Collect “The Keys to the Kingdom” in this breakdown of the longest quest in Prey [2017]. This one takes awhile to complete.

You’ll begin this quest relatively early in the game — right after downloading the Fabrication Plan for Morgan’s Arming Key in Deep Storage. But, you won’t be able to complete it until right before the very end. When this quest is complete, you’ll have to choose one of two alternate routes, and one of them doesn’t involve arming keys at all.

See every step of this lengthy quest with the full breakdown guide, covering optional sequences and anything else you might experience (and problems you might have to deal with) along the way.

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Walkthrough | Pt. 11: The Keys to the Kingdom

After downloading the Arming Key Fabrication Plan from the Command Center computer in Deep Storage, you’ll unlock this quest.

There are two parts to this quest – you’ll need to fabricate your Arming Key, and collect Alex’s Arming Key. Alex’s Arming Key is in Life Support.

After rebooting the Power Plant reactor, it’s time to meet Alex Yu in the Arboretum. Return to the Coolant Chamber, climb the large blue machinery near the door (the main stairwell is now ruined, and the chamber is filled with coolant, so don’t fire your weapon!) and return to Life Support. Go to the Talos 1 Lobby door, and use the lift to reach the Arboretum.

Stop at any Fabricator to craft Morgan Yu’s Arming Key – Morgan Yu’s office in the Talos 1 Lobby is a good place to visit. If you haven’t already, any rescued crew (Dayo Igwe, Ilyanka) will wait there with January and provide extra side quests to complete for the end-game. Completing these side quests is critical if you want the best ending.

After arriving up in the Arboretum, Alex Yu will send you the grav lift keycode. (4244) – use it to reach his office. Enter the office itself, and you’ll start a new main quest called “Before I Give You The Key” – you’ll need to complete this quest before Alex Yu gives up his Arming Key.

Complete “Before I Give You The Key” – and you’ll have another main quest to complete. “The Repo Man” needs to be finished before Alex Yu will leave his safe room and finally, finally give you his Arming Key.

Objective: Protect Alex from Dahl
If you ruin Dahl’s plot and destroy the Tech Officer rather than confront him in Life Support, Dahl will appear in the Arboretum and attempt to breach Alex Yu’s safe room. You can either kill or incapacitate Dahl here – to get the better ending, incapacitate Dahl.

Igwe will collect the body (if you rescued Dr. Igwe) and move Dahl down to the Neuromod Division. Meet him there to wipe Dahl’s memories and use his Command Shuttle piloting skills – he’ll allow the remaining survivors to escape the station, even if you choose to destroy Talos 1.

Dahl is waiting with two Military Operators, to the left of the main entrance to Alex Yu’s office. Incapacitate him and his robots will be disabled. Don’t call Alex Yu if you want to erase Dahl’s memory – you must do that before getting Alex Yu’s Arming Key. Return to the Talos 1 Lobby and go to the Neuromod Division, Dahl’s body will be automatically moved.

When you’re ready, and have no other optional side quests to complete, you can use the green terminal to the left of Alex Yu’s front door in the Arboretum to call Alex and get the last Arming Key. Doing this initiates the end game sequence, so make sure you’re stocked up and there’s nothing else you want to complete. Taking out Dahl permanently disables all the Military Operators on the station.

Access the safe room terminal to talk to Alex Yu. He’ll offer you two choices – you can either use Alex’s Arming Key or activate the Nullwave Device.

There are two routes available when this conversation completes – “Perdition” (Destroy the Talos 1 Station) or “A Mind Without Limits” (Save the Talos 1 Station) – don’t forget to take the Arming Key from Alex Yu’s floating body after the giant Typhon creature appears.

Optional Quest: Save Alex Yu

Before continuing, you can save Alex Yu. “Carry” his body and take it into the safe room, then use the terminal outside the chamber to seal the door. Be quick, he won’t survive for long in the micro-gravity environment.

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