Take a trip to the Talos 1 Station and learn exactly how to complete the first mission of Prey [2017] with The Escapist’s speedrun walkthrough.

Instead of explaining every single element of each area, we’re instead providing “Low-Spoilers” walkthroughs — here, you’ll only find the most important steps to progress, including critical pick-ups and item caches.

If you’re looking for a complete rundown of each area, including all the items and collectibles you can grab, keep scrolling down to browse the many Prey collectible guides we’ve published so far.

Table of Contents

Walkthrough | Pt. 1: Break Out

Objective: Escape from your apartment

To leave the apartment, go into the hallway and collect the wrench from the corpse. Smash the glass window at the balcony to reveal the lab.

Objective: Get to the main lobby

Go right to the “Simulation Sound Stage” and through the “Exit” door. Go to the TranStar facade and enter the lab. Cross the hall and go upstairs, then enter the Decontamination chamber.

Enter the Research and Design office. There are two exits – collect the keycard or climb up into the maintenance hatch in the back-right corner of the room. The keycard is in Dr. Sylvan Bellamy’s office. It’s the largest office. Find the keycard on the desk.

Collect the GLOO Cannon from the corpse before entering the Foyer. Beware the swarm of Mimics – collect the Neuromod from the display to the left of the exit door to complete the “Everything You Know is About to Change” optional quest.

Use the large bulkhead door to exit and enter the Talos 1 Lobby. Go down the stairs in the lobby. This completes the first main story quest. Next up, you’ll need to access Morgan Yu’s office on the third floor of the main lobby.

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