Get Twice the Power In Attack Of the Radioactive Thing! | How To Double Pack-A-Punch

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Double the upgrades, double the fun — here’s how to unlock the Double Pack-A-Punch perk machine in Attack of the Radioactive Thing! for Infinite Warfare.

Attack of the Radioactive Thing! is a killer Zombies survival map, and it just might be one of the toughest in the series. The Easter egg steps that lead to the final boss can be maddeningly difficult, even with a bunch of friends working together, so you’re going to need ever advantage you can get. Even if you only want to reach those high rounds and don’t care about the ending cutscene.

Check out how to get the Double Pack-A-Punch upgrade with the quick guide below, or check out any of our other guides for Attack of the Radioactive Thing! for help with the main Easter egg, turning on power, unlocking the Projector room, or summoning the celebrity guest Elvira.

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How To Double Pack-A-Punch

Before we can Double Pack-A-Punch, we’ll need to complete two basic steps. 1) Turn on the Power, and 2) Unlock the Projector Room. Both of these steps are covered in separate guides here on The Escapist — check out how to activate the Pack-A-Punch and turn on the power in the link bank above.

Now, here’s how to Double Pack-A-Punch:

  • 1. Collect the Crowbar from the Maintenance Room in the Motel Pool area. It’s on the back wall as you enter — this small room also contains a crafting bench.
  • 2. Next, enter the Pack-A-Punch Projector Room through a blue portal and press the button near the door — it should turn green. Re-enter the portal to teleport to the RV interior.
  • 3. Inside the RV, use the Crowbar melee weapon on the slightly-open cabinet above the window and to your left when you appear inside the RV. Grab the Alien Fuses from this cabinet.
  • 4. Now we need to charge up the Alien Fuses. To do that, re-collect the Cleaver melee weapon from the dead shark in the Beachside Market and get zombie kills with it to refill the vial. This step should be familiar — it’s required to summon Elvira and unlock the Projector Room.
  • 5. With the full green vial and alien fuses, you can place them in the center of the Power Station area. Look at the ground and hold [Interact] to place the items. For help, this is the spot where the electricity trap zaps zombies.
  • 6. Find the broken Electricity Trap console. Repair it and spend points to activate the trap — that will fully charge the alien batteries. To fix the trap, grab the part from the trash can behind the bus on the street outside the Power Station.
  • 7. Finally, return to the Projector Room and install the Alien Fuses into the Pack-A-Punch machine.
  • 8. Voila! The Pack-A-Punch can now be used twice on all your favorite weapons.

The Double Pack-A-Punch is practically required at high levels, and unlocking it isn’t actually that difficult — not nearly as difficult as some of the insane steps to complete the main Easter egg.

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