Where To Find Bonus Melee Weapons (And How To Use Them) In Attack of the Radioactive Thing

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Upgrade your melee attack and see what the crowbar and the cleaver can do for you as we further explore the secrets of Attack of the Radioactive Thing.

There’s no real secret to finding and collecting the two bonus melee weapons in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. They’re both pretty powerful — they can kill zombies in a single swipe up until Round 9 — but otherwise, they don’t seem that impressive.

Until you realize that they’re both required to unlock the main Easter egg. Even if you’re not interested in completing this monster of an optional quest, there are still lots of uses for the Cleaver and the Crowbar. Get a (pretty much) complete picture for these powerful zombie-chopping tools with the quick guide below.

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Special Melee Weapons | Locations & Uses

There are two special melee weapons you can collect at any point while playing Attack of the Radioactive Thing. One of these weapons is required to unlock the Pack-A-Punch room, and the other is required to complete the main Easter egg.

Both of these melee weapons can kill zombies in one hit, up to Round 9. Use Slappy Taffy to make them even stronger.

  • Cleaver Location: Seaside Market – Found behind the counter near the freezer door, embedded in a shark carcass.
  • Crowbar Location: Motel Pool – In the maintenance room with the crafting bench. Found on the wall opposite the entrance door.

Both of these weapons are important for a variety of reasons. To help explain why you’ll want to grab these weapons, here’s a quick rundown explaining (almost) everything they can do in the map.

Cleaver Uses

  • Used to collect radioactive zombie blood after Elvira gives you the green vial.

Crowbar Uses

  • Used to destroy the frozen carcass and collect the Zombie Torso item in the Seaside Market freezer.
  • Used to collect two of the three mirror parts. Can break the intact mirror in the RV Park public restroom, and the passenger side exterior mirror on the white car between the market and the gas station.
  • Used to stop the meter on the gauges to input the safe code in the market.
  • Use on pay phones and the market cash register to collect quarters / pennies.
  • Used on the open cabinet containing the alien fuse in the RV interior you can reach by activating the red button in the Projector Room.

The crowbar wins when it comes to practical uses all over the map, but you’ll always need to get the cleaver first. Unlock the Pack-A-Punch isn’t that difficult this time around — as long as you don’t die trying to melee too many zombies at once.

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