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The insane Easter egg for Attack of the Radioactive Thing! might just be the toughest challenge in Infinite Warfare: Zombies so far. Here’s how to do every single step. It’s a doozy.

I’m not messing around when I say this is probably the toughest Easter egg so far. You’re going to need to take screenshots, memorize ingredient locations, complete formulas, and mix up chemical compounds with almost zero explanation in-game. The recipes are insane, but thanks to the Zombies community, I’ve put together four recipes that should help you solve the most challenging aspects of this Easter egg.

Before moving on, this guide wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable contributions of the Call of Duty: Zombies reddit, or Streamer NoahJ456 and MrDalekJD. Their dedication to COD: Zombies Easter eggs is insane. Check them out for tons more Zombies secret stuff.

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Complete Easter Egg Guide

Work-In-Progress: Check back soon for new updates and clarifications as we learn more about this massive Easter egg!

Step #1: Return Elvira’s Spell Book

The first step of every Easter egg is turning on the power, and Attack of the Radioactive Thing is no different. To turn on the power, unlock the buy-doors behind the Ice Cream Parlor and up the hill from the Spawn Room to find a fenced-in electricity area.

The power box is missing a lever though, so you can’t turn it on. Unlock the opposite Spawn Room doors until you reach the beach. In the sand, on the small hill with the tables, there’s a zombie hand sticking out of the ground, holding the lever. Grab it and return it to the power box.

Now that the power is on, you can find Elvira in the TV Studio. Interact with her, and she’ll send you to collect her Spell Book. The Spell Book is located on a shelf in the backroom of the Ice Cream Parlor. The shelf is opposite the Crafting Bench, next to the arcade cabinet for “Skull Hop”.

Step #2: Build the Seismic Wave Generator Buildable

One of the buildables is required to complete the Easter egg — the Seismic Wave Generator. Grab the Blueprint behind the Ice Cream Parlor, near the open back door.

Like any buildable, you’ll need 3 components to create it.

  • #1.: The first part is on the exterior corner, to the right as you leave through the back door of the Ice Cream Parlor.
  • #2.: On the bench, on the exterior of the Ice Cream Parlor.
  • #3.: Next to the Port-O-John, by the fallen fence.

Don’t built it just yet. You’ll need the Seismic Wave Generator later, but not right now.

Step #3: Fill the Green Vial With Goo

After returning Elvira’s Spell Book, you’ll gain a green vial. Collect alien goo and fill the vial by killing zombies with the cleaver melee weapon.

Collect the cleaver from the super market. To the right of the freezer door, you’ll find a dead shark behind the counter with a cleaver stuck in it. Grab the cleaver, and kill zombies to fill the green vial with slime.

  • NOTE: To unlock the portal to Pack-A-Punch, bring Elvira the filled green vial and she’ll fight alongside you. Lead her to one of the pulsating blue portals (it spawns in one of four locations) and she’ll unlock the path to the Projector Room.

While completing this step, you can hunt down all the parts for the Seismic Wave Generator or begin locating all the zombie pieces.

Don’t Miss the Mirror!: After Elvira gets up from her chair in the TV Station, grab the mirror item on her seat. You can only grab it while Elvira is up and running around.

Step #4: Complete the Zombie Body

This step, like the Seismic Wave Generator, isn’t strictly required at this point of the Easter egg, but it helps to start hunting down all the zombie parts now. You’ll need to find six pieces to complete a full zombie body — a head, a torso, two arms, and two legs.

  • Zombie Head: The Zombie Head can only be accessed from the Projector Room. When you’re in the Projector Room with the Pack-a-Punch, turn around and press the wall-mounted button. It will light up green. Exit through the portal, and you’ll appear in an RV with the zombie head inside.
  • Zombie Torso: Get the Crowbar melee weapon from the maintenance closet up the steps near the pool at the motel. Next, go to the Gas Station and look in the alley to find a Power Box item in the pile of trash cardboard boxes. Take the box to the freezer in the Market, place it on the black-empty slot, activate the Deep Freeze trap, then use the crowbar on the hanging meat to find the glowing zombie torso.
  • Zombie Arm #1: Remember where you collected the power handle from the beach? Return to the zombie arm’s location — there’s still a bloody spot there. Use the Seismic Wave Generator on the bloody spot. After a little bit, the zombie arm will reappear.
  • Zombie Arm #2: Take the stairs down to the trailer park filled with RVs and look in the large fire pit.
  • Zombie Leg #1: Use an explosive grenade on the tree to the left of the door-buy from the beach Racing Stripes machine leading to Elvira’s TV Studio. The leg will fall out of the tree.
  • Zombie Leg #2: The first soldier zombie you kill in Attack of the Radioactive Thing! will always drop one zombie leg for you to collect.

You’ve now got a complete zombie corpse. There are still more items to collect, so let’s aim for the mirrors next.

Step #5: Place The 3 Mirrors & Body Parts

There are three mirrors you’ll need to complete the Easter egg, and the first is found in Elvira’s TV Studio.

  • Mirror #1: When Elvira gets up off her sofa in the TV Studio, grab the mirror on her chair before she returns.
  • Mirror #2: Use the Crowbar (Found in the room at the motel behind Bombstoppers) on the passenger-side mirror on the white crashed car between the market and the gas station.
  • Mirror #3: Go to the Public Restrooms in the Trailer Park and use the Crowbar on the intact mirror in the Men’s Restroom. Collect the shard that breaks off.

Next, you’ll want to place all three mirrors and the zombie body parts in the Quarantine Chamber in the Spawn Area. Place a mirror part on the wooden crates (left corner), on the medical table near the bed, and on the MRE crates near the window.

Place the Zombie Parts on the green gurney that’s tilted up. All the parts will automatically snap into position when you interact with the bed.

Step #6: Guess The Computer Codes

Use the Punch Card on the typewriter / computer device in the Quarantine Zone to unlock an important code that you’ll need to memorize for later. Unfortunately, the code is completely random, and the only way to discover it is through trial-and-error.

  • Don’t Miss the Punch Card: Collect the Punch Card from the desk in the back room of the Ice Cream Parlor with the Crafting Bench.

Insert the Punch Card into the computer when the Zombie body and the mirrors and in position, and you’ll see the small device light up.

There are 10 dots on the computer, and the light swiftly moves through the lights — think of the lights as digits, from 1 to 10. Interact to stop the light. If you land on the correct digit, it will lock into place.

This is a five digit code, and you’ll have to restart if you mess up three times in a row. Keep guessing numbers — the numbers don’t reset, just the minigame.

  • When you get all five digits, the screen will light up green.

The small device to the right of the computer will light up when the code is correctly input. Interact to activate the ray gun, completing the zombie corpse and turning it into a complete zombie.

Here’s the annoying part. You’ll have to repeat the code minigame a second time. The code will change (It’s the same code backwards). Input the new code into the computer, and use the ray gun controls to transform the zombie body you created earlier into a key.

Step #7: Get the Bomb Parts & Codes

We have the key, but there’s still more items you’ll need to pick up around the map. There are three bomb components in very tricky spots. Grab them, and they’ll we’ll use the key.

  • Bomb Part #1: On the road between the motel and the TV Studio, look for a crashed red car. Go prone on the front-right wheel to find this hard-to-spot item.
  • Bomb Part #2: Under the wooden Beach bridge, drop down to the stream and look on the rocks. Get very close to spot this part.
  • Bomb Part #3: From Racing Stripes, move toward the fence outside Elvira’s TV Studio and look on the ground to the right of the door-buy, in the bushes.

That’s not all, either. You’ll also need some Nuclear Launch Codes. The first can be found in the office of the Beachside Market, through the freezer. Find the corner desk, and go prone — look up at the edge facing the swivel chair to spot a secret code printed on blue squares stuck to the bottom.

There are four numbers, and they are random every single time. Memorize this code — the goal is to input the code into four pressure gauges found throughout the map.

It doesn’t matter which of the four numbers you input into which pressure gauge. They can be input in any order — just put one of each number into each pressure gauge.

To Input: Use the Crowbar melee weapon on the gauge when the dial lands on the number you want to input.

  • Gauge #1: Behind the Blue Bolts Shack at the Power Switch area.
  • Gauge #2: In the Motel Maintenance Closet up the steps from Bombstoppers, the same room where you can first collect the crowbar.
  • Gauge #3: Next to the Quickies Perk Machine.
  • Gauge #4: Behind the Gas Station, between the two red doors.

To be clear, it doesn’t matter how you input the code or what order. Just make sure all four numbers are represented in the four pressure gauges.

Now you’re free to return to the Beachside Market office. The safe should now be unlocked, and the Nuclear Code Card is located inside. Grab it! The random number will appear on your sticker pack. Remember it for later!

Step #8: Create the Chemical Station

Before moving on, you’ll need three more components in your Sticker Pack — three parts for the Chemical Station. Like the other buildables, these parts are always located in the same spots.

  • Chem Part #1: Found on the couch in the back office of the Beachside Market.
  • Chem Part #2: A huge piece of computer equipment on the high hill overlooking the beach. Find the covered seating spots with benches — this part is massive, it covers the entire table.
  • Chem Part #3: On the bench in the covered seating area in the Trailer Park.

Now we can finally use that key. Use it on the closed red garage door at the Gas Station to open the way inside. Place the parts on the work table inside to create the Chemical Station.

  • NOTE: Grab the additional Spell Book on the shelf with the extra rubber wheels to the right as you enter the Gas Station garage.

The next step is when this Easter egg gets really, really tricky.

Step #9: Collecting The Correct Numbers

To begin this step, you’ll need to find some graffiti. There are four locations to search. Look for a white chalk “Symbol” = “Number” scrawled on these four surfaces.

The symbol always looks like an O with a line on the top and bottom.

  • Look up at the bottom of the concrete bridge.
  • On the front door of the Gas Station.
  • In the back room of the Market, on the wall to the right of the refrigerator.
  • Printed on the refrigerator in the RV interior — press the button in the Projector Room and exit to see it.

These numbers are random. Now, to see which number is the true number, you’ll have to check each out individually — in Elvira’s TV Station, use the machinery to adjust the color of the map. You can go from full color, to red, blue, and green.

While changing the colors, watch to see which “Symbol = #” graffiti gains a slash through the equal sign. Only one of these symbols will NOT gain a slash through the equal sign. The slash indicates the number is wrong, so ignore any numbers with a slash and find the one number that does not gain a slash when changing the colors.

Write down your correct “O with lines on the top / bottom” number.

You’ll also need one more number before starting the Chemical Station challenge. The number is written on the wall, up high and to the right, as you enter the Reception office at the Motel Pool area. There’s a M-like shape, or three T’s, with a number above it. Write this number down or memorize it.

Now, get your “O w/ Lines” number and multiply it by the “Weird M (3 T’s)” number. For example…

  • O = 8
  • M = 7
  • O x M = 56

Now, look at Elvira’s TV, next to her reclining spot. It has three numbers you’ll need to know.

NOTE: The numbers on the TV will also change. They are random for each game.

  • < 53 BLUE
  • 53-55 RED
  • > 55 GREEN

So, depending on your number, you’ll need to change the color filter to match. In our example, we got 56, so that means the color filter needs to be GREEN. Your number is going to be different, as all the values in Attack of the Radioactive Thing! are randomized.

Once you’ve got the color filter properly set, DO NOT CHANGE THE FILTER — leave it as you complete the next step.

Step #10: Find The Compound To Defeat The Radioactive Thing

If you thought the last step was complicated, this one is going to blow your mind. We won’t go into all the details for this one here — how to discover exactly the chemical compounds you need — but, we will explain where to find every chemical component, and which recipes you’ll need to complete, depending on the individual orders you get.

Before you start mixing up chemicals at the Gas Station Chemical Station, you’ll need to find audio logs spread across the map. These are large boxes with rolls of audio tape inside. Interact (with a battery in your inventory) to activate them.

There are multiple audio logs, but there’s only one you absolutely need. Each log will talk about chemical compounds, but ignore everything — only listen for when the Doctor states that a certain compound is absolutely required to end the crisis with the Radioactive Beast.

  • Audio Log #1 Located in the alley behind the Gas Station.
  • Audio Log #2 On the Beach path leading to the Trailer Park.
  • Audio Log #3 Found on the couch in the Motel Reception Office.
  • Audio Log #4 In the TV Station with Elvira.
  • Audio Log #5 Around the Power Switch area, near the blue Port-O-John.

Some audio logs may require a BATTERY. Zombies will randomly drop batteries when killed. Insert the battery into the tape recorder to continue listening.

Only one of these audio logs will reveal the compound you need to create to finally defeat the Radioactive Thing. He’ll choose one of the following compounds randomly each game.

  • 3-Methyl-2, 4-Di Nitrobenzen
  • Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine
  • 3/4-Di-Nitroxy-Methyl-Propane
  • 1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol

To create each compound, you’ll need to work backwards — these are the end points, but you’ll need to combine multiple different compounds to finally create each killer recipe.

Here’s how to mix every recipe. This is going to be long, use CTRL+F to search for your specific recipe.

How To Cook – 3-Methy-l/2, 4-Di Nitrobenzen

  • Mix #1: Drain Cleaner + Paint + Detergent = Methlybenzene
  • Mix #2: Methylbenzene + Baking Soda + Vinegar + Detergent = Dinitro
  • Final Mix: Dinitro + Racing Fuel = 3-Methy-l/2, 4-Di Nitrobenzen

How To Cook – Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine

  • Mix #1: Racing Fuel + Quarters = Formaldehyde
  • Mix #2: Formaldehyde + Glass Cleaner = Hexamine
  • Final Mix: Hexamine + Vinegar + Plant Food + Detergent = Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine

How To Cook – 3/4-Di-Nitroxy-Methyl-Propane

  • Mix #1: Vodka + Pennies = Acetaldehyde
  • Mix #2: Quarters + Racing Fuel = Formaldehyde
  • Mix #3: Acetaldehyde + Formaldehyde = Aldehyde Sludge
  • Final Mix: Aldehyde Sludge + Nail Polish Remover = 3/4-Di-Nitroxy-Methyl-Propane

How To Cook – 1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol

  • Mix #1: Motor Oil + Insect Repellant + Wheel Cleaner = Phenol
  • Mix #2: Phenol + Drain Cleaner = Phenolsulfonic Acid
  • Final Mix: Phenolsulfonic Acid + Detergent = 1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol

For help finding the locations for each chemical compound you’ll need to mix, check out this incredibly helpful community-generated text guide with every ingredient location.

Mixing the compounds together isn’t as easy as you might think. You can’t just combine the compounds at the Chemical Station — no, there’s much more to it than that.

Step #11: Mixing The Chemical Cocktail

Now that you have the Chemical Station built, collected all the ingredients, and found which of the four recipes you’ll need, it’s time to start mixing up compounds.

Place each ingredient on the table. It doesn’t matter which order, just that every required component is on the table. To mix, you’ll need to punch a code into the computer on the upper-right of the Chem Station.

To get the correct numbers, you’ll need to do some math and take some screenshots. First, let’s talk about where you’ll get the numbers you need.

There are six Chemical Boards spread across the map. Each chemical board has a list of different ingredients, with four numbers in a diamond shape to the right of each ingredient.

Ignore the numbers for now. To collect the numbers, you’ll need to take screenshots with your phone or use PS4 / Xbox One functionality, and get close enough so that you can see the set of four numbers next to each ingredient entry.

Here’s where to find all six Chemical Boards…

  • Chem Board #1: Out front, near the front door (parking lot entrance) to Elvira’s TV Studio, next to Bang Bangs.
  • Chem Board #2: Inside the Spawn Area Quarantine Zone, down the hallway.
  • Chem Board #3: In the alley behind the Beachside Market.
  • Chem Board #4: On the beach. When facing the Thing, look on the left rocks near the water.
  • Chem Board #5: Along an RV in the Trailer Park area.
  • Chem Board #6: Inside the Gas Station garage, to the left of the Chemical Station.

NOTE: The proper colors will ONLY appear if you look at the Chem Boards with the correct color filter enabled. Figure out which color filter you need to activate in STEP #9.

Got all that? The numbers next to each ingredient change every game, so it’s important you take screenshots of each and refer back to them later.

When mixing up a formula, find each ingredient on the boards, and ADD THE TOP AND LEFT NUMBERS. Ignore the bottom and right numbers. They’re useless.

The equation for each compound works like this…

  • Ingredient Number = TOP Chem Board Number + LEFT Chem Board Number


The “O” Symbol (With a Line in the Top / Bottom) is the only number you need to remember from STEP #9.

  • In our example, “O” = 8.
  • Let’s say, for example, our recipe is “Motor Oil + Insect Repellant + Drain Cleaner.”
  • In our color filtered screenshots of the Chem Boards, adding the top + left numbers for Motor Oil equals 13. Insect Repellant equal 6, and Drain Cleaner equals 16.
  • So, the equation is…

EXAMPLE: Motor Oil (13) + Insect Repellant (6) + Drain Cleaner (16) – “O” Symbol (8) = 27.

So, in our example, you would input 27 into the Chemical Station computer. If the number is correct, the ingredients will combine into a compound and appear on the table to the right in the garage.

Complete this for all 3-4 steps of the recipe to create your final chemical compound.

Step #12: Building the Bomb

Now, it’s finally time to complete the atomic bomb that’s located in the Gas Station garage. Add the parts you collected in STEP #7.

You should also give Elvira the extra spell book pages you collected earlier, too. Grab the spell book pages from the tire shelf to the right as you enter the Gas Station garage and interact with Elvira to give them back.

When the final chemical compound has been created, you can begin the teleportation sequence. All players must interact with the atomic bomb in the garage at the same time to teleport and begin the end-game of Attack of the Radioactive Thing!

Take the time to grab perks and Pack-a-Punch any weapons you can grab. If you’re ready, interact with the bomb twice to begin the final boss battle.

Step #13: The Final Battle

On the beach, you’ll face off against the massive Radioactive Thing. Like all of these boss battles, you’ll need to complete (and survive) multiple stages to defeat your opponent.

The Radioactive Thing will launch salvos of Crog eggs at you from the sky. You can shoot the green / yellow projectile eggs as they fly to stop a horde of Crogs from spawning.

Stage #1:

Stand next to the massive atomic bomb on the cart to slowly wheel it toward the beach. If you have friends, use them to lead the spawning zombies and enemies away from the bomb so you can safely lead it toward the beach without constant harassment.

When the bomb is on the shoreline, it will activate and automatically launch at the Radioactive Thing.

Stage #2:

The Radioactive Thing will enter combat with the players at this point. Periodically, it will charge up and launch a beam at the players — when it does, a green weak point will glow on the thing’s chest.

To damage the thing, you’ll need to use the Death Ray turrets found all over the beach. There is one Death Ray on both hills above the beach, one on the bridge, and one on the small seating area in the center of the sand.

Use the Death Ray to blast the boss square in the chest — over and over. It will turn, making it impossible to hit from certain angles, and summon tons of Crogs with salvos of eggs.

Position your team at all angles on the beach to pummel the boss in the chest. This is a long stage, so keep shooting it with the Death Ray, and don’t get killed by the swarms of Crogs / Zombies.

Stage #3:

When the boss finally approaches the sand of the beach, while leaking radioactive blood from its chest, you’ll be able to see a faint outline of the Atomic Bomb on the carrier cart.

The bomb is gone, but the outline still remains. Interact with the outline with all current players at the same time, and the bomb will start to materialize. When it begins to reappear, quickly rush back to the far end of the beach, opposite the boss.

It will slowly move across the beach, spewing more acid that practically covers the entire beach (if you’re not camping near the barrier in the far back side) — and summons lots of Crogs and Zombies.

Eventually, the acid will disappear, and a crazy labyrinth of lasers will appear. Sprint through the laser obstacle course toward the bomb before the timer ticks down to zero. You only have a handful of seconds, so you’ll need to jump and slide by the lasers to make it to the bomb outline in time.

At the bomb outline, hold down interact until the meter fills to teleport inside the boss’ body.

The End:

This is it. Time to activate the atomic bomb that’s inside the Radioactive Thing’s Stomach. Remember the launch code from the safe in STEP #7? Write that down or memorize it before the final battle.

Inside the Radioactive Thing’s stomach, input the code for the Atomic Bomb. You won’t be able to check your inventory or sticker pack to get the code again. If you didn’t memorize it, write it down, or screenshot it, then it’s all over.

ALL PLAYERS must input the code in the bomb correctly. Stop the dot on each number to input all five parts of the code.

Correctly input the code, and you’ll finally complete this Easter egg. Congratulations! This might be the hardest Zombies Easter egg yet.

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