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The first step of every Call of Duty: Zombies map is turning on the power. Here’s how to do it in Attack of the Radioactive Beast.

Themed after a ’50s beach horror movie, Attack of the Radioactive Beast starts in black-and-white, but quickly becomes full-color as you explore the sleepy, swinging beach-side town that’s actually still looking pretty good.

Turning on the power is important for one simple reason — that activates all the perk machines. If you’re looking to speed up your reloads, and survive hits with Tuff Nuff, it’s a good idea to turn on power ASAP.

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How To Turn On Power

The power handle isn’t found in the Spawn Room this time around. Instead, you’ll need to open a few of those buy doors and reach a special location — the power station. Naturally, the Power switch is located there.

Too bad the Power Box is missing the lever. To turn on the power, you’ll need to find two components; 1) The Power Box, and 2) The Lever.

  • #1. To find the Power Box, open the path through the Diner and move up the hill toward the electricity station. It’s a fenced-in area, and the Power Box itself is on the small shed wall.
  • #2. The Power Box is missing a lever. Take the opposite path from the Spawn Room to reach the beach area where you’ll get a view of the Radioactive Thing in the far distance.
  • #3. On the hill in the center of the sandy lot overlooking the beach with a bench, look in the sand for a bloody zombie hand. Grab the lever from the hand.
  • #4. Now you can return to the Power Box, attach the hand and flip the switch to bring power to the entire map.

The power back in play, you’ll be able to use all those handy perk vending machines scattered across the map. No multi-power puzzles here. Once you’ve got the power turned on, it’s on across the whole map. And this is one big map with plenty of doors to purchase.

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