Marathon: Resurrection 2.0 Released


After seven years of development, Team Unpfhorgiven has released its Marathon total conversation modification for Unreal Tournament.

Based on the Bungie Software‘s renowned game for the Apple Macintosh, Marathon: Resurrection is intended to bring the classic title to a new and wider audience on a more universal and modern platform. The creators describe the mod as a “loosely based replica of the original Marathon,” and note that while they have made some additions and “left out a few small things, otherwise this release stays true to the original.”

Marathon: Resurrection includes the complete single-player game, with 27 solo maps and new chapter screens, as well as 16 new multiplayer maps, new monsters and weapons, high-resolution textures, new and remastered music, and more. The mod requires Unreal Tournament version 436 to run.

Released in 1994, the original Marathon was highly-advanced FPS for its day and received widespread critical acclaim, but its influence is often overlooked due to its Macintosh-exclusive pedigree. Marathon 2 was released for Windows 95 in 1996 but was given little attention, and the series is still looked upon primarily as Mac software. Bungie released the Marathon 2 source code in 1999, and the entire Marathon trilogy as freeware in 2004.

More information is available at the Marathon: Resurrection site.

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