Did Critical Role’s Imogen and Laudna Breakup?

The following contains spoilers for Critical Role Campaign 3, Episode 98.

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Imogen and Laudna’s sapphic slow-burn quickly became one of the most popular romantic pairings of Critical Role’s third campaign. However, roughly a year (out of universe) since the witchy romance became canon, the pair has run into a seemingly insurmountable obstacle in Laudna’s warlock patron, Delilah Briarwood. So, have Imodna officially called it quits?

Are Critical Role’s Imogen and Laudna Broken Up?

In an event Critical Role Lore Keeper Dani Carr would later refer to as Swordgate, Laudna attempted to swipe Otohan Thull’s sword Ishta off Orym in the dead of night at the behest of her warlock patron, Delilah Briarwood. The Vox Machina villain’s long-standing influence over Laudna has been an ongoing source of distress between Imogen and Laudna, and this came to a head in Campaign 3, Episode 95: “The Gathering of Needs” and its aftermath.

Prior to embracing their romantic interest in one another, Imogen and Laudna suffered a major setback in their friendship when Delilah directed Laudna to crush Imogen’s gnarlrock shard. The infamous “you lied” scene in Episode 23 was followed by several episodes of Imogen giving Laudna the cold shoulder. Themes of that argument and Imogen’s uneasy relationship with her mother were aroused by Laudna’s recent indiscretion, threatening the romance that has since blossomed between the witches.

In the wake of Swordgate, Laudna referred to herself as a “dead end” and Imogen solemnly remarked, “I’m gonna miss our little cottage”. This hypothetical domicile was once touted as the post-adventuring daydream shared between Imogen and Laudna. With this allusion to no longer envisioning a future with Laudna, fans conjectured that Imogen had subtly broken up with her undead paramour. On a follow-up episode of 4-Sided Dive, Laura Bailey neither confirmed nor denied whether the pair had officially split but remarked that she was surprised by the nebulous nature of that post-Swordgate conversation.

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Imogen Officially Set Her Relationship Status to “It’s Complicated”

Though Bailey had already cast an air of uncertainty over Imodna’s romantic prospects on 4-Sided Dive, Critical Role’s recent live show canonized their complicated relationship status. As Sam Riegel’s new player character Braius Doomseed boldly made his intent to run through the Bells Hells evident, he directly inquired into Imogen’s availability. When the sorceress replied that she was no longer sure whether or not she was single, the live audience erupted. Laudna player character Marisha Ray reflected the crowd’s distress herself, physically reeling at Imogen’s answer.

And that’s whether Imogen and Laudna are broken up in Critical Role. If you’re looking for more, check out the reveal of how old Ludinus Da’leth is.

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