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Everyone loves secret levels, and if you’re looking to enjoy everything that Crash Bandicoot 1 has to offer in the N. Sane Trilogy, you’ll want to unlock bonus stages with these key collectibles.

“Key Locations” is kind of a misnomer. Yes, there are special keys you’ll need to find, but what you’re really going after are the Neo Cortex Bonus Stages.

There are only two in the game, and you’ll need to find three particularly tough-to-find N. Cortex face pick-ups to unlock the teleporters in each level. Even the teleporters are tough to find (in one level!) so we’ve thrown together a quick guide to explain this one extra aspect of the game.

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There are two keys in Crash 1. To get them, you’ll need to complete two Neo Cortex bonus stages — just like any other bonus stage, unlocking the teleporter requires collecting three faces. In this case, you’re looking for three Neo Cortex faces.

Sunset Vista:

  • N. Cortex #1: The first Cortex face isn’t available until you’re on the third “floor” of this level. When you reach the top of the ruin and can see the sunset background, there’s a small interior room with white crate outlines. Defeat the lizard and enter the ruin, smash all the crates to find the first Cortex face.
  • N. Cortex #2: Ahead, you’ll reach a small safe space between two pushing-block walls. Hop on the crates to reach the top of the second pushing-block walls where there’s an extra life and an N. Cortex face.
  • N. Cortex #3: The last face is near the N. Cortex teleporter. To the left, hop into the hallway with the extra life and move left to enter an interior background room. Hop around to collect the hidden Cortex face back there.

With all three faces, you’ll unlock the Cortex bonus stage. Complete it to earn the first (of two!) keys.

Jaws of Darkness:

  • N. Cortex #1: After riding the tiny pair of platforms, jump through the spike traps and the fire to reach a stack of crates with a TNT crate on top. Break the bottom crate to find the first N. Cortex.
  • N. Cortex #2: Ahead, you’ll eventually reach a stone platform corner after jumping through spears, with a fire on the left, right after a snake. In this corner, smash the “?” crate to get your second Cortex.
  • N. Cortex #3: Just to the left, when you reach a platform with a void to the left, the only path forward looks like the straight ahead. Not so, walk left to make invisible platforms appear — the Wumpa Fruit tips you off — this path leads to the N. Cortex teleporter and the last face in a crate.

And that’s both keys! With these keys, you’ll unlock some bonus levels to enjoy. Not a bad reward, huh?

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