Still Wakes the Deep, a voice actor recording lines for the game in a booth.

All Voice Actors & Cast List for Still Wakes The Deep

Still Wakes the Deep takes place on a North Sea oil rig, with a cast of several Scottish characters voiced, in turn, by actual Scottish actors. But just which actors help lend this horror game this air of audio authenticity? Here are all voice actors & the cast list for Still Wakes the Deep.

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Here’s Who Voices Who in Still Wakes the Deep

Alec Newman as Caz

Caz is Still Wakes the Deep’s protagonist, who’s fled to the oil rig over fear that the police are about to arrest him. He hopes he’ll have the chance to let things cool down. How wrong he is. He’s played by Alec Newman who, amongst his many credits, voiced Adam Smasher in Cyberpunk 2077 and Christopher Robin’s father, Alan, in Winnie the Pooh 2: Blood and Honey. Yes, that last one is a real movie.

Neve McIntosh as Suze

Neve McIntosh voices Suze, Caz’s wife who’s getting increasingly fed up with his lack of judgement. We only see her briefly but her voice figures heavily into flashbacks and pops into Caz’s head during times of stress. Doctor Who fans may know McIntosh as Madame Vastra from both the show and the various Big Finish audio spin-offs.

Shaun Dooley as Roy

Roy is Caz’s friend and certainly his best pal aboard the rig. It was Roy who got him the job, even though Caz, who’s an electrician, has zero experience of oil rigs. That’s the kind of thing that might have come back to bite him, had the rig not gone to hell. Dooley may also be familiar to Elden Ring players as the voice of Yura and Shabriri.

Clive Russell as Rennick

Rennick is Caz’s abrasive boss who, understandably, isn’t happy about the police just dropping in on his rig. Rennick shouts so much you may not immediately recognise his voice actor. But he’s actually played by Clive Russell who, amongst many, many roles, played holdout Ser Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully in Game of Thrones. And if you don’t recognise him from that, you’ll have seen him in something else. Like some of the other cast, he doubles up as another character, Boyd.

There are several other familiar voices, too. Nicholas Boulton, who voices three characters, was also in Game of Thrones and played Druth in both Hellblade games. And Duncan Pow, who voices Davros (not that one) was Master Chief’s father in Paramount’s Halo series.

Here’s the full list of all voice actors in Still Wakes the Deep.

Alec Newman – Caz
Neve McIntosh – Suze
Karen Dunbar – Finlay
Michael Abubakar – Brodie
Clive Russell – Rennick, Boyd
Shaun Dooley – Roy
Stewart Scudamore – Roper, Addair, McLurg
Nicholas Boulton – Trots, Banky, Dalgleish
Duncan Pow – Muir, Douglas
Sandy Batchelor – Archie, Davros, Gibbo
Alan Turkington – Dobbie, OConnor, Sunil
Noof Ousellam – Bruce, Scooby, Alex
Olof Jönsson (Syndrome Voices) – Creature Vocalisations

And that’s all voice actors and the cast list for Still Wakes the Deep.

Still Wakes the Deep is available now.

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