot was hanging from, Shawn stepped onto his seat and pointed his gun at the assassin.

The only thing about this though is that he was steering the car with his thighs. Pulling out his second pistol, Shawn just began to fire upon his prey once more, but had a lack of accuracy due to the steering, focus and all that was in his way.

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

The arms dealer known as Devon didn't even bother to shake his head as he talked next. "Really now? That would be quite... unwise. The Bernstein conglomerate will just have to sell the rest of our finished product to Su Zi Mu's dogs, and the difference in technology is along the lines of a crossbow against a semiautomatic rifle.

Are you sure your boss doesn't have time to deal with us? If we don't contact our men on the shore within so long, the deal will go down."

At this time, Melethia was now fully underwater with Jenny. "Bit bigger than what I expected, but we've got the charges here to make this work. Jenny, place the charges along the points where it makes the indents, since that's probably how they turn this. If we need more explosives for the propeller, I'll have to surface. If that happens, I'll need some cover."

She showed Jenny exactly what she meant by setting up the charges on the upper section of the rudder.

Somewhere in the Internet.

Hidden away in some random server, the AI entity continued on its usual routines and business, until an answer to his constant SOS emails arrived. With no apparent sender, no address, no service provider and no signal to track, the message was direct and concise.

RE: Your Predicament:

I can't help but notice your situation, would you like me to get you out? I don't mind helping you providing you listen to an opportunity I have for you. A short meeting, that's all I ask for. Do you accept? Feel free to respond in your own time.

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Needless to say, they were let on board and given nearly free reign of the ship, no one wanted to be the fool that let the American Money go to the Triads.
"Bernstein Conglomerate...Has a ring to it doesn't it?" Rugal mused, getting a major nostalgia trip of his arms dealing days.
After a brief check of the area, he then said to Slindis "Whatever you are going to do, do it now. If you need to take care of a guard to do so, just be quiet about it." before the "Business men" made their way towards the Bridge of the ship, passing by men with Rifles with acid dripping from their barrels as they did.
"Snakehead down in Hold, Waits for you." the one grunt with an understanding of english said as they brought them down into the hull of the ship.

"Okay....Man, this feels weird..." Jenny mused, the water breathing enhancement working it's magic (seeing how she was still alive) as she planted the bombs in those locations very slowly.
Planting bombs was nerve racking enough on land, nevermind underwater.

Indeed... Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

"FUCK! SHIT! COCK! ASS! PRICK!" Deadshot shouted as bullets impacted the side of the trailer he was barely hanging onto, This was nearly as bad as his escape from Unity Station!
And it soon got a lot worse...
*POP!* went one of the Cab's wheels thanks to Shawn's pray and spray, both him and the fleeing assassin froze when they saw this.

All of a sudden, the Truck veered to the Right, towards the buildings and where Shawn was Drive-By'ing it, meaning it was about to crush both of the men when it would smash into the building.
"OH FUCK ME!" Deadshot shouted as he tried to climb up to avoid this fate.

Internet: Viscus

Months had past since the AI mastermind was trapped here, stuck in a Aperture Science Potato Battery with no means to get out.
With his limited power supply, his functions were reduced to that of a mere Wifi Port, barring the odd Email attempting to convince someone to come and set him free.

Then he got that message.
[sub][INTERNAL MONOLOG : I have no data on whomever sent this. But all other possible options have been eliminated][/sub] He "Thought" as he attempted to scan the fi-
[POWER SOURCE DEPleeeettttteeeedddd... He stated as his barrety went dead, something that occurred whenever he attempted to do...well, ANYTHING!
A few minutes later, enough charge was built up for him to come back online, but the time he spent powered down grew with each passing day, he needed to escape so he answered with a single word email to save power:


???: Viscus


Within an instant, Viscus appeared in a small cafe in San Fransisco, at the top of a slope, overlooking part of the city. He was free, and .....seated. He was now back in his original armor, it somehow restored by the same power that brought him here. Opposite the small table in front of him was a man in a smartly kept suit, his attention diverted to a television in the background showing news of the chaos in San Andreas. He looked a little too well kept, his face perfectly shaven, his clothes completely spotless. There was definitely something non-human about him, but nothing Viscus could identify that matched his records.

The man leaned back into his chair "A Mocha Frappe, please." His order made, he tilted his head lazily back to Viscus. "So, enjoying your freedom?"

???: Viscus

"...Can....Not....Compute..." Viscus stated, the "Super Genius" AI unable to figure out how the hell this stranger managed to free him, let alone transfer him into another armor.
"...Are you of the entity: "Authors"?" He asked as he did a diagnostic on his suit, finding it to be up to his Specs.
"...And Where did you get the Data to make this Viscus Mark I armor?" He added in a much more threatening tone, he wasn't the type to share that kind of information.

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Devon walked alongside Rugal and tried to make note of where everything was on the ship. "Snakehead, let's make this a profitable venture for the both of us. We've had some flawed prototypes of our weapons get leaked to your men recently. Of course, we don't know who may have done this, but they weren't going to be released for the a very dangerous reason. After all, no businessman wants the reputation of having products that fail explosively.

THere's also the annoying little factor of some of my workers getting opinions of this thing they call a 'living wage'. I won't lie: a few hundred of your products could patch up that rather cleanly, and we could wire the funds into your accounts rather easily." He did his best to keep a poker face on, an effort aided by the glasses he wore.

Up top, though, SLindis addressed the man that seemed to on charge up top. "WHile my bosses work with your bosses down below, they want us to check on the quality of some of our soon-to-be workers." If the man was to say no, though, she'd have to take him down rather quickly. Teri's slightly nervous disposition didn't aid it too much, although the rather large wolf by her side baring his teeth may have helped balance it out.

And below the water, Mel gave a thumbs-up top Jenny as she finished with her second set of bombs. "You're learnin' pretty quickly, Jenny. We can swim to the side of the ship to ignore most of that blast when it comes... We'll have to be a bit more careful around the propeller. First, though, I need to get a better material for that. I'd go with the normal stuff, but smaller is better here." With that, Mel gave the universal sign for surfacing.

San Fransisco: Viscus

"...Are you of the entity: "Authors"?"

"No, I'm far more than them, I make far more use of my powers." He began responding to Viscus's questions still in the reclined pose, his eyes regularly glancing over to the cafe front to see if bis coffee was made yet.

"...And Where did you get the Data to make this Viscus Mark I armor?"

"You did, when I willed you into a more suitable form for this meeting. I know a lot about your species and their technology." He sat up slightly more now. "You've made yourself quite well known, it wasn't that difficult."

San Fransisco: Viscus

Viscus was now extremely curious about how this man was and what did he want from him.
"...Who are you and To what end have you freed me for?" He then asked as he scanned the room, using visual cues and the people in it to pinpoint his current location: CSI style.
There should be more here, but there isn't <_>

[quote="Ninjamedic" post="540.101127.20003690"]

San Fransisco: Viscus

"...Who are you and To what end have you freed me for?"

The man beamed at the sight of the waitress bringing his Mocha over. "Ah! Thank you! My compliments for the service" he then handed over several hundred dollar bills to the now shocked waitress. "One thing I have to give humanity, The Mocha Frappe is one of your finest inventions. And you all go on about the efficiency of the AK..." He then took a long sip, making sure he enjoyed the whole thing. "Ahhh. Now, you asked me. I'm, a fan, of sorts. I have to say I find this soap opera you all perform to be quite entertaining. The way you all create such drama and conflict amongst yourselves, it's quite exquisite in its pointlessness. Now, will you listen to my offer?"

San Fransisco: Viscus

"Now, will you listen to my offer?"

"...You have 60 seconds..." Viscus droned as he began to take the safety's off his weapons, several compartments in his armor opening up to reflect this.
This man claimed to be above the Authors so he was either insane or correct, either way, we wasn't ending back up in that potato.

*Shake's Magic 8 Ball of Writers Block*

San Fransisco: Viscus

"...You have 60 seconds..."

The man sighed at this silly display of power, "You free someone from a prison, and they repay your gratitude by pointing an arsenal of weapons at your head, I mean really!" He punctuated his sentence with a click of his fingers, and in an instant, Viscus shut down, the armor lying back gently onto the chair. The man then took a long gulp of his chilled beverage. "This place has a great atmosphere, I have to say." He then clicked his fingers again, and Viscus powered back up. "Now, will you actually give my offer council? Or are you going to attempt to display your 'superiority' again?"

The man leaned back, Mocha in hand. "Think about it, the power you wield, the intellect you possess, and your lack of organic limitations, why can't you try to improve things for humanity instead of engaging petty squabbles with the children you call your adversaries? You could do so much! Take this crisis here for example." He gestured to the coverage of Los Santos on the TV, "You would have no problem stopping this."

San Fransisco: Viscus

The second the armor reactivated, Viscus was no longer threatening the man.
"...Who are you?...What are you?..." He asked, every single process in his mind attempting to figure out what happened, just as if everything just..."Stopped" by his command.
Not wanting to be seen as weak in front of this..."Thing", he then said "This conflict will be resolved soon. The Rising Dawn are more than capable. In my mind, it is a Non-Issue and is none of my concern. As for Humanity, I am no longer one of them and they are not my problem.".
He then attempted to Scan the man, only to be greeted with error messages.
"I've listened to your offer. Now tell me: What. ARE. you?".
The easiest way to mess with a computer was to give it something it couldn't understand, couldn't deduce, couldn't calculate and Viscus was a walking example.

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

The Snakehead seemed to be unfazed by Devon, though that could just be his facial expression.
He muttered something to his "Translator" who then said "Snakehead will give you "Cargo" for competed weapons. Nothing more, Nothing Less."
Clearly, he liked the weapons and was eager for more.

Up Top, Slindis and Teri were allowed past, Garm frightening the guard enough to grant them access just so they would go away.
The boat was a maze of shipping containers with most of the guards posted on top of them, watching the coastline and skies for possible attackers.
Provided no reason was given for them to do so, they wouldn't look down.

San Fierro Bay Area: Rugal/Jenny/Everyone Else

Devon put a hand on the table. "If you saw the failure rate and what happens when those weapons fail, you'd be pleading with me to take them off your hands to you. We're talking about a forty percent chance of them working, and the failures always kill the man holding them. Now, we could go to the Triads with this information, and you know they'd find ways to increase this failuree rate until you were hemmoraging loyal soldiers.

The option that would fit you better is the one where we do this transaction and remove the flawed weapons as well. In that same move, we could 'accidentally' allow the Triads to get a few of the ones that are guaranteed to fail. We both know Wu Zi Mu: He couldn't tell a perfetly made one from one that was rigged to explode."

Up top, Slindis and Teri began trying to find which containers held the people. If they blew their cover, Teri would be the only one that could effectively combat them due to the range factor.

Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

When Ton Ton was fished up by David, the Irishman could feel the Tonberry shaking as he was hauled up, Ton Ton muttering "I'm sorry" in a wavering cry. In fact, if he had proper eyes with tear ducts and lids, the Tonberry would have been crying from terror; his plan to help David going horribly awry.

"I was going to get him in the ankles, to help you out. I'm really sorry! Honest!"

Still shaking as he was placed on the truck, the Tonberry saw the oncoming wall, and asked in a wavering voice, "This is the part where we get the bad guy, right?" and began to (SLOWLY) make his way towards the ascending Deadshot, his small hands (paws?) trembling as he readied his knife....

San Fierro Bay Area
Up Top: Teri/Slin/Garm/Containers

Nervous disposition was the correct choice of words, as far as the Cleric was concerned. This whole plan made Teri very nervous. Not so much for the idea behind said plan, or the intentions, rather, the execution was what put her on edge. If it were not for the fact that Garm and Slindis were there to back her up; Teri would have been shaking in her sneakers. With Garm high on guard, she began checking the containers with Slindis, aura up and ready for whenever she found anyone. At the very least, if anyone was found, it would take away any pain and calm those around her, if only a little. Her cross necklace wrapped around her wrist, and Sadei-Pen stowed in her pocket, the Cleric silently prayed that everything would go as planned for this. Now, that brought up the question as to whether she should heal any wounds immediately (and risk getting caught) or try to talk down anyone she found....

"I sincerely hope I don't have to make that decision...."

Negotiations and Business Suits: Rugal/Devon/Everyone Else

Cadolbolg, who was sitting on Devon's shoulder as per his part as a rare species that Devon was able to buy from an egg, felt a shiver run from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. Ton Ton's sudden bout of terror had hit him full force (as such intense bouts of emotion were commonly shared among pact partners) and the turtle-dragon-baby found himself clinging harder to the bard than he intended to, growing very stiff at the realization his pact partner was in trouble. Or, at least he thought Ton Ton was in trouble, as the Tonberry was not allowing the turtle-dragon-baby to send anything to his mind. And, with his young mind, he found himself focusing full on that matter as he asked the bard (via the rings)

"Friend Devon? I sense Pact-Partner Ton Ton is in trouble... Well, I think he is, and he won't answer my 'calls'. I'm scared...."

The totally forgotten. Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

As the truck veered into the building, it was all too late for Shawn's car ... and the true owner of the car.
The fast convertible started to grind through the windows of the building. Luckily enough Shawn wore a helmet, so the glass piece did not effect him at all. Then suddenly a future pillar came into view. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" Shawn said as he flailed around in the car and pulled out his backup combat knife.

The pillar came all too quickly as Shawn jumped from the car to the truck and stuck his knife deep inside the metal. As this point his car was wrecked on the pillar but the truck was pretty much side-by-side to the building. The worst part is that there was yet another pillar in-coming. "You shitting me!?" He questioned life and his God at this new challenge.

Hearing the predicament being solved at the back of the truck, Shawn simply yelled as he began to cut a hole big enough to crawl in the truck.


The hole enough was just big enough to fit into as Shawn crawled into the truck as he just missed the incoming pillar.
Inside the Spunk Truck, Shawn laid on the ground breathing heavily with torn blood pants. Though he was all too quickly to get up and punch the driver in the face.

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon

The Snakehead thought about this offer before mumbling something else to his translator.
"Snakehead agrees. $1'000'000 dollars a weapon, $100'000 per person." The Translator offered with a smug look on his face.
In the Snakehead's mind, if they didn't accept their terms, they would just dump the weapons, robbing these Americans of their Tech that was most likely worth far more then a Million a pop.
He also shifted the price hike to the prisoners so in his mind, he had nothing to lose and it was just a matter of discussing payment...

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm

While their search was fruitless thus far, they managed to get a lead on them when they came to a "Clearing" in the endless shipping containers.
Around 4 Da Nang members were making bets on a game of Russian Roulette, featuring 2 scared looking Refugees taking turns to spin a revolver before pointing it to their heads and pulling the trigger.
By some act of god, they weren't dead. Yet.
Behind the act was an open container, where they were kept no doubt.

Only problem was if they attacked like this, the whole plan would fall apart...

Da Nang Ship: Water: Jenny/Melethia

Jenny nodded as the duo went up to the surface.
Before Melethia could surface, Jenny stopped her, a quick mind scan showing that one of the guards was looking their way.
Waiting until he moved away, she them prompted Melethia to surface and quickly get her materials before he returned.

This has to become an action movie some day... Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

Glad that Caim wasn't going to kill him the next time they met, David didn't say anything as he motioned for Ton Ton to be careful as the pair of them crawled over to the Assassin as the Truck veered.
Deadshot was in an awful state, he had a case of radiation poisoning, got shot and was now holding on for dear life as this damn truck mounted the sidewalk.
Before he would get crushed, he managed to to climb up and end up in stabbing distance of Ton Ton.
"*GASP*...Okay...Okay....breathe, bre-AHHHHHHHHHHHRGGGGGGGGGGGG!" He groaned as Ton Ton stabbed him in the knee with his knife.
Screaming through the pain, The assassin looked up and his horrible face was seen up close.

Using the moment of shock at his face, Deadshot brought his head back before headbutting the Tonberry and pulling him away from the knife in his leg as he yanked it out of his now broken knee cap, shaking in anger and pain.
David Froze on the spot when he saw that face, He remembered it, The failed Defense of Moscow...
"...Oh my god...You Lived?...No....No....You were dead...I-...killed you" He stammered in disbelief.
"...Yeah!....look at me!....look at what you've done, David West!....LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!" The crazed assassin shouted as he pounced on David, a knife covered in his own blood inches above the throat of the man who took so much from him.

Meanwhile Shawn was struggling with the driver who fought back after he attacked him, causing the already unstable truck to wobble as it went off road and into the public park, nearly running over several people as the entire rig shook violently while it went downhill.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm
((Note: Post was created in tandem with, reviewed and approved by bluecrimson before posting))

Upon seeing the Da Nang more than ready to kill the refugees, Teri tapped her Ring and sent to Slindis, "This has to be stopped. Now."

The paladin gave the Cleric a small nod, and answered back, "But before we save anyone, we need a plan. If we go charging in, this whole effort will be for naught."

Teri looked around the room quickly and mentally reviewed the spells she had prepared for the day; following up that thought with, "Okay, I got something that can incapacitate them, but it'll hit those two refugees too. Therein lies the problem. So, you can go invisible and hold your breath for a long time, right?"

Slindis gave another node to this, to which Teri continued, "Okay, so I have a spell that takes the air out of a 30 foot radius. It'll hit all 6 of those people with altitude sickness, and I can angle it so that the people in the airlock don't get hit. So here's the plan. You turn invisible, get in position and get ready to flank. Give me the ready when you are in position over the rings, I drop the spell. I'm going to TRY to let the two guys know what's going on, but I don't know how well they're going to guess what I motion at them. Then, you get the two refugees out of the affected area and keep em quiet while I get Squishy to finish the other four off. Following that, we work our way to release the rest of them. Hopefully, if this all goes well, we won't alert the guard...."

Slindis thought over the plan for a moment, and the next time Teri looked over, she was gone, the signal appearing over the ring not long after. Following that (and telling Garm to stay in a place out of sight), she edged around and tried waving at the two refugees, then put a finger to her lips when she thought she got their attention; not wanting the Da Ning boys to notice what she was doing. After a moment, she made an exaggerated pantomime to breathe in deeply, and puffed out her cheeks to emphasize the action of holding one's breath.
((Whether they got the memo or not, is up to you Diabs.))

However, regardless of whether the two got the message or not, the Da Ning were beginning to notice that their toys weren't paying as much attention to them, and Teri began casting the spell; waving her hands and saying the words needed before the air surrounding the Da Ning and the refugees disappeared, Slin grabbing the two who were forced to play Russian Roulette and pulled them out of the area while the other four Da Nang members found themselves feeling like they were at the top of Mount Everest without any gear needed to survive.

Teri casts Thin Air! This spell thins the oxygen in the area, causing creatures caught therein to suffer the effects of extreme altitude sickness. It lasts 1 minute/level, giving Teri 8 minutes to leave the spell up! 24 seconds till the next level 2 spell!

Following after Slin grabbing the hostages and pulling them out of the minimal-air zone, Teri uncorked a water bottle, pouring it on the ground for her water elemental to come forth, and directed in soft Aquan for the elemental to end the Da Ning's suffering in an orderly and quiet fashion.

Teri uses her daily summoning of Squishy the Water Elemental, via her feat: Water Devotion. If Teri wants to call Squishy for more help, she will have to start using turn attempts.
Turn attempts remaining: 65 Undead/ 4 Fire creatures

As that went down, Teri gave a low apology to the two survivors regarding what happened, "Sorry I had to do that. It was the quickest way to get them to not hurt you, even if you got caught in the crossfire."

As she said this, the two survivors could see Dimitri translating her words in a scrolling series of text in sentences of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese; the AI being prepared to find translations of varying other languages if necessary. Dimitri had heard that the Da Ning were Korean from Rugal's briefing; but with the frequency of both Chinese and Japanese immigrants in this region of the United States, it was a safe bet that either of those could be frequently used languages.

Planes, Trains and Tonberrys?
Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

Ton Ton reeled from the headbutt from the angry (Russian?) man for a few moments, and then realized that his trusty Knife was missing, and in the hands of the very man trying to kill the lot of them! Ton Ton felt a mixture of anger and shock at the thought of his knife taking (in his eyes) guiltless blood, and ran up the assassin's back, whacking the man's head with his Lantern, his words being punctuated by a whack of the heavy lamp, "LET! GO! I! WILL! NOT! ALLOW! YOU! TO! HURT! MR. WEST! WITH! MY! KNIFE!"

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon

Devon shook his head again. "Now while I said it would be a problem for my people, it's easily one we can recover from. Losing 60% of one's best men, however, isn't so easily recovered from. We'll remove one of the zeros from that figure, and you can make up for it with the wisdom of your best men still there to help you control the group. We both know that one does not get to where we are from blindly accepting every number." He gave a hard stare to the translator, letting it sink in as he contacted Cadolbolg through the ring.

"Ton-Ton will be fine, Cadolbolg. He might be scared, but he's a tough little guy, ya know? Besides, he has David with him. Trust me: they're looking out for each other. If nothing else, be brave because I believe in the both of you."

After that drawn out pause, he continued. "Now, I know you want one hundred thousand for each body that you're willing to sell on this boat, but we'll have to do better than that price. Our men saw some of your previous stock, and the results were disappointing at the very least.

Fifty thousand per head."

Da Nang Ship: Water: Jenny/Melethia

When she came back down, Jenny noticed a decent amount of some kind of putty and a wand of some kind. "Okay, we need to get a good lining around the base of each blade of that item right there. It should do well enough for what we want. The wand, though, will set it all off. It doesn't do a lot of electric damage, but the jolt stays focused underwater. It will be enough to set the charges off, so when we finish, we wait for that signal."

SHe started by getting a bit of the putty and applying it in the way she described, ensuring a even coat.

Gone fishin'. Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

Struggling with the driver, Shawn had no idea why he was resisting. Getting angry with this ass, Shawn pulled out his gun and placed it against the driver's head. "Slow the fucking truck, or I will blast your brain matter over that picture of your family." Shawn saidn, with his eyes twitching inside of his helmet. "I won't give no cab up for sum' terrorist sum' ofabitch." He mumbled in a very trucker like voice.

Shrugging, Shawn shot the driver twice in both kneecaps before opening the door and kicking him up. "Take that you asshole!" He yelled back at the driver as he closed the door, but not before he saw Ton Ton bashing Deadshot with his lantern. "Little guy has some spunk ... wait ... why does that sound familiar?" He asked himself before closing the door and started to focus on driving.

They were about to crash into the lake. Shawn sighed as he replaced his helmet with his rebreather, he stuck his head out the window as the Truck was 500 meters or so from the lake. "Hey everyone, sorry to break this up ... but ... ugh, we kinda have a lake in front of us." Shawn said as he tried to brake but no anvil. "Also ... no brakes."

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm + David A.INCOMING
Within minutes of the Da Ning's deaths, a swirling green and black portal was popped into existence right behind Jenny and Slindis, which immediately grabbed their attention. From the portal, incoherent shouting could be heard, the voice belonging to that of a young man. A tall, bespectacled youth came tumbling from the portal, and slamming his back on the wall of the ship.
His eyes widened at the pain, but thankfully for the girls and hostages, he didn't shout. He only let out a pained moan, falling to his knees. His glasses slid off of his face and clattered on the floor.
"U-uhnn... Shit..."

Slindis recognized the boy as David Ashworth, and he didn't look too good. The young Ashworth scion's clothes were torn, covered in sand and dirt. His face was in a similar state of disorder, visible bruising on his left cheek, and a large cut ran along his forehead. His bookbag was with him, and in comparison to the rest of him, it looked to be in almost pristine condition.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm + David A.INCOMING

Before any of the Da Nang Boys coould question what had happened, Slindis immediately asserted that David A. was one of theirs. "See? We've been working on exactly this kind of technology. It's also how we plan to transfer over the funds when it's done. It may be a bit sandy, but it's the most secure way to do this deal."

While Teri kept an eye on the others, SLindis tugged the Ashworth heir's head down so only he could hear her. "You may not have asked to be part of this, but the best way to get off this ship alive is by working with us. We'll tend to you in a bit, but you'll have to make do with Teri's Healing Aura." Even as the Drow spoke, David's smaller injuries were starting to mend themselves.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David A.

David nodded weakly at Slindis. He had no idea where he was, and he was a bit disconcerted by her words, but he was happy to see a friendly face. "N-no problem, Slindis." David turned his head around now that it was feeling less stiff thanks to the healing aura, and took in his surroundings.

He frowned, rubbing at his eyes. "What's going on? Who are they?"

San Fransisco: Viscus

"I've listened to your offer. Now tell me: What. ARE. you?".

The man then leaned in, "Oh, I haven't made the offer yet, I'm just making sure we're on the same page. Like I said, I'm a fan of yours, Now." He reclined in the chair, asking the waitress for a slice of cake. "Tell me, you've been having problems dealing with certain individuals. Mr. Bernstein, for example." The man made no indication as to what he was, it was obvious he knew how baffled the AI was, and how much he enjoyed it.

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