Repaired Lift in Rabbaths Rise Elden Ring
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How To Repair the Lift in Rabbath’s Rise in Eldenring: Shadow of the Erdtree

It might seem confusing, but it's actually simple.

There are always secrets in Elden Ring, but Shadow of the Erdtree has introduced some of the trickiest to date. Here’s how to fix the lift in Rabbath’s Rise in Elden Ring.

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How To Climb Rabbath’s Rise in Elden Ring

The peak of Rabbaths Rise Elden Ring
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To fix the lift inside Rabbath’s Rise in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree you’ll need to gain access to the top of the tower. This can be done by unsealing the Sprintspring located outside.

The cairn that corresponds to this Sprintspring can be found on the balcony of Rabbath’s Rise. But you’ve probably never seen it, as it’s hidden behind an invisible wall. Simply enter the tower, walk up the first set of stairs, and attack the wall that looks like two arches directly in front of you.

Rabbaths Rise invisible wall Elden Ring
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Once you attack, it will reveal the balcony, which has the cairn sitting on it. Now, just attack the cairn and the Sprintspring will be unsealed. From here, you’ve probably already worked it out. Just head back outside, mount Torrent, and jump up to the top level of Rabbath’s Rise using the Sprintspring.

If you’ve reached the top level, then take the lift down, and it will remain active to be used for the rest of your playthrough. Sadly, there isn’t much to see in Rabbath’s Rise, but there is a sweet item to claim so it’s definitely worth investing the time to do so. You can also find a puppet body here, which can be made a spirit ash after completing Ymir’s quest.

Reaching the land above Rabbath’s Rise will require further exploration, as it’s not simply a jump away. For now, we suggest heading back into Shadow Keep and looking for more secrets, like the Hidden Coffin, which is necessary if you want to complete the map.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is now available to purchase alongside the base game on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC devices.

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