A single tweet, containing more information than it should, may have spoiled the big surprise that BioWare had planned for the Spike Videogame Awards.

What do the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth, the atomic mass of iron, and the British Secret Intelligence Service have in common? That’s the question that BioWare posed to its fans this week, along with the added puzzler of how it tied in with a few seconds of video that showed a man taking aim with a futuristic looking rifle.

Unfortunately, it seems that Sony’s Russian arm has shed some pretty bright light on at least part of the mystery, by revealing that Mass Effect 3 is the game that ties all the clues together. A tweet from the PlayStation Russia Twitter account said that BioWare had shown the very first footage of Mass Effect 3 ahead of its big announcement at the Spike VGAs next month, which could only be a reference to the footage of the rifle-toting mystery man – as seen above. It doesn’t explain how all the other clues fit together, but they could just be oblique references to the Mass Effect universe, with no connection to each other.

This is assuming, of course, that PlayStation Russia has its facts right. BioWare isn’t restricting itself just to Microsoft platforms anymore, so it’s possible that someone at Sony was aware of what the reveal was and inadvertently let it slip, but it’s also possible that whoever is responsible for the PlayStation Russia Twitter feed made an assumption, and actually has no more information than anyone else.

The real question is whether or not BioWare would try and be mysterious about a game that people already know about and are looking forward to. The clues are certainly getting people talking, but you could make the case that BioWare could generate similar levels of excitement by just announcing it was going to give fans their first look at Mass Effect 3 at the award ceremony.

Source: VG247

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