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Best Characters for The Wind-Soaring Valorous Relic Set in Honkai: Star Rail

A set in the waiting

Set pieces always come in pairs in Honkai: Star Rail, and among them isthe Wind-Soaring Valorous Relic set, which is ideal for follow-up attackers. This guide outlines the set’s effects and the best characters you can equip it on.

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Wind-Soaring Valorous Relic Set Effects

Set PiecesEffect Description
2-pcIncrease ATK by 12%
4-pcIncreases the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 6%. When the wearer uses a follow-up attack, increases the DMG dealt by Ultimate by 36%, lasting for 1 turn(s)

With a generic attack boost 2-piece effect, the Wind-Soaring Valorous Relic set can be used as temporary (or even permanent) pieces for many characters. The unique part is found in the 4-piece effect, where you not only get a very valuable Crit Rate boost but your Ultimate becomes significantly stronger.

The problem is that, as of version 2.3 of Honkai: Star Rail, few follow-up characters use their Ultimates to deal significant damage. Characters like Clara or Topaz can’t even deal damage with it directly, so are better off using Ashblaze Grand Duke or other sets instead. All other characters that actually deal damage with their Ultimates (such as Dr. Ratio) also prefer other options.

As such, the Wind-Soaring Valorous Relic set is probably meant for future characters, as none of those currently in the game seem to directly benefit greatly from the full set. Only a few characters can see some use for the complete set. Such a character would possibly be one of the best follow-up attackers in the game, as the Inert Salsotto Planar Ornament set also enhances both follow-up and Ultimate damage.

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Who Should You Equip The Wind-Soaring Valorous Relic Set On?

While all of these characters have better options for their sets, you can use Wind-Soaring Valorous Relic set with them temporarily if you happen to get some good pieces of it.

1 – Jade

Jade’s Ultimate has the highest multipliers out of all follow-up characters. While this set is a good choice, her main damage still comes from constant follow-ups, making this set not optimal for maximum output. On top of that, she has access to 100% of Genius of Brilliant Stars’ effects, which enhances her whole kit at all times. As such, it’s not worth farming, unless you have no good pieces for the Genius set.

2 – Dr. Ratio

Dr. Ratio’s Ultimate also deals some decent damage, but not enough to justify not enhancing his extraordinarily powerful follow-ups. He also has plenty of other good choices, such as Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters or even two-piece combos between Imaginary DMG, ATK%, and Follow-up DMG.

3 – Himeko

Himeko is a similar case to Dr. Ratio, but her follow-ups are even more important here, especially when using her on Pure Fiction, where there are plenty of targets to Break and, consequently, enable Himeko. So Ashblaze is always the preferred set.

4 – Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan always gets new options for gear, but Ashblaze is also always his best in-slot, making The Wind-Soaring Valorous Relic set just another viable (but not better) option for him.

Honorable Mentions

Any other follow-up character such as Herta could theoretically use it to some success, but no characters will constantly make full use of it. Likewise, Yanqing might get some benefit from this set, especially with Energy batteries alongside him, but other sets will probably do just as well without this heavy investment.

Clara’s enhanced Counterattacks aren’t considered Ultimate damage, so there’s no real benefit in giving it to her. If we ever get an Ultimate-centered character that somehow includes follow-up in their setup, this will immediately become their best in-slot, but there’s no guarantee of that happening any time soon — or at all.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PC, Playstation 5, Android and iOS.

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