Get Around Attack of the Radioactive Thing! Fast With These Fast Travel Teleporters

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Want to get around Sonova Beach, the idyllic ’50s setting of Attack of the Radioactive Thing faster? Unlock these teleporters to zip all around the map in no time flat.

Attack of the Radioactive Thing isn’t just a tough Zombies map, it’s also pretty huge. Running around the seaside town can take some time, and teleporters help make traversal much, much faster. They’re also pretty handy for escaping tight spots, or while completing the main Easter egg challenge.

Whatever the case, here’s how to activate the teleporters and where you’ll find them in the Zombies map included in DLC3.

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How To Unlock Fast Travel Teleporters

Spread across Attack of the Radioactive Thing!, there are four teleporter pads you can activate. Activating them is free — all you have to do is find them.

NOTE: To activate a teleporter pad, the power must be on. To turn on the power, collect the Power Box Switch from the bloody zombie hand around the center of the beach, then return to the Power Station and attach the lever to the broken Power Box on the shed.

Teleporter pads are round sci-fi devices you’ll find on the ground. When deactivated, they’re a low grey color, so they can be tricky to spot from far away. Here’s where to find them all.

  • Pad #1: Seaside Market Exterior – To the right of the street entrance to the Seaside Market, near the traffic barriers blocking the radioactive gunk-filled area.
  • Pad #2: Elvira’s TV Studio Parking Lot – In the parking lot of the TV Studio. Look on the fence wall to the right as you leave the studio from the parking lot door.
  • Pad #3: RV Trailer Park – Behind the silver RV, to the right of the covered picnic table.
  • Pad #4: Power Station Bill Board – Take the stairs up onto the concrete platform to explore the area behind the massive billboard, opposite the Power Station area that’s up the hill from the Ice Cream Parlor.

The teleporters can only be used when all four have been located and reactivated. Teleporter pads have a short cooldown after they’re used, and they teleport in a circle around the map.

  • RV Park -> Seaside Market Street
  • Seaside Market Street -> Power Station Street
  • Power Station Street -> TV Station Parking
  • TV Station Parking -> RV Park

The teleporters are not random and will always lead to the same location, every single time. Now you can enjoy a quicker way across Sonova Beach.

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