The First Descendant’s Roadmap Promises a New Descendant, Dungeon, and More

The First Descendant has been out for all of three days, and developers are already focusing on what’s next. The First Descendant’s roadmap features a new Descendant, a Colossus, and much more.

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Pitting you against the twin menaces of the Vulgus and the Colossi, The First Descendant isn’t short on enemies. But the Gluttony Colossus could give players more to worry about. It’s just part of a wave of extra content that’ll be arriving over the next six months, taking us up to December.

It’s absolutely in Nexon’s interest to keep this online looter-shooter fresh, so it doesn’t go the way of Redfall or Exoprimal. Here’s what’s on the cards for early August:

  • New Descendant Luna,
  • New Colossus Gluttony,
  • New Ultimate Valby
  • New Ultimate Weapon
  • New Skin

The First Descendant roadmap has revealed we’ll be getting Luna, Ultimate Valby, a new Ultimate Weapon, and Colossus at the start of August, just a few weeks after the game’s launch. And later that same month, a new Descendant, Colossus, and Ultimate Descendant will release, which keeps the momentum going and will officially kick off Season 1. So far, we don’t know much about Luna or what Valby’s Ultimate will look like. But if it’s anything like Bunny’s, we’re interested.

December brings another descendant, a ‘mega’ dungeon, a utility companion, another new Descendant, weapons, and more. So, it looks like Nexon has plenty of content planned for the rest of the year. Though one problem many players may run into is limited Descendant slots. To increase those slots, you’re going to need to spend Caliber. Keep that in mind when you’re researching and grinding out Descendants you might not really love or want.

If you’ve yet to play The First Descendant, it’s out now and available to play on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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