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How to Get Lies of P’s Most Secret Weapon

Pinocchio and a glowing butterfly in Lies of P

There are plenty of weapons in Lies of P, so many that it’s a wonder how the City of Krat fell to the automatons in the first place. Massive glaives and greatswords are (somehow) tucked away in treasure chests strewn about the streets! No, citizens of Krat! Take them out and use your industrial tools of puppet death! Since the throngs of people trying to flee the frenzied robots won’t be using those weapons, it falls on Pinocchio. Yet while most of the stuff you find in Lies of P is helpful against the puppet hordes, there’s one particular weapon that’ll serve you better than any other: The Golden Lie. Here’s how to get the secret The Golden Lie weapon in Lies of P.

Before we start, though, The Golden Lie isn’t some hand-me-down sword you get from the Wandering Merchant or a Boss Weapon that can be purchased from Alidoro. You’ll need to really put in the hours to get this bad boy so prepare to complete a whole mess of side-quests and lie through your teeth to get it. The upside to all that? It’s easily one of, if not the, coolest weapons in the game. However, to clear the air before we delve into the actual process of unlocking The Golden Lie, it’s not necessarily the best weapon in the game. I’ll get into why later but for now, let’s focus on the process. The journey is usually the part you remember anyway, so says lauded poet Miley Cyrus.

How to Get the Secret Golden Lie Weapon in Lies of P

The most important part of this process requires you to play Lies of P like a devilish scamp, lying at every possible opportunity. The game has an invisible stat that’s been labeled “Humanity” that effectively tracks how close Pinocchio is to becoming a real boy. In order to get The Golden Lie, you’ll have to increase your Humanity to almost the maximum, requiring you to only lie throughout the course of your game.

NEVER tell the truth.

I’m not sure how severely being honest will impact your Humanity but I’d rather you not take the risk of ruining your end goal. Besides, why would you want Pinocchio to remain a puppet? It defeats the whole point of the story!

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Now that we’ve established your overall goal, let’s get into the minutia. You won’t be finding The Golden Lie while out adventuring in Krat because you’ll be growing it. Kinda. To do that, we need a portrait of our good boy Pinocchio, which you’ll find in the Malum District. Shortly after conquering the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, you can explore their home base.

Inside, in one of the burnt-up rooms, you’ll find a painting that looks suspiciously like our protagonist. Obtain it and return to Hotel Krat to speak with Geppetto in his study. He’ll share some insight into the picture, even dropping a fun reference that it was painted by one “D. Gray,” suggesting that Lies of P Cinematic Universe is only just beginning. After this interaction, you’ll find it hanging on the wall near his study’s entrance. At this point, you can go off and do some more killing. If you’ve been good about only telling lies, then when you return you’ll notice that a shimmering rod is growing out of the painting’s nose. Couldn’t be a Pinocchio story without the ol’ nose growing, right?

That projecting stick is The Golden Lie in its infant stage. We’ll only be able to harvest and use it as a weapon when it’s finished growing and Pinocchio is a real boy. So let’s boost that Humanity even higher. Aside from telling lies, you’ll also get a substantial amount of Humanity from simply listening to Records, which can be found all over Krat by completing side quests. If you’re wondering how to get them all, check out our guide here for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to find every Record in Lies of P. Now with this in mind, proceed normally through the game until you get to the Laxasia, The Complete boss fight. Once you’ve claimed victory, you’ll find your dear friend Sophia in a bit of a state. Choose “Give Her Peace” before moving on to the final section of the game.

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To unlock The Golden Lie, you’ll need to beat Simon Manus, the hulking monster of a man. It’s a brutal fight, one that was recently balanced to give players a better chance of actually killing him. Once he’s defeated, choose “I Liberated Her” in your conversations with him after the fight and watch the mastermind behind Krat’s downfall die. If you really want to ensure you have enough Humanity (if you followed this guide, you should), then speak to Geppetto and “Refuse.” You’ll have to fight The Nameless Puppet, who isn’t as tough as he looks, to gain your last shred of Humanity.

Now this is important: DON’T start a New Game+ file after killing The Nameless Puppet. Instead, go back to Hotel Krat and head to the painting Geppetto’s study. The stick poking out of Pinocchio’s nose should be ready to harvest so go ahead and claim The Golden Lie.

How Strong Is The Golden Lie

I’m not gonna pull my punches on this one, chief, The Golden Lie in Lies of P may be secret, but it’s nowhere close to the best weapon in the game. Dealing Blunt damage, it sports a starting Physical Attack of 94 and is graded a C for Motivity and C for Technique, meaning it’s not exactly suited to either combat style, especially when other, stronger weapons easily trump it in both categories. Its move set isn’t particularly impressive, effectively giving Pinocchio the same kinds of animations he uses with any other one-handed Blunt weapon.

To its credit, it is a very quick weapon that comes equipped with the Storm Attack and Furious Golden Hits Fable Arts, both of which are very effective at dealing with groups of mobs. For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed using it and I found it particularly effective against the likes of the Parade Master and the Scrapped Watchman in New Game+ but your mileage may vary. Depends entirely on your preferred playstyle, I suppose.

In any case, that’s how you go about unlocking the most secret weapon in Lies of P. It certainly looks cool even if the lengthy process does yield a piece of equipment that’s slightly disappointing. Still, nice to know that once you get The Golden Lie you’ll have found every weapon in the game!

If you’re looking for more on the game, check out how to get every weapon in Lies of P so that you can have the biggest arsenal possible.

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