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Dreaming Freedom Chapter 145 Release Date Confirmed

When things feel like they’re going to slow down in Dreaming Freedom, the series always takes it up a notch. In fact, Chapter 144 ends on a very intense note, leaving readers clamoring for more. Well, here’s the confirmed release date of Dreaming Freedom Chapter 145.

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When Does Dreaming Freedom Chapter 145 Come Out?

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Chapter 144 of Dreaming Freedom was released on June 12, 2024, and since the series follows a weekly release schedule, Chapter 145 will drop on June 19. It will appear on various platforms, but with time zones being a factor, it won’t be available to read at the same time of day everywhere.

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What Happens in Dreaming Freedom Chapter 144?

The reunion between Jeongmin and Siyun continues as Chapter 144 kicks off. Siyun talks about his time in the military and how it was good for him. Jeongmin realizes the man in front of her is more mature, but before she can wrap her head around that, he asks if they should move in together. She doesn’t answer right away, explaining to her friend later that she told him she needed to talk to her mom.

It’s clear Jeongmin is dealing with her own insecurities, and things only get worse when she goes to work at the cafe and Siyun comes to visit. She thinks that the fact that she has a male coworker who’s also her friend will cause an issue in her relationship, but Siyun doesn’t seem very bothered. That upsets Jeongmin, who comes to the realization that maybe she liked that Siyun used to be so protective over her. She’ll have to deal with those feelings in Chapter 145, though, because that’s where the story ends for now.

And that’s the confirmed release date for Dreaming Freedom Chapter 145.

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