This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee recounts the five best, worst, and blandest video games of 2022.

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And so we reach the end of 2022, or as it will be known by future generations, the year what Elden Ring come out in. You know when they reboot a franchise and use the same name, they always end up having to stick the year it came out on the end, as with Sonic the Hedgehog open brackets 2006 and Doom open brackets 2016? This is gonna be the opposite of that. The year 2022 will forever be known as 2022 open brackets when Elden Ring come out. Not that I want to spoil too much of what you should expect from this, the Zero Punctuation top 5, bottom 5 and blandest 5 games of the preceding year. Although I’ll spoil one more thing: neither God of War Ragnarok nor Sonic Frontiers appear in any of the following lists. Hopefully this time the Youtube video won’t have to sit atop its comments like a squirrel being dangled over a sack of understimulated pitbulls.

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