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How To Unlock All New Supers in Destiny 2 the Final Shape

One of the most exciting things in Destiny 2, as regards buildcrafting, is the introduction of new Supers. Supers are your ultimate ability and will often define the purpose of a build. Thankfully, The Final Shape has given us some new ones to explore.

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The Twilight Arsenal, Storm’s Edge, and Song of Flame all all the new supers you can get for the three classes, and they’ll give you plenty to consider when it comes to getting your new builds together. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock them, as well as a little extra information for those curious about Prismatic.

How to unlock The Final Shape Supers

To unlock these new Supers, you need to play through the campaign. The fifth mission, called Ascent, will introduce you to a massive flood of Light energy, which will unlock your new ability. I won’t drop any spoilers for the mission, but it’s a lot of fun and a nice memory for veteran Guardians.

As you play through the mission, you get access to your new Super, depending on your class. Warlocks will get Song of Flame, Hunters will get Storm’s Edge, and Titans will get Twilight Arsenal. The only way to unlock these Supers is via this mission, so if you are playing on more than one character, you’ll need to dive into the campaign multiple times.

As is traditional with Destiny introducing us to new powers, you will get to take on a horde of enemies with an extremely quick recharge time on your abilities and your brand-new Super, so make sure you take the time to enjoy the feeling of being overpowered.

How to unlock Prismatic Supers

Supers for your Prismatic class are a very different thing, but a note on them here will likely be helpful for newer players. You unlock Prismatic during the campaign, but many Supers for it will remain locked away. To get access to these, you will need to complete two missions that will be unlocked after the main campaign is complete.

You will need to complete these two missions as part of a bigger Exotic quest called Destined Heroes. The two sub-quests are called Lost in the Light and Found in the Dark, and completing them will give you access to your missing Prismatic supers. They are not tough quests, but they should provide you with a fun challenge as you seek to learn more about the history of some of your friends and unlock all supers for the Prismatic class.

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