Prey Low Spoilers Walkthrough | Pt.3 Through A Glass Darkly


The Hardware Labs and “Through a Glass Darkly” present the first real challenge in Prey [2017]. Learn how to enter Dr. Calvino’s workshop with these specific steps.

When the Looking Glass server goes down, your unseen advisor January sends Morgan Yu on a mission to restore the network. Too bad the door is locked, and it isn’t entirely clear how to find the keycard.

There are a few special goodies you’ll want to grab while visiting the Hardware Labs. Later, you’ll need the Propulsion System upgrade, as well as the Q-Beam laser weapon located in one of the locked labs.

If you’re lost in the Hardware Labs and need a push in the right direction, learn where to go below.

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Walkthrough | Pt. 3: Through a Glass Darkly

Objective: Access Dr. Calvino’s workshop

The main story quest begins after the Looking Glass playback cuts short. Leave the Executive Offices and use the Teleconference Center keycard (found on Morgan Yu’s desk, near the workstation) to enter the locked door opposite the Executive Offices entrance.

Collect the Silenced Pistol and Silenced Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plan from the dead body. Continue through the center to reach the exterior office with the bulkhead entrance to the Hardware Labs. Break through the wall of GLOO foam and interact with the bulkhead to enter the Hardware Labs.

In the Hardware Labs, pass through the Foyer to reach the hallway. The door to the Hardware Labs Atrium is locked. Take a left in the hallway to enter the Demonstration Theater. Loot the body in the seating area to collect the Employee Entrance keycard.

Return to the Atrium and sneak by or defeat the Phantom. Find the door to Dr. Calvino’s Workshop in the back-left corner. The door is locked – you’ll need to find Dr. Calvino’s workshop keycard. The keycard is on Dr. Calvino’s body.

Objective: Find Dr. Calvino’s workshop keycard

To find him, use the Security Station roster. This part can be skipped – simply enter the Machine Shop area. Dr. Calvino’s body is in the Talos 1 Exterior area. To enter the area, you’ll need to upgrade Yu’s suit to gain a propulsion system.

Go to the back-right area of the Machine Shop. Use the GLOO Cannon to climb up onto the caged area. There’s a Recycler and a Fabricator here. Opposite the Recycler, collect the Artax Propulsion System Fabrication Plan on the workstation desk.

Construct the Artax Propulsion System with the Fabricator. Collect the nearby materials under the desk with the fabrication plan – collect the system that pops out of the Fabricator to gain the propulsion system.

Find the massive airlock in the Machine Shop and unlock it with the terminal at the base of the steps. Use the terminal door to reach the microgravity environment of the Talos 1 Exterior.

Fly to the Hardware Labs hull breach marker. Inside, scavenge Dr. Calvino’s corpse near the interior window / locked door. Grab the keycard, Neuromods and transcribe.

  • OPTIONAL LOCATION: Repair the Hull Breach fail safe near the door (still in the Talos 1 Exterior zone) to unlock the path into the Beams and Waves Lab. The Q-Beam can be collected inside.

Now you can return through the airlock and backtrack to Dr. Calvino’s Workshop in the atrium.

Objective: Diagnose and repair the Looking Glass server connection

To repair the Looking Glass server, you’ll need to restore power. Use the generator terminal to the left of the window. Activate the tiny screen, then return to the large workstation in the center of the workshop.

To repair the server, select “Diagnostics” and “Diagnose Network Servers” – you’ll get the name and number of the disconnected terminal. Next, select “Network Utilities” then select the server that appeared in the red warning message when you ran the “Diagnnose Network Serviers” utility.

Now, return to Morgan Yu’s office in the Talos 1 Lobby to watch the complete message. Back in Yu’s office, use the Utilities menu and resume playback.

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