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Where to Read Fly Me to the Moon Manhwa, Confirmed

Fans of romantic fantasy manhwa should consider checking out the 2023 series Fly Me to the Moon, not to be confused with the 2018 manga of the same name. Here’s where to read the Fly Me to the Moon manhwa.

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Where to Read Fly Me to the Moon

The Fly Me to the Moon manhwa is available to read through the online platform Manta, either through its web-based browser or its downloaded apps on Apple’s App Store or Google Play. There are currently two seasons of Fly Me to the Moon, the latter of which launching in May 2024 with new chapters translated into English released weekly on Mondays. The prologue and first four chapters of the series are currently free to read, with subsequent chapters requiring users to have an active Manta account and the most recent chapters requiring those with an unlimited amount of reading credits.

Created by Lee-su Yong, with scripts by Mcat and illustrations by Kint, Fly Me to the Moon launched in January 2023, with its first season lasting 47 chapters and ending in August 2023. Because of the manhwa’s occasionally spicy content, Manta recommends Fly Me to the Moon for readers that are at least 17 years old as the series contains plenty of mature themes. The series follows Jeongyeon, a young woman who finds herself lured into a shadowy world filled with monstrous figures as she searches for true love.

Interestingly, a Japanese manga series, also titled Fly Me to the Moon, is currently ongoing after launching in February 2018. Bearing no relation to its South Korean manhwa namefellow, the Japanese Fly Me to the Moon is created by Kenjiro Hata and is a romantic science fiction story of a young genius and his new wife. Though the English translated manga retains the title Fly Me to the Moon, its anime adaptation changes the title to Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You.

Be sure to check which version of Fly Me to the Moon you’re reading to ensure you have the right story!

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