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Tackle a double-dose of quests in Pt. 7 of the main quest walkthroughs for Prey [2017]. Here, we’ll learn how to access the Cargo Bay in “This Side Up” then rescue (or sabotage) the survivors in “Shipping and Receiving”.

“This Side Up” is an extremely short quest, but its also an important one. Depending on how you complete it, you can gain access to more side quests. But, the true meat of this walkthrough is the “Shipping and Receiving” quest.

In “Shipping and Receiving”, you’ll need to access Cargo Bay B, get through the Typhon swarm and access the Life Support section of the station. There are multiple ways to get this done, and we’ll provide tips for completing the quest depending on your playstyle. You can go in guns blazing, sacrifice the crew, use turrets (Fabricate or find) or hack the doors open. That’s a lot of choices for a relatively short quest.

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Walkthrough | Pt. 7: This Side Up

As this quest begins, you’ll need to find a safe path back into the Aboretum from the Talos 1 Exterior. A call will alert you that the exterior hatch for the Cargo Bay is now unlocked. Boost toward the Cargo Bay waypoint marker – on the way, you’ll encounter a quick side quest involving a plot important character.

  • Side Quest – Doctor Igwe: Approaching the Cargo Bay entrance from the Talos 1 Exterior, Doctor Dayo Igwe will contact you with an urgent message. You only have 7 minutes to save him. Enter the Cargo Container Number into the computer terminal in the bay area – input 2312 – then select “Dock Cargo Container” to rescue him. Or you can select to open it, but saving him will unlock future side quests later in the story.

For the quest, “This Side Up” you’ll also need to dock a cargo container. Input 2312 – or any other cargo container number from the containers floating nearby – to complete the first step of the quest. Save Dr. Igwe, and he’ll give you the keycode to enter the docked container, allowing you to enter the Cargo Bay.

Walkthrough | Pt. 7 (Cont.): Shipping & Receiving

The first chamber in the Cargo Bay is crawling with Phantoms. Clear them out, then approach the large white door in the center, with the broken turrets and barriers. You’ll also find un-powered or otherwise nonfunctional crafting machines. There’s a Recycler and a Fabricator you can fix in the first room.

If you don’t want to fight the Phantoms, jump onto the yellow platform covered in crates and shipping containers to the left of the sealed main door. Use GLOO to climb up and reach the catwalk from above. You can enter the populated area from the second floor.

Go up to the Quartermaster’s Office on the second floor of Shipping and Receiving to talk to Sarah Elazar. Talk to her and she’ll give you the Cargo Bay Security Safe code and request your help – you’ll need to open the doors to Cargo Bay B and protect the civilians with Eradicator Turrets.

  • Side Quest: Cargo Bay Defenses To complete the Cargo Bay Defenses optional quest, you’ll need to place turrets in the loading zone of Cargo Bay B. You can retrieve the turret Fabrication Plan (Talos 1 Exterior) and restore power to the Fabricator, but this is all optional. There are three turrets you can take, located in the Cargo Staging Area.

Turret Locations: If you want to skip the “Cargo Bay Defense” quest, get three turrets in the Cargo Bay area. One is located in a shipping container on a lift in the lower section of the Staging Area room. Another can be collected inside container “06” in the same room. A third turret is in the cage on the first floor of the Shipping and Receiving area. Move the heavy crate (Leverage 3) to the left of the Cargo Shipment Control Center to drop into the cage and get it.

For the main quest, you just need to open the Cargo Bay B door. You can hack the workstation near the door (Hack 2) or kill Sarah Elazar and take the keycard from her. Otherwise, complete the Cargo Bay Defenses quest.

To restore power, download the map of the area from the terminal in the Quartermaster’s Office, then go to the Fuel Storage Bay. Use the broken lift platform with the dead employee to reach the top of the metal shelves to get over the blue flame jets.

Enter the Cargo Power Control room and activate the generator panel to restore power to the Fabricator. Now you’ll need to get the Fabrication Plan. Go back to the Talos 1 Exterior through the docked cargo container you used to enter this area in the first place.

The Turret Fabrication Plan is located in the Cargo Bay Security Safe, in the ruined office near the open cargo bay dock. There’s a Weaver inside – enter the code “5069” received from Sarah Elazar, or use Hack 3 to open the safe and get the plan.

Now create or collect three turrets and place them at the Cargo Bay B entrance door. You can place more if you want to avoid any civilian casualties – or fortify the three turrets with spare parts to make them tougher. Make sure all three turrets are placed in the “Loading Zone” floor area to complete the quest requirements.

Objective: Open Cargo Bay B

Complete “Cargo Bay Defenses” to get the keycode for Cargo Bay B, or kill Sarah Elazar and take the keycard off her corpse. Either way, when you’re ready, enter Cargo Bay B through the main door (Keycode) or side door (Keycard) and fight the army of Typhon inside.

Defeat the swarm, and the passage back to the main Talos 1 facilities is finally open to you. Morgan Yu can now continue completing “The Keys to the Kingdom” – get both arming keys. The first can be created at any Fabricator, the second is located in Life Support.

Go to the G.U.T.S. Loading Bay entrance in the back of Cargo Bay B to access the bulkhead to Life Support.

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