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Every OG POI in Fortnite Reload, Listed

Fortnite fans are very nostalgic for certain Points of Interests from classic maps. Several POIs from early Chapters are returning in the new Fortnite Reload mode, which will feature a new map. Here’s every OG POI in Fortnite Reload.

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All OG POIs in Fortnite Reload

Fortnite screenshot of POIs on the reload map

Fortnite Reload features a faster-paced mode with respawns, and the action takes place on a new, compact map. This map features several locations from Fortnite Chapters 1 and 2, so players can experience them beyond last year’s limited-time OG Season. So here’s every classic POI players can drop into in Reload.

Dusty Docks – This dock in the southeast of the Reload map is a combination of several legendary locales, including a merging of Dirty Docks and Dusty Depot. Dusty Docks sits right along the water, with lots of industrial buildings filled with loot.

Lil’ Loot Lake – This new POI is a smaller, more condensed version of the iconic Loot Lake from Fortnite Chapter 1. Lil’ Loot Lake is a large circular body of water, containing a tiny island in the center, which holds a house with high-tier loot. In Fortnite Chapter 1, swimming was not yet available to players. Fortnite fans seeking to dominate Loot Lake would have to trudge through the shallow water.

Lone Lodge – One of the eeriest Fortnite POIs returns as Lone Lodge. Modeled after Lonely Lodge from the very first season in Chapter 1, these dense woods feature several cabins. This campground-esque area contains lots of natural cover by way of the dense foliage about it. This also makes it a great place to drop for builders, as Wood is abundant here.

Pleasant Park – Pleasant Park is also one of the most iconic POIs from OG Fortnite. This area features a suburban neighborhood with lots of houses full of loot, all in a U-shape around flat greenery. This is sure to be a hot drop, as it often was back in Chapter 1.

Retail Row – Retail Row is a suburban plaza with lots of large shops modeled after supermarkets and big-box stores. There are also a few small, two-story homes in the surrounding area. While the location itself is fairly open, fights often feel extremely close quarters in the buildings here.

Snobby Shoals – This POI is modeled after Snobby Shores, which debuted in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 2. Snobby Shoals alludes to upper-class suburbia and features several McMansions and small docks.

Tilted Towers – Last but certainly not least, Tilted Towers is by far the most iconic POI in Fortnite history. This urban area features a ton of tall buildings filled with loot on every floor. Fortnite fans have loved this location due to its fast-paced action since it has always been a hot drop. Especially with the respawning available in the new Reload mode, Tilted Towers is going to be a popular place for Fortnite fans to fight to the last squad standing.

And that is every OG POI in Fortnite Reload. The new map also features brand new POIs in Lazy Laps and Sandy Sheets.

Fortnite is available now, free-to-play on PC and consoles.

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