Inch closer to the end-game in Prey [2017] with this quick main story quest guide, covering “Before I Give You The Key”.

Before Alex Yu will meet with Morgan, you’ll have to scan the strange golden “coral” in the Talos 1 Exterior and upload the results. This is a pretty short mission, but it’s an important stepping stone. This leads directly into a difficult section of Prey, so get prepared and complete (most!) of your optional jobs before completing this quest.

The trick here is surviving the dangerous Typhon environment where the aliens are weaving up a mess of coral. Check out the gallery and follow the steps. Next time, we’re dealing with an even bigger threat to the Talos 1 Station — Walther Dahl.

Table of Contents

Walkthrough | Pt. 9: Before I Give You The Key

Alex wants you to watch a video in Alex’s office before he gives you the arming key. He’ll send you the password – access the workstation on the desk in Alex’s Office, then use the Utilities tab to watch the video.

When the video completes, take the Coral Detector Chipset that appears on Alex Yu’s office. Install it into your scope and you can begin scanning coral to complete the Nullwave device. To begin scanning coral, you’ll need to reach the Talos 1 Exterior – the closest exterior airlock is down the grav lift leading to Deep Storage.

The two coral nodes are located in an interior section above the Power Plant, in the exterior of the station. Follow the waypoints but becareful before entering – the coral node area is swarming with Cystoid Nests, and is often guarded by a Weaver and a Technopath. Be prepared to retreat if you’re overwhelmed, and go in with plenty of healing, suit repairs, and a few anti-rads just incase.

Scan both nodes when the Typhon threat is clear, then boost back up to the Arboretum airlock and upload the coral data to Alex Yu’s computer. Use the Utilities tab again. Something interrupts the upload, and Military Operators bust through the office window. These enemies rapidly drain your suit integrity. Use EMP or the Stun Gun to take these opponents down. Once the office is clear, one more main quest will unlock.

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