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How to Fix Missing Audio in Starfield When Using Creations

Creations in Starfield allow players to purchase new items from Bethesda, or even download fan-made content that can overhaul the game with Star Wars mods. Unfortunately, Creations can also cause some unwanted errors at times. Here’s how to fix missing audio in Starfield when using Creations. 

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What Causes the Missing Audio Glitch?

It seems that sometimes, when running a mix of Starfield Creations that were not designed to be used together, one of the more common bugs that can occur is missing audio. However, this will not mute the entire game. You will still be able to hear some sounds, such as menu music and some specific effects in gameplay. However, background music, dialogue, and several other sound tracks will be completely missing.

It seems as though certain mods in the Creations Shop cause this issue. If you notice this occurs after adding a specific mod or series of mods, it is best to go back to the main menu, delete them, and then relaunch. Sometimes, this can fix the issue.

Load Order Fixes for Missing Audio in Starfield

Starfield Creations Load Order

As found by users on Reddit, one fix seems to work every time. This fix requires you to use the Load Order feature in Creations. Be sure to check the description of the mods you have installed, as some have to be in specific places in the load order or before others. For example, in my case, TheSniper9’s Star Wars Armor Pack mod has to be loaded before any of their Faction Conversion mods.

The fix requires you to go to the Load Order section in the Creations tab and simply uncheck all installed mods to disable them. Then, restart the game by quitting fully. This will require you to go back to the Dashboard on Xbox or your desktop on PC. Then, relaunch the game and re-enable your mods. Afterwards, head back to the Starfield main menu, and it should reload your mods and fix the audio issues in the process.

If All Else Fails… Xbox Specific Fix

The other fix we’ve found is to clear some of your saved data. However, this is for Xbox only. Before you do this, make sure your saved data is backed up on the cloud. Head back to the Xbox Dashboard, and quit the game. Press the options button when hovering over the Starfield app, then select the option to manage game and add-ons. You can delete your saved data and the reserved space for the game. In my experience, deleting both works the best.

And that is how to fix missing audio when using Creations in Starfield.

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