To gain full access to the Talos 1 Station systems in Prey [2017], you’ll need to complete a “Reboot” and explore two deadly sections of the ship in part 8 of our complete, straightforward walkthrough.

The main story quest “Reboot” begins as Morgan Yu enters Life Support through the Cargo Bay bulkhead. A new character, Ilyanka Mikhaila, contacts Morgan and advises him (or her!) on the status of the station. To remove the administrator lockdown placed by Alex Yu, Morgan needs to reboot the entire station’s power supply.

Unfortunately, the Power Plant is infested with Typhon. The alien threat seems to understand your plan, and they’re not going to let you unlock the ship so easily. See how to get through every locked door and challenge efficiently with our low-spoilers guide.

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Walkthrough | Pt. 8: Reboot

Immediately after entering the Life Support section, Ilyanka Mikhaila will contact you and instruct you on how to reboot the Talos 1 Station and grant you full access to all the disabled systems on administrator lockdown. This quest takes us through Life Support and down to the bottom floor of the reactor in the Power Plant.

Objective: Access the Reactor Control Room

Your first goal is in the Reactor Control Room, in the Power Plant. The Power Plant is accessible through Life Support, down on Level B2. The grav lift is to the left as you enter the lobby of the Life Support area. Use the GLOO Cannon to stop the electricity on the metal grating leading to the elevator. Ride down and continue toward the Power Plant entrance – go right at the fork to continue. You can also complete the “Psychic Water” quest in the Water Treatment Facility to the left at the fork.

As you enter the Power Plant area, you’ll unlock a new optional quest – “Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin”. Meet her in the Coolant Monitoring station. Helping her is optional, but you’ll need to meet her so she can talk you through the reboot procedure.

If you’re exploring, hack the Security Station terminal to download the map and grant access to the Engineering office. You’ll also need to repair the Grounding Resistor (2 spare parts) and place it to turn on the lights near the sealed Engineering Office doors. The offices themselves can only be accessed through the Talos 1 Exterior.

Take the grav lift down to the large Coolant Chamber and cross to the sealed exit door. To get the Coolant Chamber keycard, look to the left – there’s a large fire with a body in the center. Put out the fires with the GLOO Cannon, then scavenge the body to get the keycard.

Kill the Phantom outside Ilyunka’s locked office, then smash the GLOO blockage at the grav lifts. Ride down to the Reactor chamber – it’s huge, but you only need to reach the bottom chamber. Drop down and boost or take the stairs down to the office at the bottom floor. To avoid the (possible) Nightmare, open the ceiling hatch and drop inside.

Before rebooting the reactor, repair the grav lift with the power conduit to the right of the lifts, at the bottom of the stairwell. The grav lift, if reactivated, makes it much easier to escape after completing the “Reboot” quest. To make the area safer, enter the Secure Storage Room (4 turrets) and place the turrets to help kill incoming Typhon.

In the Reactor Access control room, grab the anti-rad pharma bottles before beginning the reboot sequence. Next, access the computer workstation and select “Reactor Reboot” – “Access Safety Switches” – six switches will activate. Hit the switches in this order, from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4.

If you hit the switches in the correct order, the terminal will go green. Now select “Initiate Reboot” – you’ll get the Reactor Room keycode (3845).

Objective: Fix or replace the damaged reactor divertor.

Time to enter the reactor itself. Open the doors to the reactor with the white button and clear the Cystoid Nests. Enter the main reactor area. You’ll get a deadly dose of radiation. Look on the floor of the reactor for a sparking section on the opposite end from the entrance.

Interact to remove the piece, then repair it with 7 spare parts, or collect a replacement part from the wrecked lift on Level B4 of the Reactor room. If you repair the piece, make sure to place it back in the empty spot, then leave and use an Anti-Rad to remove the radiation status effect.

Return to the control room and select “Resume Reboot” to complete the quest and unlock the airlock in the Power Plant. That completes the quest, allowing you to finally get Alex’s Arming Key in his office, at the Arboretum.

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