Listen To The Secret Song In Attack of the Radioactive Thing With These Easter Egg Steps

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Secret songs just won’t go away in Call of Duty: Zombies maps. There’s one in Attack of the Radioactive Thing, and we’ve got locations to unlock it, and a video if you want to just listen to it now.

Brachyura Boogie is the title, and this is yet another completely custom, unique piece of music created solely for this Zombies DLC map. That’s a lot of strangeness to accept, so if you want to listen to Elvira’s singing voice, just scroll down and click on the video right now.

Otherwise, you can unlock the track and play it for your friends in the map itself while playing online. Instead of teddy bears or any of that other stuff, you’ll be tracking down collectible vinyl records. Makes sense for once.

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Secret Song Easter Egg Guide

Like other secret songs in Call of Duty: Zombies, you’ll need to interact with a specific collectible found throughout the map. In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, it’s vinyl records.

NOTE: No prompt will appear when you look at the vinyl records. Just hold down interact while looking at them to “activate” or “collect” each.

When you’re ready to start hunting, here are all five vinyl record locations. The vinyl record is in a white sleeve with a black circle. The color inside the circle changes, but the sleeve itself is very simple and distinct.

  • Record #1: Snack Shack – Across from the Snack Shack, there’s a grey concrete brick wall, with blue scaffolding and construction equipment under a blue tarp. The vinyl is under the palette, under the blue tarp.
  • Record #2: Power Station – Behind a stack of rubber wheels next to the Power Switch shed.
  • Record #3: Trailer Park – Inside the accessible RV interior, go prone to find this record stuck to the underside of the dining table.
  • Record #4: Seaside Market – In a shelf underneath the cash register at the checkout counter.
  • Record #5: Motel Pool – At the motel, find the alcove that’s filled with metal trash cans. Look inside the one open trash can with the lid removed that has no trash inside.

You don’t need to interact in any particular order. As long as you interact with all five, the music will start playing. It totally enhances the mood. Novelty songs and zombies mix together like peanut butter and chocolate.

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